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OT - Monday 3.0

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This feels like the third Monday of a looooong week. I'm trying my best to NOT let it get to me, but dayum! Seems like quite a few people are wearing a pair of big ol' cranky pants and trying to spread that mood. I mean, honestly. It's WINTER, FFS. You live in one of the snowiest regions of the U.S. Don't like it? MOVE.

So. What's something that never fails to brighten your mood? A song, a video clip (Sheldon from BBT can always make me laugh), a picture of your furbaby doing something adorable, like breathing....

There is one song that always lifts my spirits. One Toke Over The Line by Brewer & Shipley. Yeah, old school, baby.

What makes YOU feel better?


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Sorry to brag but,

Knowing that in two hours I am out of here and on my way to our annual fur baby mountain trip.  We need the 4 days in the quiet with a fire, cocktails and just us to destress.  I have started yelling at my cars bluetooth because she makes me repeat who I want to call and "her" tone never changes as mine gets louder and louder!  I KNOW she can understand me damnit

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A FUR BABY mountain trip?? Classy, are you trying to make me beat my head on my desk? Because I will!!

Pssst... I do the same thing. I know that Blue Tooth Beeyotch understands me and is just being difficult!

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Please do not beat your head!  LOL  

My Fur Baby knows where he is going, he even brought his travel duck and dropped on his pile of travel blanket and pillow.  He LOVES it in the mountains and its all about him so he gets 4 days of nothing but us!

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I miss my darling Mr. P sooooo much. We would play in the snow for hours until we were both exhausted.

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Mine is pretty simple, getting an ice-tea from this little place here in town. They make the best ice-tea and it's just a little moment in time that's all for me.

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Advice, one of the best iced teas I've ever had was a blend of peach and herbal. It was cool, refreshing, and soooo tasty!

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We have 2 cats I rescued off the streets when they were little. One of them is a snuggler, the other is..well, a moody bitch. But she is SO freaking cute and furry! She follows me around like a puppy, but most times she doesn't want to be picked up or held, or even pet much, and all I want to do is love her!!  But, usually once a day she will feel like snuggling, and then she's all over me and I just feel like I won the lottery every time. She likes me, she really likes me! lol. When this happens, my mood instantly brightens.

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Aaaaaaaaaawwww!!! My sister rescued a feral cat. She recently had to take her in for a terrible ear infection and kitty had to stay for a couple of days. Before that, this kitty would rather bite you than be touched. Well, since my sister brought her home, kitty has been meowing for attention and has snuggled with her the last 3 nights. I told my sister it's because she "saved" kitty from that awful pain. Furbabies are the best-est.

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I have a Top 5 List of songs that perk me up.

Try Don't Try To Stop Me Now by Queen, Mr. Blue Sky by the Electric Light Orchestra, or September by Earth, Wind, & Fire. It's like musical puppy and kitten videos.

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