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OT - My Spirit Guide

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It's Hump Day and I'm stuck in a 2 hour zoom *dash1*  sooooo.... let's have a little fun!

My Spirit Guide Could Very Well Be A/An...

(Link to calculate your rising and moon signs, if you do not know them:


  • Aries: scantily clad
  • Taurus: jewel-encrusted
  • Gemini: amorphous
  • Cancer: many-tentacled
  • Leo: golden-eyed
  • Virgo: delicate-featured
  • Libra: osciillating
  • Scorpio: skeletal
  • Sagittarius: rampaging
  • Capricorn: frost-kissed
  • Aquarius: starlight-shrouded
  • Pisces: iridescent


  • Aries: battle angel
  • Taurus: fertility god/goddess
  • Gemini: figment of my imagination
  • Cancer: sea witch
  • Leo: fairy beast
  • Virgo: ancestor
  • Libra: being of light
  • Scorpio: Atlantean
  • Sagittarius: phoenix
  • Capricorn: crystal dragon
  • Aquarius: alien
  • Pisces: creature of the deep


  • Aries: burning with righteousness
  • Taurus: radiating calm and comfort
  • Gemini: willing to try anything twice
  • Cancer: expensive with loving grace
  • Leo: blazing with well-earned pride
  • Virgo: rich in arcane mysteries
  • Libra: unfazed by my eccentricities
  • Scorpio: quick to cut deeply into fears
  • Sagittarius: radiant with passions unbound
  • Capricorn: working toward perfection
  • Aquarius: wise with interdimensional genius
  • Pisces: forever half in dreams


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My spirit guide could very well be a rampaging creature of the deep unfazed by my eccentricities.


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OK, I don't believe this stuff, but it's fun anyway - mine is a many-tentacled being of light blazing with well-earned pride.

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Tog, I don't believe it either, but found it amusing. You octopus, you! LOL

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LOL.. pretty accurate: scantily clad battle angel burning with righteous. 

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MissK03, why do I feel like you're busting out all over, with one skimpy strap hanging around your bicep and you're proud of the fact that your, er, skivvies are the equivalent of dental floss and a gauze pad? *lol*

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Could very well be a skeletal sea witch unfazed by my eccentricities.  Thanks I needed a laugh today!  (I'm jealous of tentacles though, can my sea witch have one or two??)

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soy_girl, I bet your sea witch can wield multiple strands of sea weed like cat o' nine tails!

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I too am a sea witch apparently lol. I always kinda knew that in my heart.

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Frost kissed battle angel quick to cut deeply into fears.

Aniki YOU should be frost kissed!! *lol*

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When you have to do a lot of scrolling/drop down.  Not sure what time was was born however.

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TT, that reminds me of a funny meme...

You know you're old when you're entering your birth year online and have to spin that bitch like you're on Wheel of Fortune. Crazy

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My spirit guide could very well be a starlight-shrouded Atlantean quick to cut deeply into fears.

Pretty much correct.

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A Frost kissed sea witch radiating calm and comfort.  I can resemble that.  *lol*