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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF! I need a vacation.

Eff off to:

  • Having to call a plumber. The last plumbing issue required a a major overhaul due to a broken pipes and crap plumbing done by the previous owner. I'm about ready to burn some sage and pour a triple tequila.
  • King Pita x2.
    • In the last 6 weeks, that effer has scheduled vacation days, then worked as usual. Dude, WE need a break from YOU. Please stop logging in!!!
    • KP must be getting more and more desperate about proving his worth. He has ramped up his useless emails showing he did something (which is recorded in the system when he bloody well does it). And he is constantly questioning that things are complete. WTH. We should mark things as INcomplete, then change it back to complete to satisfy your idiocy? KP's knickers must be so far up his hiney, they're wrapped around his cerebral cortex.
  • Anyone who gives crap to someone suffering from mental illness. If you don't believe it, NO ONE is forcing you to associate with that person. You have the choice to walk away, cut contact, block them on phone/email. And while there ARE those will claim to have mental illnesses that they do not actually have, many of us HIDE it because we are fed up with being judged, categorized, ridiculed... Again, you have the choice to walk away. 
  • Cancer. One of my oldest friends in his final days is asking friends to come while he is still able to visit. 


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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To going back to work on Monday after shoulder surgery.  My manager tells me there are piles of work waiting for me.  Well at least I am employed.

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Aniki, my dear and have a great HO-free weekend.

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Thank you, hon. 'Ho is supposedly changing her number. Fingers crossed that a) she dies, and b) she never bothers my DH again. Yeah, that's unlikely...

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To the degenerate arsehole that broke into my Sister's rental car and stole everything, forcing them to cut their trip short.  They were supposed to visit us this weekend but now that's cancelled.

Aniki - so sorry to hear about your friend.

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How awful that happened! All too often these days, I do not understand the world in which we live. 

Thank you, caninelover. *kiss2*

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to working late.

But that is minor as to other comments on here. My sympathies to all.

TGIF and everyone enjoy the weekend

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Stepdrama, working late on a Friday sucks! We all have days when something other see as minor is the proverbial straw on the camel. *give_rose*

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Still online at work today and NO ONE is around. I guess I'm logging off in about 10 min - forget it.

SPAM calls.

I get the food issues. BOTH SDs have food issues.  OSD has, I am certain, food sensitivity disorder that's undiagnosed. YSD is developing healthy (sarcasm) fear of food...potatoes, any amount of dairy whatsoever, food she or we have not prepared (i.e. no restaurant food so she never goes anywhere), is refusing to try anything new and has pretty much gone backward in her food selections, i.e. eats only ONE type of apple, ONE type of bean, ONE brand/type of bread (won't toujch my homemade bread or anything baked by me), etc.

I'm convinced she's getting OCD. But what do I know?

Oh Yes, and mice - on our upper back deck (with no ground floor access). I put out loads of cayenne pepper where I think they are hanging out and early early this morning I heard a little "sqeak!" and then chaos and something banged against the screen door  -  maybe the pepper worked? 

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Oh, those farking spam jerkwads. There are days I'm tempted to child proof my phone and only allow my contacts. Sigh...

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I like the basic concept.

Mental illness is one of those things that is, it is not something that is believed in or not.  How about, mental illness can Eff off?

Enjoy the WE everyone.


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OCD is really misunderstood by the general public.  It isn't anything like being neat and tidy.  It is about having compulsive thoughts that take over your life.  It could be like Gimlet's relative who has unwanted thoughts about food being dirty.  I read a horrific news story about a man who's OCD made him worry compulsively that he was a pedophile.  He wasn't but was misdiagnosed by the medical profession.  They removed him from his family and treated as if he was a criminal. It was only after many years that he was correctly diagnosed and given effective treatment. 

There are many parents who develop complusive thoughts about them harming their children. 

OCD can completely destroy your life.

I've had a mild version that CBT really helped.  And when I say mild I mean that my complusive thoughts weren't directly harmful.  I thought that if I went home to an empty house it wouldn't exist/have been destroyed.  I had to phone DH on the way home to make sure he was back from work before me.  This may sound hilarious but it was awful and real to me.

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TASM, I find nothing hilarious about OCD. Too many people think it's simply being a little uber-clean or doing that closet thing. Nope. I knew someone who thought the devil could cling to her hangnails and needed stitches because she ripped them off and kept 'picking'.  Cray 2

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Didn't think you'd find it funny.  Though I do use humour when I self reflect on it.