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OT - Security Cameras

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I'm looking for good security cameras. Specifically, to monitor outdoors. The property can only be accessed by a one-way road so 1 or 2 cameras would probably be sufficient.

There's a lot of info online, but I'm hoping someone knows of a tried-and-true.

Please pm me if you're not comfortable posting. Thank you!!!

ETA: The property line along the road is close to 200 yards long.


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I know there are probably cheaper options.. but if you have WIFI access.. a ring doorbell camera is pretty good.. we have them in a few places.. and they are easy to monitor remotely.

If there is no wifi.. then I think you would need to look into a cellular type of camera.. which would have a plan.. we use a moultry camera.. but it doesn't allow real time access unfortunately.

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Do you know if it works with phone WIFI? In Winter, I won't be able to make regular trips to retrieve data.

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you would need wifi at the remote location.. then you could look at it on your cell phone..

If there is no wifi.. there are options for cellular data.. I believe ring has a jobsite camera that you can subscribe to a "pro" plan.

but if there is poor cell service.. and no wifi there.. at the location.. trail cams can record but you won't be able to access remotely.


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We have Arlo cameras on all 4 sides of our house. We love them. We don't have a power source to hook them up to, so we do have to take them down every 3-4 months to charge. But they catch excellent footage and it can be saved to their storage for a subscription fee. 

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At home and the cabin.  They work very well and also have a solar panel charger option.

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So i have a number of various off brand cams at my house.   I can tell you that trail cams underperform.  I have a knock off Ring doorbell cam, 4 hard wired cams and an overhead foscam on my 2 story garage.  Plus an indoor pet cam.

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The cost of a company to save the camber information.  Ring charges. Around $11 for one camera and $18 what's wrong for multi cameras. Other company's charge different.  There thing called trail cambers. They save information to SD CARDS. Run on battery and see motion activated. If you may only get 30 minutes of footage per week.

Check Amazon 

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I have Eufy camera's. They work off Wifi and use SD cards so no service fees. You can check them via app anytime and you can dowload or share any fottage. I like them and they are not expensive $35.00 per camera on Amazon. 

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It included 360* camera coverage of our property including a Ring (style) camera and cameras covering our driveway, back yard, and side yards as well as smoke, temperature, CO2,  glass breakage, water, and motion sensors. 

It would alert us via our mobile phones when anyone or anything approached out property.

Not cheap, but living out of State from our primary property having the monitoring and auto notifications was a stress reducer for us. We also had a large capacity archive drive added to the system so we could retain images in the event we needed to put someone in prison.