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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last!!! I know it was a 4-day work week, but plaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Definitely worn down the soles of 2 pairs of (running) shoes. Love having a 3-day weekend, but loathe cramming 4 days of work into 5. Counting the hours 'til the weekend officially begins...

Eff off to:

  • People who microwave fish at work. Dude, seriously?? I luuuuuuuuuurv fish, but half the floor smells like Red Light DIstrict Retirement Home. And forget anyone else microwaving food any time soon. Don't know of anyone who likes salmon-flavored oatmeal. Blech. Eat the fish cold. Sheesh.
  • Snotty nurses. Hey, I know you deal with sick people and difficult people. But, not only do you have permanent RBF, you have B!tch VOICE. Are you capable of talking to anyone with a pleasant tone of voice? Or, at the very least, neutral? Take some bloody elocution lessons. Your voice is giving me mono!
  • Scammers. You DEMAND my SSN. Bahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Crikey, effer, I wasn't born yesterday. Sure. Here's my SSN. 0-2-5-6-X point 3-0-B-8-7... Oh, and the name is Conehead. Beldar Conehead. Like you, I'm not from this planet, er, country. Eff off!!!
  • Effers in the guise of friends who HOUND you to buy the shizzit they're selling. Mary Kay, Party Lite, Scentsy... gaaaah. If I wanted this overpriced stuff, I'd buy it. Nagging does not make me want it more. 
  • DH's work. Yep, my hubby is working OT this weekend. I'll be a Saturday night work widow. Don't feel like going out. Guess I'll stay home and watch some Coneheads or Connie & Carla or Bohemian Rhapsody...


Hope you have a good weekend! 


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I'm a work widow a lot too...  24 hours shifts, random medic calls, and working nearly every weekend.  It's less than ideal. So I feel for you.

Eff off to:

  • YO-YOs
  • Since you brought up the topic. It-works.  Becuase most of the time. it does not work.  And if I see one more post about how awesome your life has become due to a product I'm 90% sure you don't even use... I'm going to scream.

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Yo-yos? Like the kind on a string and you can do tricks, like Walk The Dog or Around The World? Or human yo-yos? Cuz I like the string kind...

It-works? Never heard of it (yay!). Products that don't work... how about 99% of the Eliminate Under Eye Dark Circle creams? Yeah.


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LMAO.  Read my blog.  SD6's school is selling them super overpriced and it's insane.  IN general they arent' bad.

Yeah... It's a "supplement" type company... All "here's the weight loss you're looking for!" and It's an MLM type thing...  Tons of people are getting in on it... Claiming it's a miracle thing... Every. Dang. Post. They post is about it! It's maddening!

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Yo-yo pushing teacher. WTH.

I'm so sick of all the MIRACLE shizzit advertised. If it really worked, all of the other weight loss scammers would be out of business.

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Happy Friday Amiga Biggrin

* Eff off to people who have NO concept of personal space and seem to always want to violate MINE Aggressive what's up with that?!?

I don't have anything else at the moment but want to wish you an awesome weekend Yahoo

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Hola, Siempre!

Maybe those personal space violators neeeeed to be close to you and your awesomeness in that hopes that some will rub off on them? Some of those people are so... off-putting, I find it impossible to return the favor and move more into THEIR personal space. Icky.

Muchas gracias, amiga! Espero el mismo para ti!

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Eff off to my bitch of a sister. I know she's my sister and blah, blah, blah, but if I never see or talk to her again, I really won't mind (would prefer it, actually).

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Hereiam, I can relate. My brothers have been on my shizzit list since 2011. My sisters recently joined them a few weeks ago. Times like that, I'd be perfectly okay with moving far, far away where we know NO ONE and only taking to my Dad and SM.

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I can relate too. My sister knows everything about everything. Hey, wait. I’m describing my skids too. 

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Oh Aniki the fish!  I had a co-worker who would do that and it sucked!

My Eff off is to credit card fraud!   Went to pay my bill and here is a nice chunk of stores online that somebody went shopping at yesterday!  Called and got that all sorted out, but damn it, this is the second time this year!

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So irritating. I had 4K of fraud last year. I found out because I got an email tracking number for something I hadn’t purchased. So uhm that means we know the perp. Company didn’t care—they made me whole but I’m still pissed off at how much fraud there is and it’s just a cost of doing business.  

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I'm sorry to hear that, advice. That is so bloody annoying! If only these thieves would put that time spent stealing to work in an ACTUAL job! Glad you caught it early.

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Eff off to cancer. They found a mass on NG's MIL's pancreas. The breathing tube will removed shortly and they are making her comfortable.

Indulge me one dark joke: I guess MIL didn't really want to meet me after all, but this is going a bit too far. :/


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* started new job yesterday and so far so good! No effs here so far. I get to train with person I'm replacing for three weeks which is awesome.

*eff off to my old job! Micromanagers and nitpicky over-controlling people be gone!

* eff of to open mouth chewers. I'm in lounge area and the two other young ladies (late 20s or early 30s max) BOTH chewed with their mouths open. Really!?!?!?

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Congratulations on the new job, Cover! Hope it goes well.

Ermagawd, open mouth chewers are ICKY. Which immediately gives me a flashback to 4th grade and open mouth chewer J**** B**** eating EGG SALAD. Blech!