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OT - Thankful Thursday/Thirsty Thursday

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Welcome to Thursday, STalkers! It's a brisk and windy day in my neck of the woods with snow in the forecast. Woo hoo!!!  *yahoo*  

Today I am thankful for:

  • Snow. I love it! Looking forward to the day I can trot my happy arse outside and fall backwards to make a snow angel. No, I am not too old. Growing old is mandatory. Growing UP is optional!
  • My DH. He was sooo tired last night, but insisted on sweeping the kitchen floor last night when I got out the broom. *air_kiss*
  • My Dad. He's still calling/texting me every evening. 56 years old and still Daddy's Girl. <3
  • That effing Covid. Maybe it was the raging high fever. Maybe it was the delusions. Whatever is was, something somewhere in there altered my mindset. I've been struggling for a couple of years with the idiocy that is King Pita. My current boss recenlty left for another job (more $$) and we've been in limbo. This morning, I discovered (while doing my job), that KP's name has replaced that of Former Boss in all of the online data. And I felt NOTHING. No dismay or anxiety or anything. I saw it, said to myself, "Okay" and continued doing my job. Maybe some of my brain cells got fried? *crazy*



Yesterday, I received an early Christmas gift from a dear friend. It's an advent calendar of liqueur-filled French chocolates. *biggrin*

Which got DH and me to talking about holiday drinks and family tradition. For many years, Thanksgiving dinner meant the first eggnog of the season - served for dessert with your choice of pie. Christmas was Brandy Alexanders (made with ice cream). Dad passed that responsibility on to me almost 30 years ago. And, of course, Cold Duck for NYE. I remember getting my first taste of Cold Duck at age 10 when Dad let me sip from his glass. I'm tempted to buy a bottle to toast the arrival of 2022...

Do you have any holiday drink favorites/traditions?


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I love Evan Willliams egg nog - i think there's like 5 or 6 liquers in it.  So tasty.  I love non-alcholic egg nog too - as long as its thick and creamy  (the calories though - ugh)

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Tiger7, Evan Wiliams is the best! A friend of mine recently mentioned a new brand he had and thought was better. *shok*  I cannot recall the name; will have to ask. 

I have never had an NA version.

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My sister in law makes an amazing gluhwein and we usually make a batch on Christmes Eve and enjoy it into Christmas day, that and we always have mimosas with Christmas breakfast.  

Today I am thankful that it's Thursday which means we are one day away from my holiday break.  DH and I are taking BD15 to see her cousins for the weekend and then onto Disney for a few days before we head home for Thanksgiving.  It's kind of nice to not be worried about doing all the cooking and baking this year, that is being left to my parents and BS21 who opted to stay home.

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Gluhwein - yum! What time should I be there for breakfast, advice.only? *biggrin*

I hope you have a lovely holiday break! *drinks*

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Is "Cold Duck" a drink? I've never heard of it - never seen it for sale in England.  Like you, I am still struggling with the after effects of Covid. Still feel weak as a kitten, still coughing, still tired and still have very little sense of smell or taste.  But the latter has, I would say, come back about 50%.  Apparently the average length of time to lose it for is 22 days. I hate not being able to smell and taste things - I love my food!  

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Kes, when my taste first came back, it seemed to be overcompensating. I put one grain of salt on my tongue - one! - and was overwhelmed with salty taste. Took 3 big glasses of water to get the saltiness out of my mouth.

Yes, Cold Duck is a drink. For your reading pleasure:

I'm not feeling weak as a kitten, but still very weak. I hope you're feeling better soon and that your sense of taste/smell return ASAP! *give_rose*

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I am so thankful to be a happy and healthy middle aged woman.  Next year will be the big 5-0 for me and I am truly blessed to be in such a good place in my life.  I would never want to be 20-something again LOL.

Holiday drinks - other than a good wine and maybe a nice scotch we don't have any specific drinks.  We avoid egg nog due to the calories but last year did pick up some almond egg nog from Trader Joe's that was pretty decent (when spiked LOL).

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The big 5-0! Caninelover, you youngster, you!!!

Someone needs to create a low-calorie SPIKED nog that's still tasty!

