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OT - Eff Off Friday

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My apologies for being so late today. It's been a doozy.

Eff off to:

  • Trolls
  • Those who like to continue piling on the negativity when someone asking for help/advice is already hurting.
  • People who feel the need to One Up you at every turn. Something good happens to you? Hey, them, too! Only better. Something bad happens? Hey, them, too. Only worse.
  • If you cannot be at least a little sympathetic and offer constructive advice, try one of these: "That sucks." or "I'm sorry to hear that." or "Wish I had good advice." Even a hug or "there, there" is hella better than kicking someone whose down.

Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend. Please be kind. <3


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*Eff off to having to work on my day off, because there's a huuuuuuge budget thingy I had to have done for next week. Couldn't ignore it. But I got it done now I'm doing my own thing.

I don't have any more effs rather than having an extra couch in my living one delivered (yay) prior one (which I love but it's not working for us any longer - DH just needs a modern couch and I gave up - at least I can get some $$ out of the older one, it's 1960s and it's going on consigment).


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I love old furniture and have an old TV stand I want to refinish as a cabinet. 

Cover, would you like to join me for a glass of wine? *drinks*

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Oh I have an old sewing cabinet that's my stereo cabinet and my coffee table (went with old couch) is our t v stand and it's not going anywhere. Plus other awesome pieces.

Unless we bail and move to France in three years..

Aniki we could drink a LOT of wine.


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I'd love to see that cabinet. I call dibs if you move to France!

We'd make bottle recyclers soooooooo happy. Biggrin

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Wow.  I have nothing to eff off to this week.  It was quiet at work due to many people engaged in a conference that thankfully didn't involve me.

TGIF Smile

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I need to see my doctor again.  I'm having an allergic reaction to something that is causing my lips to swell up (think bad lip filler job).  I'm so sick of all the facial allergic reactions I've developed over the last 2 years.  I'm pretty sure its an allergy because an over the counter antihistime helps.

Eff off to work.  I'm working today and its Saturday.

But on the upside I went out for the most amazing lunch with DH on Thursday so that's something to be happy about.


I did manage to get to see the dentist and hygeniest to make sure it wasn't a dental/gum issue.

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Eff off to the massive stroke that nearly carried off a dear friend. It happened in July but his wife was only able to crack his email and find the email addresses of his friends to let us know this week. Sending him all my positive vibes for his convalescence and to her for coping with it all.

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That is so sad.  Another reminder to leave your passwords some place a trusted person can find them. 

(Colleague of mind died suddenly and his wife couldn't access any of the banking data as she didn't know and couldn't crack the pass codes.  Plus she had always left everything financial up to him so didn't even know where to start looking.  Terrifying)

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That is an excellent reminder. It's not the kind of thing that many of us would think of. I'm going to start looking into all the important documents that I know are here ... somewhere but that I'd never know where to find in an emergency.

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Yes! Keep passwords somewhere! They say never to write them down but.....a coworker of mine passed away suddenly and her family had a very hard time with her electronic/online accounts as no one knew her passwords.

I keep a little blue book of them in a safe place. Only DH knows where it is.

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I'm sorry about your dear friend, Winterglow. Prayers for him and his wife.

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We'll have to get you a bigger troll hammer.  Thanks for all your hard work