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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! Who else is not looking forward to losing an hour of sleep this weekend? Ugh.

Eff off to:

  • Daylight Savings Time, which will wreak havoc with my sleep schedule for a few weeks.
  • King Pita. Second on the list today. Is this progress? Wink KP continues to waste time forwarding emails I already receive while managing to forget about critical issues. Way to go!
  • People who have no clue how to do my job trying to tell me what to do. Uh, NO. There's an order to these things. Requests get entered. Requests get approved/denied. Approved gets added and given access/start-up info. Denied gets the reason Why and what steps to take to correct. Giving classified info to a Denied can cost me my job. 




Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

The pandemic quarantine made me much more aware of food waste and I got very creative with leftovers and extras to avoid food waste as much as possible. Oh, the oodles of limp celery stalks that got tossed out for the critters. Or the half container of sour cream that went bad. No more! 

I'm in soup-making mode. This may come as a shock to some, but I have never made Potato Soup. Those that I've had were bland and boring (and Fish Chowder or French Onion always took precedence). I have a BUNCH of potatoes (sale!) and have made a number of side dishes with them, but wanted something more. Lo and behold, a friend emailed me a soup recipe that 1) sounds tasty, and b) I already have all of the ingredients. Win! So I'll be taking a stab at making my very first batch of Potato Soup. ~fingers crossed~

Any suggestions on what to serve with it (besides chopped bacon)?

What's your favorite soup? Mine is Lohikeitto (Finnish for Salmon Soup.)


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend! *give_rose*


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That sounds delicious, Ispofacto! I already know my DH will poo-poo the idea, but there's a good chance it will be like others: once he smelled it, he wanted a taste. Once he tasted it, he wanted a bowl/plate of it. Biggrin

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This pandemic has taught so many of us to shop in our fridge. So many leftovers used to be tossed, but no more. 

My mama used to make potato soup with crusty rolls and butter. Nothing fancy but was one good memory from childhood.

Happy weekend. Few more hours at work then I am out

Cheers to TGIF

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Stepdrama2020, I've gotten quite creative with leftovers and Google became my new best friend. Portuguese, Indian, German, Chinese, Greek, Malaysian, French... I have quite a collection of keepers. 

I have all of the ingredients for beer bread. Maybe I'll make a loaf of that.

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Sorry about the DLST change.  We don't have ours until the end of the month.

Eff off to:

  • Silly people at work who don't listen and make me have to be bossy
  • Noisy neighbours and police when I'm trying to work from home


This weekend is going to be spicy fish wraps with gem lettuce, caribean hot sauce and lots of other goodies.  Then tomorrow I'm making a roast sweet potato soup using the left over sweet potato from last night.  And Sunday is looking like fired tofu with freezer veg or Giant couscous in a tomato stew served with caramilised onion and yogurt spiced with Ras-el-hanout

I love potatoes and love a good potato soup.  I'd serve it with shaved cheese, some thing strong like a proper aged cheedar or parmesan. Or a swill of fresh cream or sour cream.  And/or fresh herbs, maybe flat leaf parsley or chives.  All of this will go with the bacon.  


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Spicy fish wraps sound yummy!

The recipe actually has parmesan, cheddar, and sour cream in there. No fresh herbs, but I could add some dried chives while it cooks (only 15 mins). 

So many things go with bacon! <3

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I love soups (though potato soup is probably my least favorite).  Good ol' chicken and vegetable is so soothing, as is tomato (w/ grilled cheese - mmmm) and butternut squash soup.  

Last year we purchased a chest freezer for the garage, and this year Santa brought me a pressure canner.  So I'm better at buying in bulk and using all of it to make a big batch of something (just made a batch of homemade marinara a couple of days ago and jarred it for later use).  I also now make my own stock so I'll save our chicken carcasses along with vegetable scraps to throw into the slow cooker and let the stock simmer away overnight.  There's something so soothing about opening a jar of some homemade goodness.

Eff off - to Putin, his insane war, and the impacts everywhere.  Especially to poor people fleeing Ukraine.  And to gas prices everywhere.  I'm not driving much these days (thankfully - if I were commuting to work it would be costing me some real $) but I sure feel for people who are trying to get out and make a living - its like a giant clobber on the head everytime a fill up is needed.  Stupid war.

We are doing a small happy hour at home today - making air fried chicken wings with homemade potato salad.  Maybe some broccoli so we don't feel too guilty Smile

Have a great weekend everyone.


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Caninelover, my Mom often made potato soup for herself. I suspect it was so Dad and kids could have meat... Anyhow, I tasted it, but didn't find it particularly interesting. The recipe my friend sent sounds much more flavorful, which is why I'm willing to give it a whirl.

