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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Thursday STalkers. Sorry I've been MIA, but I've been really sick. Still recovering, so this will be short...

I am thankful for:

  • Surviving Covid. Still not 100%, but recovering. Hope to be back at work next week.
  • The awesome hospital staff who took care of me.
  • My DH, who saved my life and is my rock.
  • My Dad (and my very first rock) who has called/texted every single day.


Life is precious. Be kind to each other. xoxo *give_rose*


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I'm thankful for Aniki's recovery.

I'm thankful for sorting my employment stuff out this week.

I'm thankful for having been able to book to go and see my family this year for Christmas.  Fingers crossed the rising covid rates don't shut the boarders again.

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I am so glad you're home and on the mend.


I'm thankful that of the three siblings we have that are/have facing surgeries, two are done and healing. One, the most serious, occurs tomorrow. 

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Thank you, AgedOut. A bit pathetic that I'm ready for a nap already!

Prayers that all goes well with your sibling's surgery tomorrow. 

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OMG! Didn't know you had COVID. And you were in the hospital?! Glad you are feeling better. COVID is not a joke. 

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Thank you, tog. Yes, I was in the hospital. Doc said one more hour and I would've been delivered to the morgue. Sad

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I'm so sorry that you had to go through all of that, scary and miserable at the same time. I cannot imagine (and hope I will never experience) going to the hospital with Covid. Thankfully, you're on the mend and things can only get better. Welcome back!

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Oh no Miss Aniki I am so sorry to see this, but very glad to hear you are getting better!

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I am so sad to hear you had the C disease. Not fun. Praying you stay on the mend. I had it, although not severe, it sucked.

Get better XOX  BLESSINGS to good health hun

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Goodness... didn't realize you were dealing with that.  I'm so glad you are on the mend though.  It's a nasty virus for sure!  I have known way too many people who have died to not take it seriously.  It's frustrating though.. my DH called yesterday and told me the guy he relieved in the pilot house was super sick.  The guy knew he was sick.. he was sick feeling the day before.. to the point where he procurred an "at home" covid test that he took before he came to work.  supposedly it was negative.. but dang.. like who wants to trust THAT.. plus... even if it wasn't covid.. do you want to pass the flu, strep or any other illness on to others?  We are going to see my dad on Saturday.. my 92 year old father... My DH had the place sanitized and wore his mask.. but damn..  how inconsiderate can you be?  And the guy who was sick is not an "anti-vax conservative" btw.. leans the other direction... so you can't blame one particular political lean for being idiots!

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I will never understand the mindset that "I'm sick, but will go to work and give my cooties to everyone". Gads. 

For the life of me, I cannot figure out where I got it because I rarely go out and wear a mask when I do. However, masks are not 100% effective so.... *unknw*

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I had  feeling something was up with you because you were noticably absent and there have been some recent posts where I was SO SURE that you would pop in on, and didnt.

WELL, here at work, my boss always details the ways he is careful and then finishes the conversation as "all it takes is one exposure that gets in your body, even after all the care in the world - masks, washing, staying home, all that"

Well hugs to you - its not your time yet!!!! YAY, we get to keep you Biggrin

Im grateful that you have healed somewhat from COVID, and are here with us on the board.

Im also grateful for having a mortgage to pay, because that means I have a home of my own.

Im grateful for property taxes because that means I have a home of my own.

Im grateful I have the choice to fast because that means I have enough food to eat.

Im grateful for having to get up in the dark and struggle to find my clothes because that means I have a job to get to.


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Thank you, CLove. Looks like all y'all are stuck with me for awhile longer. Dirol

Family and friends were absolutely shocked that I got it. "But you never go ANYwhere!" was said several times.

Those are all very good things for which you can be thankful!

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So glad you are on the mend! Sounds pretty scary, Ani! Glad your DH took quick action for you.

I'm thankful that you are back with us!

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Thank you, Merry! There were times I thought I was on my way out, so I quite relieved to be wrong.

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Thank you, Dawn. It's wonderful to be here! (Just took a 2 hour nap...)

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That you fought and won that Covid!! Here's to your continue improving in your health!! 

For me? I'm so thankful for this newest milestone in my recovery. DH and I have had some intense  talks the past few months, along with a lot of clarity and changed behavior on his part. While I'm fully aware he will lapse on certain things, I can live with that because he is self-correcting quickly now. It's been super helpful to my improvement. We are working as a strong team now, even with the kid issues. (I've got another 6 week program coming up; looking forward to more growth).

