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OT - Friday Fun

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Okay, I know we're in the middle (beginning, for some) of a serious, worldwide crisis. 

I also know that stress can cause problems with your immune system. 

It's been said that Laughter is the Best Medicine. When I was a kid, I eagerly flipped through the Reader's Digest to read that page first.

If humor isn't your thing, walk on by. Search online for some fun activities you can do at home. My niece was bemoaning the fact that her daughter is a nurse (so granddaughter is with Gma) and the fingerpaints are at daughter's house. I sent her a link on how to make homemade paints with flour, salt, and food coloring.

Please share something funny or a fun activity so we can alleviate the stress, even for just a moment.


Who knew that being an unapproachable beeyotch would come in handy some day?


I'm so excited it's time to take out the garbage. I wonder what I should wear?!


Why does leaving the house feel like I'm making a supply run on a episode of The Walking Dead?


Saw my neighbor Toivo out early this morning, scraping the "My Kid Is A Terrific Student" sticker off of his minivan. Guess that first week of homeschooling didn't go so well...


This virus has done what no woman has been able to do... cancel all sports, shut down all bars, and keep men at home!


CDC: "You need to stay 6 feet away from each other."

FINNS: "That seems a little close..."


Wishing you and yours the best and hope you stay healthy and strong. For those who are ill, prayers for a speedy recovery. 



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I've apparently been training for self-insolation all my life.  In the midst of all this fear and uncertainty, I have found genuine comfort in not having to open the door for food delivery.  I do give an extra tip, though, for those ladies and gentlemen being out there.  

I was at the liquor store the other day, and there was a line outside.  They were letting in only one customer at a time, and an employee what get what you wanted and bring it to the cash register.  I saw people buying a single bottle, and thought they were fools.  If there were ever a time when buying liquor in bulk is not only acceptable but advisable, it is RIGHT NOW!!!!

I sincerely hope everyone is staying as safe as they can, and we all get out of this crisis in one piece.  Blessings and prayers to all.

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It was pretty funny.  I couldn't buy more than one package of toilet tissue, but they let me buy 4 liters of Bacardi white.  I live in NC.  I'd say we've got our priorities straight.

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Wine on delivered 15 bottles of wine straight to my doorstep with zero human interaction. Biggrin

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Toxic Troll and Feral Forger are baaaaaaaaack together. Going to pop some corn! AND its Feral Forgers birthday today.

Oh - I love the one where self-isolation has shown me that I really dont miss people all that much - DH said this to me last night, he said "You know, this staying at home and not being around people, seems kind of normal for me, like what I do anyways..."

I laughed because he is mr social butterfly!

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We are NOT social butterflies! TBH, the only drawback for me is the absence of weekly trips to IGA for fresh produce and meat.

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That brightened my day.  Especially the virus has done what no woman has been able to.... (I'm a sports nut but that made me laugh loudly!)

My dd said that 2013 will be the year of QuaranTEENS. 

My DH and I are sharing a home office right now.  He usually has his own office at work.  After about 2 hours of duelling conference calls I could feel the eyes in the back of my head as he decided whether or not I ever shut up at work :)  LOL....we're negotiating office time.

And true story - My MIL (whom I adore and live with) went for an "outing".  In the back yard.  With make up.  It made her feel better!

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If getting done up makes her feel good about herself, I say go for it.

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Agreed. I'm still putting on work togs, even though I'm at home. Bra, too! In part because I want to make sure my pants don't get too tight...

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I haven't worn a bra in the past almost two weeks I've been working at home (including leading and participating in videoconference meetings), and ya'll are the only ones who know this! 

Regarding the original topic, I'm a big fan of the Gratitude List. It's free, requires no equipment or tools, and can shift my attitude from complaining & negative to grateful & positjve. I just start listing off the things I am grateful for.

For example, right now I am grateful for my little cat, who just jumped on my lap and is purring. I am grateful it's Saturday. I am grateful SS19 no longer lives here so me & DH are not being exposed to his, or his filthy unhygienic BMs, germs. For my recently paid-off vehicle. For the big skylight & windows that lets the light in & brightens up the room. For the tax deadline extension as me & DH owe. Etc. 

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SU, I think that gratitude could be key for some. Going stir crazy in your house? Be grateful you have one! The homeless us California come to mind. Sad

I am grateful for still having fresh milk. If we end up having to use powdered, I'll be grateful for that, too. It will taste icky, but I'll be grateful to have it!

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I have a virtual happy hour to attend with my entire work group today. I'm debating the makeup angle as well!  Then I have a frozen pizza dinner date with DH afterwards, so maybe it will be more like a DATE.  Should I put on lipstick or not, that is the question....  Hopefully YSD will not be there, but THAT is my own wishful thinking....