I'm making Vegetable Beef soup on Saturday (using more taters!). It's my Mom's recipe and definitely soothing comfort food. I always feel like she's in the kitchen with me when I make it. 

DH and I are already dreading the gas bills when we travel this year. I plan trips in a circular route to cover as many places as possible with one trip. It's a little hike to the grocery store, but I'd rather burn calories than $$ fuel!

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Exactly. Especially since Mom has been gone. Cooking one of her recipes always brings back wonderful memories. 

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Eff off to this entire week. My VP keeps putting a lot of pressure on me here at work, as well as the biatch who is an accounting manager and feels the need to complain about anything and everything under the sun.

Eff off to my SD's behavior the past few days, and also Eff off to BM for sending SD to our house sick as a dog, and then getting my daughter and me including both sick. BM would make us keep SD when she had even the sniffles and get SD tested at least 3 times before we could send her back to BM's.

Eff off to my DBF's new work schedule, he was working mornings and is now working a mixture between 12 p.m.'s-12 a.m.s, or 6p.m.s-6a.m.s which means we will rarely see each other since I work mornings.

A double Eff off to the time change happening this weekend as I already do not get enough sleep.


As for the sides for soup or what you can add to it. I use chopped up bacon, shredded sharp chedder, and green onions. For a side I usually do griled turkey and cheese sandwiches or grilled ham cheese sandwiches. Or you could d BLT's or clubs. Or Maybe a chef salad?

Today I am just picking up some pizza for dinner, and then tomorrow it's mine and DBF's date night, so we will probably do chinese or applebees. Sunday I am thinking of something easy to throw in the crock pot... maybe sweedish meatballs with some homemade mashed potatos? Any suggestions for a crock pot meal?

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Cmd88, I can relate to conflicting schedules. My DH works 6pm-6:30am - if he's not called in early or gascto stay late. He's sleeping while I'm working (WFH) so it's veeeeery quiet. I do zooms as far away from the bedroom as possible. 

Salad sounds good, but no time to go to the store today. Looks like I'm making beer bread (maybe cheddar-jalapeño...). 

Crock pot.... ham and beans, pot roast, pork roast...

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Yeah DBF used to work the night shifts all of the time, then they were down a couple of people and he went to mornings, now they are getting their people back and hired two more, so he is now working the swing shifts...which he was told he could make his own schedule, but now the night shifters are complaining of him not working/helping them out on nights which was not needed before, but now is apparently. So he is going to do a little of both until the rookie comes in to work nights and the second rookie comes in to work mornings, then he will be able to work whatever he wants.... Just sucks. But I am hoping it's only temporary.

How do you two make time for each other? 


Oooo I haven't done a pork roast in a while, I usually do a Mississppi Roast, which I did last Sunday, turned out great. 

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That does sound sucky. Sad

How? I do things with my friends the nights he4th works (maybe once a month). The nights he is home, we occasionally do things with our friends or with one of the skids. But we definitely plan two nights of just us. 

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Crock pot meal...honey mustard chicken...

A package of 4 bone-in skin on chicken thighs.  Sprinkle generously with dried rosemary, salt and pepper.

1/4 cup honey, 1/8-1/4 cup mustard (Dijon or plain ol yellow), 3/4 cup chicken stock.  Mix with salt and pepper.

Dump all in the crockpot on low for 3-4 hours.

Towards the end (lastt half hour) put in 1/4 cup of heavy cream and let the sauce simmer with lid off for a bit.

Enjoy over rice or potatoes with some veggies.  Not the fanciest meal but super quick to pull together with stuff that's around.

I love the crock pot Smile







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Some of these recipes sound delicious.  I think that Caninelover's Honey Mustard Crock Pot Chicken may be on the Birchclimber menu at some point this week.  It sounds easy AND tasty!  Ispofacto's Creamy Turkey Pumpkin Chili/Soup sounds excellent too!  I have saved that one in my Autumn Recipes file. 

I used to have a really good Reader's Digest recipe for Broccoli and Potato Chowder, but I lost it.  It haunts me still.

Yesterday I made Gord Ramsay's Roast Pork Loin Stuffed with Lemon and Sage.  It's one of my Go-To recipes because it's a winner under this roof.

I used to be guilty of overcooking my pork until I came across this particular recipe.  At the beginning of the video, Gord actually says, "This is better when it's slightly pink. Yes, that's right, Granny.  Pink!".  So, now I set my oven's temperature probe to 150F and once it's reached that temperature, I take it out of the oven and let it rest for 10-12 minutes.  Perfect every time! 

Happy Sunday.

Oh, and Eff-Off to changing the clocks!  Twice a year, I come to realize that I own WAY TOO MANY of them!  Argh...

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Birchclimber, thank you for your fortuitous post. I have sage leaves in my fridge! 

DST is antiquated. The next week or so is going to be annoying.