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OT - Thankful Thursday

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My apologies for posting this so late in the day! I am thankful for:

  • My DH, who is my rock
  • Antibiotics doing their job
  • Being released to go back to full days at work next week. I'm still tired, but getting better.
  • my current manager will only be my manager for a few more weeks (she's a major beeyotch)
  • my family and friends (including those online!) who have been wonderful support and comfort to me.


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I'm thankful for:

  • Aniki getting better!!!
  • Keeping my sanity close enough not to blow up
  • DH being willing to step out of his orientation for a bit later to talk to the girls about how they've been behaving at my work
  • Food.
  • DH not working on Saturday! So he invited me on a date!

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Yay for that date!!!

I hear you about sanity. My current manager is cheesing me off big time...

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My co-worker next door just keeps making snide comments about how he's taken more calls... It's getting annoying... I do more than jsut calls, i do all the graphics, the newsletter, work one on one with customers on harder issues, he ONLY takes the calls... So of course he's going to have more!

Gotta love work some days... I'm glad you're getting a new manager though!!!

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What a wienie! Some calls take longer than others. Hello!!! Ask him if he'd like to help you out with your workload outside of those calls...

I am SO glad!!! We received a survey (supposed to be anonymous) to complete about our bosses and I haven't been able to even open mine. I'm so irritated right now, I know I will burn her like tic!

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They do!!! But he doesn't get that... So he just makes snide comments... Like the other day, no one was logged in to take a call, we were all busy, you hear this "well I guess I'll take it then since no one else is doing their job." Ummmm... we all are, damn straight you're taking it, it's your job!

I personally would just fill it out. In reality you wouldn't be lying. If she's being that awful I'm sure others are feeling the same way!

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So can you say out loud, "Thanks!! We're all busy doing XYZ."?

I know that two of my coworkers claimed they "ripped her a new one" in the survey. Another guy... well, he's too bloody nice to say bad things about a mosquito!

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I should do that. Mostly I just roll my eyes and silently thank my work for providing me with my own office.

Someone that can't say something bad about a mosquito is destined to be pushed around... I have yet to find a positive about those blood suckers...

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  • I am thankful for quiet moments to reflect on myself.
  • I am thankful for my sons and the joy they bring me.
  • I am thankful for a wonderful selfless sister and a H who always has my back.
  • I am thankful for cool Fall evenings when the sun is setting and the sky changes colors.
  • I am thankful for bestfriends who know everything about you, never judge, & make you laugh like no other.

Glad you are feeling better Anikki!

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Thankful for my ability to come here and vent.

Thankful for getting under contract on a house so my gskids don't wind up on the streets.

Thankful that Aniki is back amongst the living !

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Thankful for...

  • Fall finally getting here
  • SS doing real well in school so farĀ 
  • Apple cider season!