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OT - Thankful Thursday

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I've been dealing with a lot of issues lately - personal AND health - and definitely need a reminder of things for which I'm thankful.

  • I'm employed.
  • I have a roof over my head and transportation.
  • Some special online friends who are only an email away.
  • My DH, who is my rock. If I'm curled up in a corner, sobbing, he will get down on the floor and hold me.
  • My sister, who is my best friend. When the chips are down, she would help me hide the body, not ask questions, and never speak of it again.
  • One month 'til Autumn officially begins (and I'm that much closer to snowy days!).


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I'm grateful for

  • Having our own house
  • Furbabies that love me and listen
  • Almost Halloween...
  • SD5 is WAY better behaved in school than DH and I expected... In fact her teacher says the monkey is the best behaved kid in the class (we were expecting daily behavior confrences... Honestly she only has issues in the school the day after she sees Psycho)
  • A Boss that trusts me to manage myself with just occasional input or requests
  • That DH has finally figured some financial stuff out and avoids spending almost as much as I do

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They are! I'm trying to decide what to dress up at and how to decorate the house... All while not spending tons of money, but not looking cheap and lazy either. LOL

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I found a formal dress for $5 and a ruffled curtain for $3 at St. V de P. I cut up the curtain and made sleeves and a train for the dress and used wood stain and red dye to stain it. I'm going to be the Zombie Queen. LOL

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I LOVE THAT!!! I was trying to decide if I wanted to be something gory or not... Last year I was lady deadpool with half my face falling off. LOL

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Sounds like you’re very rich Aniki...your list is full of precious gems. <3

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I am, blayze. Sometimes it's hard to remember that when the straws keep piling on the proverbial camel's back.

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You are rocking this Aniki!!  Keep it up!

I am grateful that I can spend one night a week with my mom and she feeds me every fattening thing I love.

My most awesome husband who an do anything in my eyes and who loves me for the independant dork I am.  

Yes Halloween is coming!!!!  


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Thanks, classy! I'm trying. Not having a good day, so it's an effort. :/

Mmmmm.... fattening food from Mom. I'd give my eye teeth to be in the kitchen with my Mom one more time.

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Really difficult day today, but I am so grateful for StepTalk. Also for:

  • Dear friends. They listen, care, and encourage me.
  • My job. Amazing people doing work I love and getting paid nicely
  • My cats. They are so sweet and loving and cuddly
  • My bro. We're very close (& DH loves him) and he is one of those super-trustworthy men who I admire

Thanks for prompting this list!

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Decent job

Roof over my head and transportation

My DW that loves my inspite of myself ( let’s face it Guys any woman that wants any of us has to be a couple of sandwiches shy of a picnic)

My GCs, I love them to death but God did make them cute so I wouldn’t strangle them sometimes  lol

My sister and father, I don’t get to see them often but I loves em all

My inlaws, bless their hearts, they can aggravate me but they made me a part of their family

Some online friends that are there when I need them ( that includes you bunch of nutbars )

I’m sure there is more but covered the important stuff  Smile

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You take sandwiches on a picnic?? Oh, he!!, I've been doing this ALL wrong. Cold shrimp, stuffed shrooms, champagne or white wine... I feel like a picnic failure!

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I haven't had an "adult" picnic in yearssssss, yes sandwiches other wise the little buggers wouldn't eat, but the booze would definitely help the whole shbang !!!

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1. being employed (A LOT of employment!)

2. having my two kitties (one is very elderly now; has been around since BC--Before Chef--but still sassy)

3. having my own home and garden

4. Chef in that he knows how to fix things so well

5. My grown, well mannered DS and DD and their spouses

6.  9-10 years of PEACE from the PASed out ferals.

7.  I don't have to commute very far since 2010!!