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OT - Forn Friday

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'Forn' is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

Who else besides me is excited about all of the fresh fruit that's available? IMHO, it's THE best part of Summer!!

This past weekend, I went to my Dad's farm and picked blueberries (they grow wild). Nothing like tossing back a mouthful of sweet, sun-warmed goodness. I had purple stains under my fingernails for 3 days! LOL! DH tried a few (I didn't hide them well enough) and said, "Oh damn, baby, are you making blueberry muffins?" "Nope. I picked these so I could have blueberry pancakes for dinner one night. When you're working." EVIL Aniki!!! Handpicked, wild blueberry pancakes are the best-est pancakes ever! Diablo

When wild strawberries are in season in da Yoop (a month ago), they grow close to the ground. I literally crawled along the ground to pick them. Our wild strawberries are tiny (usually around 1/4-1/3 inch across), but FULL of sweetness and sunshine. I puree a few, then dump in the rest and make an almond shortcake.

Thimbleberries are ripe, but delicate. They need to be "processed" ASAP because they mold quickly. I have never made jam (it's $$$, so I really should...). The only thing I do with thimbleberries is EAT THEM!!!

Black Diamond watermelons are now in the store. Dark green rind, juicy red flesh... I cut it into chunks and we eat it for a snack or dessert. Sometimes it's my dinner. (DH salts watermelon. That's weird to me.)

Honeyrock canteloupes are also available. IMO, they are the sweetest canteloupe to be had. It screams Breakfast to me.

What's your favorite Summer fruit and how do you like to eat it?


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blowing up in my front yard (they are planted on a slope)  the rain kind of did in the last picking and overripened them.

My 2nd year of strawberries is producing a smaller 2nd harvest now.

I have three blueberry bushes that have been transplanted and still arent' thriving despite sulfur and coffee grounds.

ION I slipped and ate a bagel today!!  ARRGHH I'm trying to get down a few more pounds before the BIG vacay end of this month to MAINE!


Oh and I have two Charleston Greys ripening nicely with hopes for others!

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There's a TON of wild raspberry and blackberry patches at my Dad's place, but the berries are still green. Sigh...

THREE blueberry bushes.... Oh, thrice, I'm sorry, but I'm laughing. We have 100+ bushes on the farm. xoxo

It's one slip. ONE. I believe in you. You can do it!!!!!

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over and start picking?  I usually pick at my "old hometown's" farm.   My raspberry patch is approx 30 x 10 '

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Berries and peaches are my summer fruits. I'm a fruit dessert kinda girl. Pies, cobblers, crumbles, tarts, etc. Yes, please.

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I luuuurrrrvvv peaches and blueberries together. Pie, cobbler, tart... My fave thing to do is make a peach-blueberry compote. Cool to put on ice cream; warm to put on pancakes or poundcake or angelfood cake.

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Peaches and blueberries together is spectacular!

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I love fruit!!! My raspberries and strawberries didn't survive though... I tried to plant them in a pot when MIL wouldn't give me a solid location to grow a garden :( 

Normally everything grows super well for me... These just didn't... I think I planted too late in the year so they didn't get a solid root system before the summer heat started up.

But summer fruit is yummy! There's a wild blackberry bush near my in-laws! It's delicious!!!

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Bummer about the plant. Is there anywhere nearby where you can pick your own? Take the girls with you?

I don't even have to cook the fruit. Eating it gives me soooo much pleasure!

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I think it tastes the best uncooked. Nice and fresh!!!

I don't actually know... I should look into that!!!

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I see alot of talk of food but where's the porn part????

Oh, wait you mean combining the words "Food" and "Porn", silly me, thought this was watching Debbie Does Dallas while eating Cheetos  lol  ROFL

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I've been eating nectarines, peaches, cherries, blueberries like crazy.  Unfortunately I am allergic to melon so cannot eat the watermelon but I don't miss it too much with all the other bounty.

DH and SD12 went blackberry picking yesterday so I told them I'd make blackberry crisp on Sunday, after I go picking in my favorite spot to get the freezer full for the winter.  SD12 will come with me if she wants to, I think she does because she also loves summer fruit.

We have two cherry trees (one Rainier we actually got cherries off this year) and one red eating cherries.  Both are huge though and hard to harvest from.

Then we have this amazing yellow plum tree, these plums are like honey.  I had so many this year I invited my neighbors to come pick once I was done.  This weekend I'm making plum freezer jam and a plum/almond tart for Saturday.  Then will freeze the rest. 

I think my freezer will be full of fruit and need to save space for other things.  

Scratch one-s head

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Cover, I would absolutely LOVE to come help you in the kitchen!!! Do you every make fruit butter?

Pssssst.... I have room in MY freezer... Wink

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Yes, I have before, but I prefer the jams!  But you are giving me ideas.

So now we have wine, cheese, ice cream, fruit  - we're on same page I think.

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I also prefer jams, but there are a couple of fruit butters that are delish (and pumpkin butter!!).

A little prosciutto, too?

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Oh to be able to eat strawberries and survive.  I have to stick with artificially flavored but the smell of them when I go to the fruitstand is so amazing.  If something calls for strawberries I just subsitute with raspberries.

I have been making lemon blueberry bundt cake with the fresh blueberries.  I live very close to the blueberry capital of the world and all of us in the area have our favorite stands and fields.

A few friends have had watermelons blow up in their kitchens.  From what I understand its a nasty smell.  Thankfully not a problem at my house as its from the stand to the chopping block and then gone in a day.  

Yes Aniki - nothing better than watermelon with course sea salt.  YUMMMM


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Blow up??? I've never heard of such a thing. I've had watermelon so ripe that it splits when I cut into it, but never blow up.

Oh, yes there is, classy. Spiked watermelon... Dirol

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Anki, when you talk about the wild strawberries, this brings back so many memories of crawling around the wild strawberry patch when I was a kid. The patch on our ranch was about 2 acres, we would spend hours out there crawing around picking those little strawberries, maybe half made it into the bucket, the rest we would eat as we picked. 

One year, we had a massive crop of strawberries, my mom and grandma made strawberry preserves and strawberry syrup. For the syrup, they mixed it store bought strawberries to get more juice, to this day I have not found any strawberry syrup that tasted as good as the wild strawberry syrup.

I have a blackberries that I pick every year, and make jelly and jams. We prefer the jelly, so I keep the jams for Xmas gifts to friends and family. This year my apricot trees went crazy, so it's going to be apricot/pineapple preserves. We live in an area that has what's called The Fruit Trail, for years there were little road side stands that you could stop at and get almost any fruit that was in season. There are still a few places, but not as many anymore. Most of the orchards, now email returning customers and let them know when each fruit will be ready. Some orchards will email you the days that you can come and pick for yourself. 

We have an extra freezer, Granny Smith dutch apple pies. Each year we buy 100 lbs of apples and make up the pies and vacuum seal & freeze them for the year.

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Woman, I think I just gained 100 lbs reading that! I'll bring dessert wine to go with those pies... Wink