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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! Anyone out there braving the craziness of Black Friday shopping? ~shudder~ I loathe shopping (bookstore is the exception) and planned accordingly. I'll only need to hit the grocery store until 2024! Biggrin

Eff off to:

  • Coworkers who get their knickers in a raging twist when their mistakes are pointed out. Sorry, BraceFace, but your boss asked me to investigate the issue. I gave her the results based on the available data - part of which includes you contacting The Specialist for assistance. Did I say you fubar'd? NO. I merely supplied the necessary data and who can correct the problem. Had you followed the example given to you last month, there'd be no issue. Admit you made a mistake, make a note for the next time this task occurs, and move on. Whining is such an unattractive quality in adults.
  • BioHo. No, Mr Aniki will most certainly NOT contact SD27 for you. Whatever you did to hack her off is your problem. Congratulations, though, 'ho. You're now estranged from 3 of your 5 children and have a shaky relationship with SS21. As my DH once said, "you're a mother, alright."


Forn Friday 

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. For those who celebrated Thanksgiving, what is your favorite dish? While I enjoy the turkey (we rarely eat it any other time of year), I have a particular fondness for Cranberry Relish. That sharp tartness makes my tastebuds sing with delight. *yahoo*


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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I used to hit the stores when I was dropshipping because I could get "door buster" type sales then re-sell it on AMZ

When I was brave enough to battle the masses I discovered that miraculously Walmart uses EVERY single cash register (every other day they could give two f*cks and only keep 2 registers open) 

Also miraculously is how the security this city claims to not have which makes it a dangerous place is all of a sudden en force to make sure no violent Karens destroy the experience for others. 

Im beyond relieved these obnoxious skids are with their mother. 

And now I intoxicate myself with the best Turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce 

BTW I hate when people literally dump the cranberry out of the can then just slice it up. Like bruh you cooked the hell out of all this food but went very low effort on the cranberry sauce. 

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Our local Walmart has one register for a cashier. All of the others are self-checkout. Not a fan! *beee*  I can't begin to imagine the craziness.

We both like the canned cranberry sauce - and it'll do in a pinch - but homemade is the best!

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I was poooooped yesterday from prepping our delicious dinner and dessert. Two or more days of planning. DH helped, but it was mostly me. But man, I needed a DAY.

Today I feel rested, going for a walk in the SUN, reading my book I forgot about, and having left overs (cioppino ) for dinner. I may have wine tonight as last night I just was too tired to enjoy it. Today is my own Thanksgiving and eff off day!

If we were having traditional dinner, homemade gravy. Hands down.

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CLove, I want to make cioppino one day, but it contains things DH refuses to eat. I may have to settle for a "loaded seafood stew". 

It was great staying home in comfy clothes and slippers and watching a ton of movies. DH called all of the kids and his mother, then we settled down to enjoy ourselves. DH has already said he wants to do this again next year.

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I don't use squid or octopus, mussels yes. You can use what seafood you like. We leaded up with wonderful fresh cod, shrimp, prawns, clams and mussels and topped off the served bowls with crab. Yum!

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I would make a smaller version (for 2) with shrimp, clams, and Lake Superior whitefish. *biggrin* 

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Hey Ani,

During one of our family Christmas dinners, my daughter asked what two dishes each of us would choose if two was the limit. For me, it would be stuffing and gravy. My sainted Nana, a professional chef, made a turkey gravy to die for and she showed me how it's done. Figures that the items with the most calories would be my faves!

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Granny, the fattening things usually do! The only thing I missed with our prepared dinner was stuffing. DH doesn't like it and I didn't 1) need it or 2) want to pay for another side dish.

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Bite your tongue, Ani; need does not factor into it! Shok

Thanksgiving is the time to throw one's diet to the winds and pig right out. Christmas/Thanksgiving dinners would be bland and boring without the stuffing!

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Granny, if you'd seen all of the Reddiwhip on my pumpkin pie, you'd know I pigged! *biggrin*

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Yes! My uncle's wife taught me her gravy and secrets to it and it's to die for. I did NOT like gravy until she made it and I ate it!

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My dear Mom made the best brown gravy. It was always silky and smooth. She always added a bit of butter. Simply divine!   *yahoo*

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I spent 6yrs of my life in Malls.  My restaurants were only closed two days a year. TG and Christmas day.  Black Friday was a particular experience of hell.  During those years I did all of my Holiday shopping late on Christmas Eve when the Mall where my fagship store was located was open until 11PM. 

I do not plan on ever diving into Black Friday again.  The very thought makes me shudder.

F-0ff: To BIL1's Bovine Bride.  She is such a shit show it is beyond words. She managed to resurface her historic toxic bullshit after many hears of keeping it mostly subdued. She pissed off my DW and in large part ruined the holiday for DW.

F0rn: My favorite this year is my incredible bride's Curried Cranberries. To die for as usual. She does a low carb version. They are amazing.  This year she substituted diced Dates in lieu of golden raisins.  Decadent stuff.  The cranberries are fresh and as they cook in the oven the whole house smells like heaven.

The hands down most popular dish yesterday was DW's Almond Flour Cheddar Bay Biscuits.  They are a low carb version of Red Lobster's Cheddar Biscuits.  DW modified then using Jalapeno Cream Cheese in lieu of plain.  These things are like crack in a bread basket.  She made 4 dozen, they all were eaten. There were 15 people at the TG feast yesterday.

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I worked one Black Friday when I was a teenager. Once was enough!

I'd forgotten about those curried cranberries, Rags. Must dig up the recipe!

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Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving holiday.

Not being in the USA, we don't celebrate it but I did have a roast chicken dinner yesterday.  Chicken stuffed with lemon and roasted on a bed of potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, red onions and garlic.

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The sandwich I made out of the leftovers was even better - roast chicken and veg in baguette with mayo and some gravy for dipping on the side.  *drinks*