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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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Friday at last. I'm ready for the weekend!

Eff off to:

  • Funerals. My brother's FIL passed away. It's not easy being sympathetic about someone who was not a nice person. I spent 1.5 hours murmuring the expected "sorry for your loss" and "you're right; he's in a better place", blah blah blah. I need some hot honey & lemon for my throat and ibuprofen for this pounding headache. I would very much appreciate NO funerals for a few years. Four in 6 months is too many.
  • People who think that anyone who is not spontaneous is rude. Um.... why isn't it rude to ask someone to do something last minute? Some feel like they're merely an afterthought or last resort.


Forn Friday

It's cold and my throat is irritated from talking. Soup sounds like the thing to eat. Some tasty French onion with money gooey Swiss cheese will fill the bill. What soup sounds good to you today?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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to my best friends BF.  She is slowly trying to get out of there safely, but he is making it so hard.

MMM I could go for a big bowl of lobster bisque with the swirl of sherry on top.

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I had the most amazing lobster bisque in Florida. I believe the restaurant was on Long Key, but the name escapes me.

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Oh wow 4 in 6 months? That is not fun at all.. sorry to hear this one was also not a good one to attend. 
Eff off to this crazy weather here. 2 days of rain wind and cold and it's still supposed to be a hot summer for us. La Niña year we have been having has been awful and caused so many floods. All our rivers are flooded and pouring dirty brown water out to the ocean killing fish on our shores. I've never seen anything like it before. It's crazy so Eff off to that.

Mm soup, definitely keen to get onto the vegan vege soups again. We use gluten free/vegan vegetable stock and blend up leeks, butternut pumpkin, celery, sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli (any veg in our fridge) and it always tastes absolutely delicious. Toast some bread (I have GF) with plant based butter and it's amazing and nice and filling. 


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Eff off to dark winter days. Hello to spring.

Eff off to porch pirates, car thieves, and vandals. Have you never had something you worked really hard for? Wouldn't you be annoyed if someone spray painted their name on it? Come on. Why is this so rampant nowadays?

I used to make great sourdough bread from scratch. Ever since I moved, I can't keep the sourdough alive and it won't rise. I tried bottled water, and it still died. Anyone know why?


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I feed mine weekly, culling it a bit before I do. I also leave it out for about one day a week and don't cover it tightly in the fridge.

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Thieves and vandals suck rocks! My friend, WarMachine13, told me about 150 cars were stolen in 1 week in his work city. Insane!

I know absolutely nothing about sourdough. Sad

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To people that don't do their job, making it impossible for me to do mine. Grr. Finish tour sh!t and quit slacking!

Beef and barley with lotsssss of mushrooms. 

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I hear you on that, SteppedOut!

Mmmmmm.... shrooms. *yahoo*

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As usual I'm late.  Can't think of anything new to eff off today.


Chicken noodle soup with home made stock.  Made some for lunch this week.  Yum and so comforting with garlic and ginger.

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Eff off yesterday to the start of a UTI. Of course on. Friday as usual. Haven't had one for years. I promptly went and got cranberry pills and juice, the super concentrated 100% cranberry juice...forgot how tart it is. Drank a bunch of it and this morning I'm much better. Took more pills and will have another big glass of juice before I leave the house today.

Soup! I had soup last night when out with friends. It was supposed to be a smoked chicken with great northern beans and carrots and collard greens.

It came and we were checking the menu because it was a teensy bit of smoked chicken, a couple beans, a lot of mushrooms and collard greens. No carrots. A totally different soup. It was very good though although disappointed. We should have said something but we both ate all of it so there's that. LoL.

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Cover, I hope the cranberry helped!

Do you think it could've been the bottom of the pot??

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Eff0ff Friday: ... a day late, as usual.

Eff0ff to numb nut Sr. leaders who would not know best practice if it bit them in the ass. So... their idiocy bites everyone else in the ass and we have to jump through our own asses backwards due to their willful ignorant idiocy.  Grrrrrrr!  My client company just eleminated the top two Sr. Exec positions for Eng, Mtc & Rel.  Now the entire function reports to Ops which is like putting an alcoholic in charge of prohabition law enforcement. smh

F0rn:  Crappy lunch at a golf club house grill today after a beautiful drive N.  Nasty.  Frozen wings and frozen stuffed jalapeno .  Both freezer burned . So bad and dry they even ruined the chef salads we had.  But, the drive was spectacular and the sunset was one of the best we have ever seen.  There is nothing like desert sunsets with my incredible bride. Her sparkle is starting to show a bit again.

Have a great weekend STalker-verse.

I forgot about the soup.  Turkey Tortelini soup.  It is amazing.  Diced turkey, cheese tortelinin, Bochoy, turkey broth, .... yummm  

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Rags, I make Chicken Tortellini Soup, but with spinach. 

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Enjoying a sunny-after-more-rain NorCal weekend, love the thought of yummy homemade soup! I've been getting prepared keto meals delivered for over a year & they're awesome, but I love soup too and am inspired to use my Instapot to make some...