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OT - Thankful Thursday

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It's a balmy 9 degrees outside and the sun is shining! I, however, am slipping into a blue funk, so it's time for a reminder of things for which I'm thankful...

* a compassionate and understanding boss
* a family who loves me unconditionally, despite my many quirks and screw-ups
* my husband, a wonderful man who fails to see how awesome he actually is and thinks he's barely average
* Coffee a.k.a. Finnish Blood
* panic attack meds that WORK
* a safe place to vent at STalk.


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Right now I’m thankful for the weather, because moving this week. It’s going to be a humid 79 degrees here today, so I’m sure it will feel like mid to high 80s.

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79?? Crikey, that's darn near a heat wave. I go swimming when it's in the low 60s!!

Hope you have a safe and uneventful move. Smile

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I'm so blue I can't even think of anything other than StepTalk a place to vent to others who understand. Wink

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Jojo, we can be thankful for things like a home, vehicle that runs, a job, food... I completely understand that there are days when it's not easy to think positively.

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Thankful for:

SO recognizing that SS15 is in those teenage Richard Cranium years and does not cut him slack

SO getting back to work Tuesday after being out for 6 months. Just in time before having to hit our savings.

For my family and friends that are allowing me to be my usual control freak self and taking over the entire planning of my 50th bday/wedding party!!! I think they were more than happy to dump it. Biggrin

Aniki for always making us take a step back out of our own personal problems to remind us that there is some great loving people in our life.

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Richard Cranium - bahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Congratulations to SO on his new job!

And thank you, classy. xoxo

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I'm thankful for

finances starting to look up Smile
A husband that's really making an effort to fix things
SD9 for being so amazing lately (kid has not tried to argue or ignore anyone in literally 2 weeks)
Amazing people on here who I can talk to Smile

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I am thankful for mine and my families health
I am thankful for my family
I am thankful for my job (even though it annoys me from time to time)
I am thankful that winter is almost over

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Ugh, I'm pissed! 70 freaking degree yesterday and winter weather advisory today... it's been snowing since 8 a.m. What the actual F. I want to scream! Sad

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70 yesterday and snow today??? Wow, crazy! Better p!ssed off than p!ssed on... Wink

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I am thankful having awareness in my life.
I am thankful for my children and the love we share.
I am thankful for all my learning experiences (the good and bad) that have made me the person I am today.
I am thankful that my surgery has finally healed.
And I am very thankful that the water leak down my basement is finally fixed.

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Thanks for this Aniki.

I'm thankful for:

exercise (that I can finally do after a year's surgery recovery)
my DH who tries so hard, even when he is stressed
my DD who is trying hard in school
great weather today here too
not much drama lately!

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Iamwoman, thankfully, it's been fairly drama-free in my neck of the woods. I'm afraid to get used to it though...

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I'm thankful for my girls even though they drive me crazy sometimes.
I'm thankful for DH ignoring MIL's attempts at causing drama and the fact that he understands my issues with her.
I'm actually thankful that my company is doing a huge layoff and I'm included. My last day is next Friday and I'm sooo looking forward to a break and the opportunity to find something that I might actually enjoy.
I'm thankful for warm weather in February and that spring is on the way!

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I am Thankful for NOT living in the state where Aniki lives. 9 degrees, yikes!!

I am Thankful the flowers my dh gave me for Valentines Day are still alive.

I am thankful for my dh, my bios and the comforts we have been given in spite of many struggles.

I wish I could say I am Thankful for the Karma Train coming by our lives ie bm and skids, BUT I suppose that was not meant to be.

I am thankful for the vacations we have to look forward to. Smile

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Hey Goodluck, I have slush for blood and LOVE cold weather! Good thing, huh?

Vacation seems sooooo far away. Sigh...

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Aniki yes it is a very good thing. YOU love cold weather, I love hot weather.

9 degrees I am cold just thinking about it.

Thanks for starting this thread. Often we forget the things we are thankful for.

I needed this today.

Tahh tahh

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You can HAVE the hot weather. Blech!!

It's been awhile since we had a Thankful Thursday and I needed the reminder. Smile

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I am thankful for so very much!! However, today, I am thankful that I can go to court tomorrow and it looks like my divorce can proceed. Cross your fingers that all goes well Smile