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Thank you, CajunMom!

And thank you for sharing your wonderful news. IMO, we should consider ourselves to be a permanent work-in-progress as there is always somewhere we can improve. Smile

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OMG---I am so sorry to learn of your illness. You must have been scared. Thank God you are on the mend, slowly,  but still on the mend..

I AM THANKFUL that Aniki is home, under Doctors Care and out of the woods.

We will try to behave on here Wink

*our neighbors got covid from a woman at their church. Get this, she flew from another state to come here visiting family ...she knew she was sick and went to church anyway. Infected much of their congregation. --As much as I hate to say this, I have not been to Mass is so long because of this very reason. 

(((HUGS)))) to you Aniki 



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Thank you, Thumper. I have to admit that I was so out-of-my-gourd with fever that when I thought I was dying, I think I was more sad than scared. In hindsight, it WAS scary and I'm grateful to be on the mend. 

Good grief. I cannot wrap my head around WHY people do that. Even if you think you are invincible, others most certainly are not. Sheesh.

I'll gladly take those hugs, darlin'. And send some back to you! {{{HUGS}}}

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That is terrifying how close your were to an awful outcome. Glad you are feeling better. Rest and take care!

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Thank you, WwCorgi7. Had I not been so out of it from fever, I probably would've been better able to communicate with my DH. Thank God he got that little doohickey - he literally saved my life!

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I am thankful for amazing modern medicine and wonderful people who provide medical care. For you aniki and for my lovely sister in law who's cancer treatment is going really well. I have my fingers crossed for a family friend who is preparing for a bone marrow transplant. 

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BethAnne, prayes for continued success with your SIL's cancer treatment and your family friend. *give_rose*

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Aniki, I am so very sorry to read that you were ill with the COVID menace. It sounds like it was really scary! Like you, I still don't journey in public places without a mask...after reading this I am glad that I still do. 

Sorry you had to go through that but happy you are improving. A year ago a very good friend who was infected with COVID and was hospitalized and ill for will definitely need time to get back to 100% please listen to your body and allow yourself to. Take care of yourself...every day we have here really is a gift Smile


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Thank you, SteppedOff. Don't know that my mask did zilch, but will continue to wear them.

Right now, my body craves sleep, canned pears, and cherry Gatorade. I haven't had so much as a drop of my beloved coffee in weeks. *shok*

You are SO right! Today is a gift. That's why we call it 'The Present'. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

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OMG, Ani!

I had no idea that you had contracted the evil C. Had you advised the StepTalkers, you'd have been bombarded with enough persistent prayers and positive vibes to have diminished your illness; StepTalk energy is potent, dontcha' know?

 Kidding aside, Hon, my gratitude today is all about having you mended, with all of your fineness intact. 

Yup, we ‘lurve’ you, Ani…. Give rose

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Thank you, Grannyd. I was so "out of it" from the fever, that only two people knew. TBH, the last time I was logged on here, I was flying high on fever and have zero recollection of anything I did. *blush*

Lurve you right back! *kiss2*

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And BTW,

My deepest sympathies to your DH, one of the best partners characterized on this site. I can only imagine the agony that he must have endured, watching his beloved Ani dilly-dallying with The Grim Reaper. When I discussed your condition with my own DH, he gave me a crushing bear hug and made me promise to send a further, supportive note to you and Mr. Ani. 

So, all the best, dear Ani, and mucho virtual hugs to your good man. His suffering has probably equalled yours, poor devil. Diablo


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If my DH was agonizing, he never showed it. Like my Dad, he's a tower of strength. (Marry a man like Dad! lol) Aw, you and your DH are such sweethearts, grannyd! {{{hugs}}} for you both!

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OMG Aniki, so sorry you were sick!  Glad to hear you are starting to get better.  It truly is a horrible virus.  

Today, I am thankful that this week I received a job offer and accepted!  I start in 10 days.

I am thankful my DH is getting some more interviews as we attempt to better his work life as well.

I am thankful my oldest son has not quit his job yet :)  He's been there a little over a week, they're only giving him part-time hours but for a start, I rather it be fewer hours so he builds up his perseverance.  

Things are looking like they will turn around.  

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Thank you, bananaseedo!

Good news all around for you. Congratulations on the new job! *yahoo*