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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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TGIF, STalkers! Although I've only worked half days this week, I'm reeeeally looking forward to sleeping in this weekend and dreading the return to full work days next week. *sorry2*

Eff off to:

  • This freaking Covid Fatigue. Wish it would go away already. I'm tired of being tired and clumsy and tired and headachey and tired. Blech.
  • King Pita (you've been waiting for him to show up, haven't you?). I need to him to complete the same task for for items. He completes one (email with all caps and highlight). The other three are NOT done. I respond, asking him to please do the others. This was 3 hours ago. ~crickets~
  • The asshat doing maintenance work next door. He's been in and out of his van about 40 times in the last 2 hours. Every time, he clicks the auto-lock, which causes the horn to double-beep. And he does it twice. Every.Single.Time. *dash1*



Forn Friday Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

We have snow in the forecast and I am sooooooo craving one of my Mom's homemade soups. Vegetable Beef or French Onion would hit me smack dab in the tastebuds. 

What soup do you crave when you're feeling punky?


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!



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    Still sending you healing vibes girl.  Get better!

    It's been 5 years since my hospital stint where I could only have broth for 6 months so soup right now is not my favorite, but I did break down and have a crock of French Onion at my favorite place.  Mostly just the onion, croutons and cheese, but man oh man its the best.

    Prior to that, I love my mom's split pea soup and my Oma's German Potato

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    Thank you, classy! *kiss2*

    Soup is a nice step up from jello, scrambled eggs, and juicy fruit (holiday grapes, canned pears). Cottonmouth continues to be an issue (although not as bad) and I'm very happy to be eating new stuff!

    I've never heard of German Potato soup. Must google!

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    The fatigue is the slowest part to leave your body. Be gentle on yourself. Sleep, sleep, and more sleep. Your body repairs while you rest. I am months in and fatigue is still there somewhat. Luckily my boss adjusted my schedule . If you cant do FT at work get it adjusted. Health first Aniki.

    Soups are my BFF during all of this. Easy on the tummy and healthy.

    Blessings to a stronger Aniki.

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    Thank you, Stepdrama! It's not easy to have patience with my slower/clumsier/sleepier self when I'm so used to charging through life! Trying to be patient, but struggling today. *give_rose*

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    it's been a roller coaster of a week.

    Hummus the hamster escaped. the whole family loves baby hum hum so much.  We ended up with her cause someone in the neighborhood found her in their garage.  She ran up to the husband and was like "Pick me up!"  She was looking bad.  She escaped from someone's home and I don't know how she survived but they have cats and so we took her.  We've had her for a year and somehow the little booger escaped.  I searched for days.  I tore up the house.  Everyone was so upset.  I got home at 5 am from work and I jsut started calling for her and she came out of DD12's room into the hall to me.  So yay!  Hummus is found.

    DD16 is doing the lights and sound for Oliver at our Community playhouse and her car wouldn't start when it got out late at night.  My AC /Furnance I just bought for $6000 wasn't working and our other pet is a hedgehog.  They have to be in 72 degrees and nothing colder or they can hibernate and die.  The roof started leaking.  DD16 went to the dentist and they said it's $1000 for her TMJ device and they wanted $500 right then and there.  I was just really overwhelmed this week with all of that.  but one by one everything is looking better.

    The car was just a dead battery from the dome light left on and just needed a jump start.

    The furnance was a mud dobber nest on a contact.  So that was only $150 repair.

    I ended up with an overtime shift today that will pay for the TMJ device.

    I'm having estimates for the new roof  now so that's still on my plate.  And Hummus is back!  So everything seems less so insurmountable as the day progresses   

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    NWCH, wow! That IS a roller coaster of a week! Reading all of that makes me want a Mental Margarita.

    Hummus is back - hurrah!!! *yahoo*

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    took me a few months to get over the being bone crushing tired all the time.  I'm glad your work was understanding..mine we dicks and I actually worked through COVID.  Nothing like having a delirous person working on your uber important supply chain database..but hey ok.

    I get the maintenance worker thing...had the same thing next door only add in 3 dogs barking everytime single time.


    Its turned colder here I'm craving cheezy potato soup.  With warm french bread.

