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OT - Eff Off Friday

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I've been looking for you, Friday! I was going to post yesterday, but Work got in the way. Sigh...

Eff off to:

  • Asshats who think it's acceptable to treat 'underlings' like shite. Who do you think does the majority of the work? Who do you think built up this company? Who do you think will no longer go out of their way to help you and will all, suddenly, have a project due ASAP and you will have to do all of that tedious, time-consuming (for you, because you don't know shite) work aaaaaaall by yourself? Who do you think will catch the flack when your job isn't done? Not the 'underlings'. 
  • Anyone who thinks that a forum such as this cannot be therapy or therapeutic. Online can be a lifesaver in more ways than one. 247recoveryhelpline, AA, Safe Helpline, OA, Suicide Prevention Lifeline, And, yes, STalk. What about people who do not have anyone in their inner circle who can relate/understand/emphasize with their situation, meaning they have no one to listen who can help? Some people do not have the money for treatment. Especially people in a domestic Hell who have been cut off from family, friends, and funds so their abuser can control them. There are those who are unable to leave their homes due to physical/mental reasons. ONLINE IS ALL THEY HAVE. 
  • Me. Yeah, me. Yesterday, I learned that I'll be training for what will be a team mangement position. I admit it - I'm kinda freaking out. I'm afraid that I won't understand all of the new (damn near alien) stuff I have to learn. I'm concerned about being in charge of people other than myself and that I will let them down or do something wrong. I'm terrified that I will fall flat on my face into a proverbial steaming pile of bear shite and FAIL. So I'm simultaneously giving myself pep talks AND ripping myself to shreds. Gaaaaaaaaaahhhhh...


It's a 3-day weekend for a lot of folks. Be safe and enjoy!


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Stop ripping yourself apart! We grow as humans through challenge. This is a growth moment, and you'll get through it a shinier, prettier, more awesome Aniki.

Eff off to (warning: all of these are SUPER first world problems):

- Only expensive face wash working for my skin and the nearest place to get it being 45 minutes away. 

- My friend not knowing whether I or his new (like, week-old relationship) girlfriend are going to a concert tomorrow night. I offered up my ticket; no confirmation one way or the other.

- Grass because I have a lot of yard work to do this weekend.

- Fundraisers because they are bleeding me dry even if for a good cause.

- Hypocrites who think one kind of victim blaming is okay because he's a guy and "should have known what was going to happen".

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You're right, Lt Dad! I was an office manager a hundred years ago, but this is a whole 'nother animal. I want to do a good job!

Too bad you can't have that $$ facewash delivered by drone...

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Ahh Aniki I am sure you will be completely fine when it comes to the position. You are a bright spot in a lot of peoples lives on this forum, I'm sure it will be the same at work.

My Eff off this week is to the weirdness going on with me and my best friend. I don't know what happened or what's going on but it's weird and I don't like it.

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Advice, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much!! xo

Ugh, the weirdness. Can you ask her? Maybe something is going on with her and she isn't sure how to bring it up.

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You will rock that new position!!!

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Aniki! The fact that you're worried means that you're going to be a GREAT leader! You're worried because you're already thinking about those who will be beneath you! And you're worried because you want to do a good job! I 100% believe you're going to kill it!!!

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Hey, Ani,

I look at it this way: If I were to choose a boss, YOU would be my first pick, hands down! 

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Aniki,you'll be great in team management.

Look how you handle all the asshats in your private life?

Like a BOSS.

You'll git er

Have a great long weekend ,Aniki and everyone.

And  here's hoping all those  those in the path of that EFFED up Dorian stay safe.




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Thanks, Wicked!

Oh, yes! I've been so engrossed at work, I didn't learn about Dorian until today. Hoping it will poop out and not do a lot of damage.

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Aniki you're gonna be great at it. You are smart, funny, and kind. I believe in you!

Eff off to pos who come here playing the 'I'm a retired therapist' card when anyone with half a brain cell can see they're nothing more than the devil on stalk.