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OT - Thankful Thursday

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I'm dealing with a YUGE jerk today and would very much like to call it day. But I can't, so...

I am thankful for:

  • My SM's stent procedure was successful. Hoping tomorrow's valve replacement is equally smooth and successful.
  • DH is doing well at (and enjoying) his new job.
  • Getting to see my oldest sister. She lives out west, so it's been awhile. Too bad my ickle BIL didn't stay there. Wink
  • The return of a good friend. *yahoo*
  • Having a good job (despite having to deal with some asshats).
  • (...and terribly nervous about) the head of the center asking that I take the lead on a new project. I've always preferred to "fly under the radar" and let my work do the talking. I didn't know it was talking so loudly. Praying I don't fail.


Hope you have a wonderful day!


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I'm thankful my DS57 is recovering from his triple bypass.  He's in a rehab but gets released tomorrow.  Then, he will have surgery for a colon malignancy.  But he's strong and so far, so good.

I'm also thankful that my G28, DD56 and SIL are all recovering from covid.   They were all vaccinated so their cases weren't severe.

I'm thankful that my mom99 is hanging in there and her dementia is only slowly progressing.

We are blessed.

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JRI, lots of good news! Prayers for your DS57's continued recovery and that his upcoming surgery goes smoothly. 

My Mom had dementia and I know it's not easy to watch a loved one suffer through that. I hope her dementia drags heels. 

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I'm sure you be a star at the project.  Nobody will be calling you Queen PITA.  *give_rose*

I'm thankful for:

  • having a job that though I'm constantly moaning about is actually interesting
  • working with an nearly all female team who are super cooperative and cover each others work and holidays as needed so the person out can have a proper break
  • DH, he's hilarious.  He decided that he wanted to learn an instrument and play live in a band.  So he learnt to play over lockdown, found some like minded folks and his first live gig is tonight.  I can't make it but I've been promised photos.
  • My upcoming holiday.  I haven't had a proper one since August 2019 so I've very excited.

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That's so cool about your DH! Hope he has fun. 

3 years?? Daaaaaaaaang! Have a wonderful time!


I know it's not what you meant, but I've always been a bit perplexed by the whole queen thing. What's the deal with calling women "Queen"?? Maybe there's something wrong with me, but I never thought it would be "cool" to be a queen. A warrior, on the other hand... Then again, my nickname IS Valkyrie. *dirol*

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When we married my ILs gave us a framed piece of art with the meaning of our respective names scribed on it.  The art indicates our names mean:

DW's is "Battle maiden".

Mine is "Noble King" though I would add the clarifier of "warrior" between those two words if I had my druthers.  Hey, self delusion can have an upside on one's confidence.


From what I have looked up mine is pretty close. "Strong in rule" is the more common defintion. DW's is a loose translation and what I can find  is that hers is more commonly interpreted as "Noble battle protector".

Either way DW's is far more realistic than mine. I know that IRL mine should be "PITA". My parents and my bride tell me this fairly regularly.


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My daughter is home after her year in the US and I am thankful that she's found a good summer job. She'll be at a local winery, working decent hours alongside nice people. Oh, and it's only about 3-4 miles away in the next village. At least that's one worry less! 

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You must be very happy to have her back home, Winterglow!

That sounds like such a cool job to have. *yahoo*

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Thank you both! It's a cooperative winery (very common around here) and their whites and roses are exceptional. No doubt she'll soon find out that I have a privileged customer account. Lol

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Where's and rosés are good with most salads! :D   I expect to be eating a lot of salads as we're growing lettuce...

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Well, she's not likely to forget her first day. The cooler that holds the wine for tasting went on the blink and froze all the bottles, some of them exploded. Fortunately, she found this most entertaining despite having to clean it all up!

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Thankful that the weather will be in the 80s and gorgeous for the first time this year, this weekend!

Thankful for my lady friends, most of whom are coming over on Saturday for a ladies party.

Thankful I've got to spend at least a week with a good friend who's been staying with us while she's in town.

Thankful for my good health, strong body and mind.

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  • For being blessed to wake up every AM with my incredible bride.  
  • For being able to talk to my parnents every day. Winning the parent lottery has payed off for me every day of my 58yr and still going life.
  • For a career I truly enjoy and for my current ever changing role.
  • For a calm week.  My on the spectrum likely bi-polar #2 has been calm and pleasant this week.  But... he gets back from vacation on Monday. I will not hold my breath regarding next week being calm.
  • For a big raise.  Not expected but greatly appreciated.
  • For the smiles the humming birds, hare, and quail family that visit my DW at her home office window nearly every day put on her face.
  • That my son is continuing to grow and thrive as a quality adult and man of character. He turns 30 in 11 days. Happy birthday son. I am proud of you and proud to be your dad.

I hope everyone has a great weekend to be thankful for.



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Though they apparently fight like crazy.  I think my wife intends to mediate the conflicts at the feeder.


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I got my DH back last night, after weeks of surly stress about moving and cleaning and getting deposits back and whatnot, he's back to his chipper self.  And I get to sleep with him everynight.