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    Halo, a friend of mine recently told me the same thing - took him 4-5 months to get over being constantly exhausted. Ugh. 

    Were they little, yappy dogs? I don't mind big, woofing dogs.

    Mmmmm....warm bread. 

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    They are 80 pound boxers.....but one has the most high pitched bark. He could wake the dead with it I swear.

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    To fibroids.  Have a doctor's appointment today.  I may need to consider surgical options at this point as the IUD ain't really solving things.

    Chicken Noodle soup makes anything feel better to me.  But if I want a kick than some Thai Tom Yum soup.  Mmmmm.  

    Aniki - just keep takin' it slow.  And don't let King Pita ruffle your feathers Smile

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    Sorryto hear about the fibroids, caninelover. Hope everything turns out a-okay.

    Is Thai Tom Yum soup spicy? 

    I basically said, "KP, you're such an asshat." To myself! And rolled my eyes. He's like a fly or mosquito. 

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    Not burn your mouth off spicy but a nice balance of flavors Smile

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    Eff off to mourning a kitty cat.  It was just yesterday and I'm so sad.  Been through this before but I hate it. I think I have to get rid of the coffee mug I'm using because I bought it due to her (she and I were super close) and it's making me sad to just look at the mug.

    I need soup. Like, food doesn't sound good. I love the chicken Tinola soup (phillipinne garlic/ginger and rice). It's soul satisfying. I'll see if DH can go to store for me today and get the stuff for it.

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    Cover, I'm so sorry. {{{HUGS}}}  Maybe you should put that mug in the back of a cabinet for now. I would hate for you to regret getting rid of it in the future. 

    That soup sounds delicious. LOOKS delicious, too. Must look for green papaya in my area. 

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    I agree with putting it away for awhile. I lost my baby in February and I couldn't bear looking at her things. I donated most but her pretty ceramic food bowls were something I wasn't sure I would have regretted donating. I packed them away and just now planted a small plant in it. I'm glad I kept them. I haven't really gotten over her death just some  days are better (it's been 10 months) but I am glad I kept them.

    Again, I'm so sorry for your loss!

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    you guys are right.  I'll just put it away for a bit.

    My boy kitty is a little sad today too, unexpectedly quiet and hanging out by himself. He's been getting lots of pets.

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    DH is going to get the things for us today plus a copule other things. I shouldn't have to go to store until Sunday.

    I am not asking him to pick a papaya so I'll forgo that - but he's going to get a BIG bok choy and I'll use that whoe sucker in the soup. I need greens.

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    I was able to eat a small salad last night and am sooooooo happy. It's been over a month since I've had one. *shok*

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    Aw, Cover, Sweetie,

    Been thinking about you and wishing that I could give you a big old hug. And for heaven's sake, brew yourself up a gallon of that soup; whatever it takes to ease the pain. ❤️

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    I'm working on a stupid project.  The external consultants keep insisting on a certain data set.  Its not intellectually challenging to produce but it takes forever and is really manual.  Bye bye Saturday.

    I love a good soup.  At the moment in my house it is all about pumpkins and squash.  But Aniki, get Mr Aniki to cube the damn things.  They taste delicious but I hate preparing them.  

    If you are starting to be able to move on from soups to solids, what about a lovely risotto?  I find making risotto really relaxing.

    • Sweat down an onion and garlic in olive oil
    • Add arborio rice to the pan and cook for 1 or 2 minute to get all the rice covered in the oil
    • Add half glass of dry white wine and cook off while stirring the rice
    • Slowly add a ladle at a time really good chicken stock.  Cook each ladle off before adding the next.  Gently stirring all the time
    • When the rice is nearly cooked you can add meat/fish and/or veg.  My favorite is leftover roast chicken and green peas but you could add roast pumkin or a million other things
    • When the rice is cooked, add few cubes of butter and as much parmesan as you like.  Stir it in to the rice.  Then cover and leave it for 2 minutes (I struggle to do this part)
    • Serve

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    Thanks for the recipe, TASM! I'm not up to spending that much time standing at the stove, but am saving this recipe for when I can. *kiss2*