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Falling apart, its going to be a long week

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she is like being around a 4 yr old with out manners or respect for me or mine. this in detail would be my grandchildren, my stuff. why is it she skid 11 gets to take brake or just in general destroy stuff I work so hard on ? dating from 2011. Married from 2012......ongoing

slowing falling apart. not sure I want to be here any more. Just hate my life when she is here.stealing, lieing, and making noise like happy squeaks my husband her father says is so cute for an 11 year old girl who just stopped sucking her fingers and carry around a blanket a couple of months ago. then went to rubbing herself in the middle of my living room where my son who is now 13 could walk in and see. this one reason I try to make sure he is gone when she is here.

I have tried and tried with this child, I understand there is something really off here but no one will tell me what, ( hard to deal with this as normal ) they are keep saying its normal. normal is not one of which is listed on medication listed for depression, anger management, or retardation. but that is normal to. I have help raise 8 children and nieces and nephews loved to stay with me. but some of them aren't even my blood yet I can deal.
it makes me sick to think I am losing my marriage to normal. if something beyond depression is going on then I am being lied to. if someone could just tell me what is wrong so I can learn to deal with it. I just feel like that would help so much. but no one either wants to hear me, or they just refuse to tell me, or they really don't know them selves. and they do not want to push to find out what it really is. trust me I have tried to get her dad to take her for a evaluation with his own Dr. but he don't want to think there is anything wrong. :jawdrop:

so I really don't know what to do at this point locked in my son's room with my two dogs for the summer is getting old fast.

I am not your mother, babysitter, free taxi cab, or your paid maid, I do not have to be your friend.