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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Yesterday was such a crap workday, I was sooooooo tempted to call off today. But that means Monday would be a YUGE clustereff. So...

Eff off to:

  • Those who ask a question and don't like the answer, but think that doing the following will get them the answer they want:
    • Call me to discuss it 
    • Reword it and use an eff-load of big words
    • Copy the boss
  • Ol' Weenie Head, who seems to think I'm his secretary and should contact the person who scheduled a meeting before his start time and set up a new time. I don't think so, Weenie. If that time doesn't work for you, YOU have the option of suggesting a new meeting time. 
  • People who ask for you advice, then get their knickers in a twist because they don't like what you advise. Effer, you asked me to be honest with you. I was. The truth isn't always a nice package tied up with a pretty bow. The truth is not always what you want to hear. Sometimes, sure. But Not.Effin'.Always. If you're looking for lies and Yes-men, ask someone else. From here on out, the next time(s) you ask for advice, I'll simply tell you I'm drawing a blank. 
  • That master of time wasting, King Pita. Effer, that task is complete. You can ask us 57 times and the answer will not change. WTH. You want us to REOPEN a task, then Close it again? Go suck rocks. 
  • The kitchen sink. It's slow-draining and I cannot figure out what the problem is. Plumbers are $$$. Sad


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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Eff off to this horrible crick I have had in my neck since Monday, it's bearable but I'm over it and ready for it to work itself out.
Eff off to people who play dumb, or just can't be invested in you at all to even pretend to care about you.
Eff off to work, I hate Fridays I have to work especially when I have to open everything.

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I had a crick the other week for a couple days (work stress).  I did the old tennis ball massage a couple times and all better...recommend!

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lets see....Eff off to people that don't troubleshoot their application before calling me.  How about your start with your realm first before deciding to wake me up to "check" my realm.  New flash.....ITS NEVER MY PROBLEM....

Eff of to 6 hour support calls due to the above....ONCE AGAIN ITS NEVER MY PROBLEM.  However, I am now stuck on the stupid call listening to people that couldn't troubleshoot their way out of paper bag.

Eff off to the microwave at the condo we just bought not working.  I know have to install a new one....I HATE INSTALLING OVER THE STOVE MICROWAVES.  Such a PITA


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That not bothering to troubleshoot beforehead is effing annoying! 

I hope you're doing something fun while you listen. Solitaire, crocheting, sticking pins in your voodoo doll...

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Questions ... not liking the answers ... pursuing another way. We call that shopping for answers here. By the time somebody asks me a question, it's usually been through two or three other people, and my staff is great about alerting me to these things. It's kinda fun.

Eff off to lazy people. Or incompetent people. Or both. I have been pursuing a small loan with a local bank and the rep has royally screwed it up and refused to fix it or even talk to me. I contacted the branch manager who is now jumping through hoops to keep my business. I got a reduced interest rate and fee waiver, and I was professional throughout. Being willing to walk away was the key.



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Shopping for answers, indeed! 

I wonder how long that bank rep will retain employment....

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Eff off Friday yes!

* Eff off to someone asking me this morning, before 9 am if I had done the (a little time consuming) review we discussed yesterday at 3:45.  Um, NO. That is on my agenda for today thank you for checking.

* Eff off to YSD dictating her shedule to DH for the next month. And to DH for writing it all down, not checking with me and how I have to ask him for it so I can plan my work day/time off around some lunatic month ahead.  i would be able to ignore it if we were not a one car family.

*Eff off to DH's cooking these days. He's required to cook with YSD is here, no question. I've made it super clear. But he waits until the last possible minute to cook, freaks out because he's not planned anything and the last two nights came with no veggies. I'm NOT helping because he hates it - I do ALL the cooking and most of the clean up when YSD is not here and it's not my job to cook every meal for everyone, esp. when I have no say in anything related to mealtime other than to cook.

* Eff off to DH for not making sure YSD is participating in prep for dinner and other dinner related things we just talked about a week ago.  I think he's expecting me to hold up what I agreed to but eff to that if what is required of a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD is pushed under the rug to ignore.  EFF THAT.

Yeah, I'll be getting some wine later today.

YAY:  YSD will be leaving on Saturday afternoon, early, so she can have her birthday get together with two friends near us and then she goes to BMs for her birthday.

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Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh, KP is good for asking if you've completed something time-consuming about 10 minutes after you received it. How 'bout NO, KP? And the more times you ask, the longer it will take! There are times I wish I could block KP.

Cover, it sounds like your DH needs a kick in the arse to dislodge his head... *dirol*

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My disengagement IS his kick in the arse - at least to him.  Deal with it DH.

So far no trampoline!  Biggrin

However, DH has been known to be tricky with gifts...

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Fingers crossed that trampoline idea is soon a distant memory!

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Eff off to people who overpromise and underdeliver.  And then its your problem somehow to fix.  Jerks.

On a positive note, I can bail on SO's every other week family Zoom call featuring Bratty as my friend invited us over on Sunday to celebrate her birthday.  I won't have Bratty surly face ruining my Sunday afternoon.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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I convinced SO to recommend every other week.  I still think its too much but can live with it for now as we're home a lot due to the pandemic.  And his mom is old and lives alone so its mainly for her benefit since no one can visit her yet.

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My Dad is 90, but I'm in contact with him regularly. Zoom with my entire family would be agony. *crazy*

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I get along with the rest of SO's family and don't engage with Bratty.  Just dislike seeing her surly face Smile

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I know my skeezy BIL would be on the zoom. If I never saw him again, it would be too soon. NO idea why my sister finds him attractive. *bad*

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Eff off to.... my job. Eight and a half months since this company bought my old company and nothing is any better. I knew it wouldn't be, because it's the way they do business, and the types of people that they are, that is the problem. This is beyond just an "adjustment period".

My best friend, who also works there, just had a TIA (mini stroke) on Wednesday. I am reading that stress can cause these. I think we both need to quit.



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Oh, hon, I am so sorry about your friend! Prayers for a full recovery. {{{hugs}}}

More and more, I wish I was in a position to retire. Life is too short to deal with toxic work BS.