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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last! *yahoo* I am soooo ready for the weekend and NO set schedule. 

Eff off to:

  • Farking Covid Fatigue. Every day this week, I've used my lunchtime to take a much-needed 25 minute nap. And a 30-120 minute nap at the end of the workday. I'm in bed by 8-9pm. Ugh. I know it sounds crazy, but I miss my old nemesis, Insomnia! *crazy*
  • People who schedule vacation without telling you....when you are their backup. Thanks for the heads up, Mumbles, ya big poopie head. 
  • Work chaos. There have been soooooo many changes - with no announcements. Are we supposed to divine this stuff via osmosis? Nothing like having a VIP meeting requiring key personnel and one of those keys declines 5 minutes beforehand. Because this has been delayed over and over, we stumble through. And find out the next day - by accident - that the declining VIP declined because someone else is now in that position. *dash1*
  • BioHo being a sh*t disturber. That's for another blog. 


Wishing you a healthy, stress-free, and enjoyable weekend!! *give_rose*


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Sounds like you are slowly getting better, so that's good.

Eff off to the vaccines.  I was warned by my vaccine doctor that since I'd had the flu vaccine 2 days prior to my scheduled booster that the side effects would be unpleasant.  They offered to reschedule but I decided to take the risk since they said it wouldn't be worse than 24 hours of flu like symptoms.  Completely my fault but I woke last night feeling rubbish and have been feeling rotten all day.  Moral of the story, listen to what you are told.  I know from many previous experiences with the flue vaccines that this will be gone by tonight so it's not the worst thing ever.

Eff off to work.  'nuff said.

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To Bratty McBratFace and her stupid vegan brunch on Sunday.  I did tell SO I would go but reminded him I was going to support him only and not because I suddently want to be Bratty's BFF again.  SO did say he would take me out to a nice seafood restaurant near us for dinner as a thank you :)  Then of course Bratty has to text to ask if we can meet earlier instead of the agreed time because she has such a long drive back.  Um, no, and your drive is 6 hours so a 10 am brunch should leave you plenty of time.  And we have a one hour drivet to pretentious vegan cafe Bratty selected and I had already warned SO I wasn't getting up super early for this.  So that was a hard no.  Again with changing plans last minute - Bratty is so annoying.

Eff off to work people.  I already announced that I'm early retiring at the end of the year, so my boss has been recruiting for my replacement.  She asked if I would do the initial screening interviews (a little odd to interview your own replacement but she trusts my judgement and I had no problem with it) and we sent 3 finalists on for further interviews with our team.  They keep calling me witih their 'feedback'.  Um, I'm not the hiring manager - I did the initial screening interview LOL.  Please send the feedback to my boss and leave me alone.

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Oh, happy joy. Sending you stay-strong and cool vibes, caninelover!

  • Give yourself time to do your "effortlessly stunning look"
  • Wear an outfit that makes you feel GOOD
  • Be polite, pleasant, and socially distant.
  • Don't give away any personal info; rather, draw out the GFF. 

You've got this, hon! *pleasantry*

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Thanks Aniki and that's the plan!!!  I will be looking forward to my nice seafood dinner reward that night!

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Co workers who do not appreciate the back up, covering up for them, THEN blaming you for the major mishap. F THEM ALL LOL

Luckily I have a boss who knows who  actually cares if we return a profit. Like hello idiots your bonus reflects your input. 

Aniki embrace the sleep. Your body needs it.  Have a restful blessed weekend.

Awaiting the bioho blog  Smile


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Stepdrama, that co-worker caca is definitely a big eff off! What a bunch of hooey. 

I know it does, but I feel... out of step, defective, slow... Doing my best to listen to my body, trying to NOT resent a lot more time is needed to get back to 100%, and trying to not let it get to me that things will simply have to wait. I have very little patience with myself. This is certainly a "teaching" moment in time!

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Oh gosh.  The idea of a good seafood restaurant has me salivating like an old blood hound.

I just found my Eff Off for this Friday...

Ef Off to NOT having a good seafood restaurant closer to home!  I might have to put some fish sticks in the oven tonight to make do.  Eff Off to Frozen Food.  It's just not a good replacement when you're craving the fresh stuff! lol

One day at a time, dear Aniki.  Take good car of yourself. You deserve good things....

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Hey, Birchclimber, eff off to my favorite fish stand being closed until Summer! *lol*

I have to say that I could reeeeally go for some King crab legs!

Thank you, darlin'. So do you. *give_rose*

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Eff off To:

* Cancelled transit connection this morning. I was going in a little later than normal and this was the last 'normal' connection. So I had to SCRAMBLE to get the first alternate connection. Zoiks!  It's going to mess up my commute home too.

* Covid vaccine ain't nothing compared to the Shingles vaccine. I'm getting my 2nd Shingles vax this afternoon and am dreading it. The reaction to the first one wasn't good and the doc said this one might be worse. GREAT.

* Co-worker who doesn't want to do something and keeps asking me about the status....for the third time...I emailed her and told her how to do it.  I cannot do it.  I don't have access to her authority in the system.  I suspect we'll have to do a video call and I'll have to walk her through it.

I'm just hoping I feel good enough today after the vax to have a quiet dinner and a glass of vino by myself before DH gets home.

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Ugh, Cover. Fingers crossed your #2 shingles vax amounts to a whole lotta nuttin' and you feel fine. 

That co-worker... *dash1*

Name that vino! I have to live vicariously through others since I'm not up to drinking alco-bevs and can only dream...

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HAHA.  I don't know which vino I'll have yet.  I've got a bunch in storage so I'll have to figure out what I'm having for dinner first! 


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Eff off to performance anxiety.

Several years ago I started piano lessons again. I took lessons as a kid, and while I wasn't a great talent, I could move my fingers around ok. My parents wanted me to continue, so of course I didn't. Kids are so stupid. Anyway, there is a recital tomorrow, and I am playing a four-hand piece with my teacher. Don't have to have it memorized or anything. So just about as safe a musical space as there is. And I'm a nervous wreck.

I'd rather do a presentation to a thousand people on a topic in my profession than play this 3-minute piece. So why did I agree to do this, knowing I'd feel this way? Personal goal to get a frickin' grip, that's why.

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Oh Merry!  That is fantastic...and I'm so envious of your talent...and you will do great!  Eff that performance anxiety.  Take a deep breath before going out on stage and enjoy those three minutes with everything in your being.  Be present in your body and put yourself in the zone.  You've got this!!!  

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Car repairs!!! And to both cars breaking down at the same time! The one for the 3rd weekend in a row. So it's another Saturday in the garage trying to figure out what part to order now.

Oh, and we got the last lawyer bill for $2000.00 too. It's an expensive month.   
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