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Friends of ours had a milestone anniversary, but had to cancel their Vegas trip. He surprised her with a hike and a champagne picnic in the snow; complete with a fire, a bear fur throw, and chocolate fondue. 

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Since Mr. Mountains accident six months ago, we've been pretty much home except for dr visits or therapy.  Turns out, it prepared us well for this shelter in place!  In addition, we found toilet paper this morning at the grocery store (first I have seen in a store in three weeks).  Woohoo!  Who knew toilet paper could bring such joy!!

I have made brownies, banana bread, and cheesecake in the Instant Pot along with a whole host of dishes like shepherds pie.  I love the fact fresh fruits and veggies are everywhere but nothing frozen.

My fav meme so far has been "I love my kids new teacher.  I should really get her a gift. (Clicks on Add to Cart)"

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I hope Mr Mountains continues to improve!

Would you be willing to share that cheesecake recipe? I have not yet used my Instant Pot... Love having the oven on in cold weather.

That's a good meme!

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I'm just waiting to see how bad the kitchen can get during the prior night through today before DH cleans it.  It's my entertainment.

That and seeing if he actually offers to do a store run tomorrow as we have no bread, milk, fresh veg, bananas (running out of all fruit really), etc.  I did the last TWO.  Also entertaining as so long as I have cheese, I'm good.

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I saw a joke post the other said...

"I am getting really tired of watching my mothers grandkids."  

LOL..I thought it was funny.

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It's after 1pm here and I'm ready to pour myself a whiskey. One of my teammates (private) emailed a picture of his glass!

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I saw a meme on FB that read:  I had a teacher tell me once I was never going to amount to anything, yet here I am on my couch saving the f*cking world!

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I'm sure Special Kitty is offended to have his naps interrupted by his servants.

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Fortunately my Furry Overlord is used to me working from home, but he is still quite demanding.  He gave me quite and earful this morning when I was late getting his breakfast.  

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Ani, you need to come up with a cocktail to commemorate these unprecedented times.  Something that really captures the spirit.  Something like Self-Isolating Sangria or an Isolation Imperial Fizz.

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We are planning a bonfire tonight.  My DH is not a fan of one of my friends. 

Me: Hey DH we can invite Tuesdaygirl and her DH over and be sure they do not come in house and sit on other side of patio.

DH: Dammit woman!  Let me enjoy the time I have to tell your loud girlfriend No, you cant come over AGAIN without her calling me an asshole.

Me:  Laughing - yes dear! 

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Gas is the cheapest it’s been in 30 years but we're not allowed to drive.

Flights too, but we can’t fly.

We’re stuck in a Alanis Morisette song.

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Stretch, yawn and roll on floor.  It's like yoga, yoga, aerobics right?  Excellent out complete!  I can now start drinking.... (sorry, that was in reply to above)

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I'm in! We should have a good selection so no one is left out... Red, white, rosé, sparkling, sweet, dry, a variety of champagnes... and some fizzy, non-alco bevs for those who cannot/do not drink.

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NjororsDaughter, thank you for sharing that website! Stay safe, lovely lady.  *give_rose*

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I'm late to this party, because I live on the West Coast and stayed up late last night. But here's a gem for ya:

My idiot DH discovered that we've been auto paying for a wine club since 2015! We have cases of pinot noir, shiraz, and hard cider in the garage now. And, we discovered that our pharmacy has lower prices on liquor than the grocery or liquor stores. Booze and pills, ladies!

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I knew I liked you.  Shelter in Place at ExJulie's house!  

I'll have to see if I can dig up the recipe for Stoned Stalins that a certain poster likes to make....

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White Russians made with heavy cream, chocolate syrup, and a Xanax crushed up in the bottom.  

I think we need to make a few gallons of those.

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Did someone say Stoned Stalins?  Helloooooo there Uncle Joe!  Make mine a double and don't spare the Xanax.  It has been one of those days......

And what is up with someone being rude to Ani?  I think we are all in agreement that it is wise to be nice to the site bartender/Dungeon Mistress!  *give_rose*

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Alas, I can't do the xanax and must stick with the White Russian. More Stoned Stalins for others!

I simply consider that the rudeness is Karma from previous peccadilloes in misspent youth/middle age. Bit of a waste. It took a lot of years, but I know who I am and evolved into a kinder, more understanding person.  I <3 bartending. 

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Oh, oh!  What can we add to it to make it pink???  Pink lemonade is so puuuurrrrrttttttyyyyy.

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Pink Champagne or a tiny dash of red food coloring? or apparently the old fashioned way is to add rasberries. (Who knew?)

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I soak raspberries in a little Di Saronno, macerate, then add champagne. *biggrin*

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Ooohhh!  Nothing better than a nice ladylike way to get totally wasted in the middle of the day.  LOL

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Someone sent this to me:

The Quarantini~ it's just a regular martini but you drink it alone  in your house.