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I wish the same for most things I like!  Unfortunately the low calorie versions are often not worth it.

Thanks Ani.  I actually take better care if myself now than my 20' I still feel like a youngster (except for the gray hairs!)

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Where there's a will, there's a way! Must experiment when I'm up to it. Biggrin

My hair is turning white! I took better care of myself 20 years ago when I was bodybuilding. However, post-Covid, I'm making an effort to make healthier choices - not always because I want to do it. The cottonmouth lingers and a bite of bread takes a couple of glasses of water to get down. Solution: wraps. Not sure how well they'll work for a PBJ...

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Well hopefully the post-Covid senses will all return in time, Ani.

I have a secret idea to invent a (harmless) 24-hour tapeworm that can be injected or swallowed in pill form.  Once in stomach it expands and 'eats' all the calories you consume during that period.  Then, it dies and you poop it out. 

It's my solution to over-indulging at Thanksgiving LOL.

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Thankful for DH who is taking me out for dinner tonight because he acknowledged I've been cooking a LOT lately and he's not been so much. He's also letting me decide where to go.  I may wear a dress.

Also thankful for healing after the loss of baby girl kitty one week ago. I'm going to go visit her grave for the first time later today to say hello.

My mother always loved hot buttered rum and eggnog during the holidays. My dad stuck to his scotch or G&Ts.

I still like eggnog a lot but don't buy it often, and if I do in small quantities because DH hates it. So we don't really have a special holiday drink.  I do provide a great red and white wine to go with our dinner AND myself require at least one botthe of French quality Champs for Xmas eve and then Xmas day.  So maybe that 's my special thing - combine the champs with salted chocolate caramels and my that's wonderful.  I do add condensed milk to my coffee too....yum.

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Cover, I'm glad you're healing. xoxo

I've never had hot buttered rum, nor have I ever known anyone who drinks it. I looked up recipes and it sound intriguing. May have to give that a try one of these days - single serving only. Biggrin

Champs and salted chocolate caramels... sounds decadent! What champagne do you prefer? 

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I prefer French small grower champs - around the $45 - $55 range, Brut (dry please!), with lots of almond on the palate. I don't have a fave brand - this is just what I look for.

This reminds me DH was making noises about wanting some Irish Creme for his holiday coffee which almost knocked me over - he's never told me he likes it before, esp. in his coffee.  I wonder if he knows it's sweet, he hates sweet coffee. Eh, if he doesn't like it I'll share it with my neighbor.

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I'm not big on Irish Creme. I did buy some Bailey's Almond Milk Liqueur and it's tasty in coffee. 

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This week I'm thankful for my ex (seriously!). After the emotional hell of dealing with my partner's ex and offspring this week, I'm so grateful to only have one side of my life in complete disrepair, but at least my ex and I are functionally co-parenting.

I don't know if there's a holiday drink I don't love! From cider with caramel vodka to spiked eggnog to gingerbread martinis to peppermint schnapps in hot cocoa, I want it all!

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I am thankful for a skidless holiday for the second year in a row. I go to church, and now no more EXDH laughing at me for doing so. I never pushed church on him but dang did he make fun of it. So yay. I love christmas eve services.

As a child I would try to hide the booze from my boozing folks so they would remember Santa gift time. As an adult cinnamon coffee in the morning, and in the evening spiked eggnog. My favorite time of the year. I cannot wait. Funny holidays were dreaded when I was in step world, but not now!!!


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Jeez, what a butthead for making fun of something you love. Your ex needs a Flying Five Fist Monkey Nut Punch. 

I like cardamom in my morning coffee. Smile

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Despite being an atheist, I also love Xmas Eve services. It's all about atmosphere. I now live in a region (Provence) where I am spoilt for this - several local towns do living nativities; they start with the arrival of the shepherds and their sheep then the local villagers in local dress. The whole service can last for several hours and is usually conducted in Provençal and not French and you go home starry-eyed :) 

Back in Scotland it was an entirely different feeling - cold granite churches, flagstones, and a feeling of almost elation that emanated from the congregation. Then the chilly night outside as you walked home. Another kind of magic.