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When SS's deceipt backfires on him

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Took me some time to even come up with a title for this blog, just thinking about the whole situation makes me LMAO but that's not a sufficient title lol.

Some backstory...on the side of our house, was a Mazda 626, just rotting away really. DH had tried to sell it a couple times before he and I got together, but the people didn't keep up on payments so he repo'd it both times. DH already had a primary car, so had no need to drive the Mazda. After he repo'd it the 2nd time, it was just parked on the side of the house. When we moved, it moved with us from the side of the old house, to the side of the new house. Our husky loved it, it was his own personal perch to sit on and see the neighborhood.

The car wasn't really nice but wasn't super terrible either. The inside was a little ripped up but not too bad. Crappy stock stereo, exterior paint peeling a little but not too bad. DH had always told both skids that whoever got their license first could have it. Both skids acted like their dad had just offered to buy them a car from the junk yard, turned their nose up at it. SD23 even said at the time that she wouldn't drive it unless DH had it painted. Nope, we weren't putting any money in to it except to make sure it was running.

Right before Christmas, SS21 told DH that he got his license and asked if he could have the car. DH said sure, all it needs is gas and...something else I can't remember (not my car, not my deal, I didn't care to pay attention), come get it.

SS comes over with a friend and friend's dad and the dad looks like the car over. There's a lot of whispers and back and forth glances. This seems weird to me but again...not my car, not my deal. I think I mentioned this in a previous blog but I asked SS to see his license when he was over for Christmas dinner. Surprisingly, he doesn't have it in his wallet. "Must be at home on my dresser". Riiiiiight. Nevermind the fact that even if SS did get his license, the car is a stick shift which SS does not know how to drive. I tell my sister that I think SS sold the car to his friend for cold hard cash, or for whatever SS needed at the time.

While we were gone to my hometown to see my family for Christmas, SS had someone come over to tow the car to where he and friend live. The other day, SS was texting DH whining that they've already dumped $550 in to the car and it's still not running.

I can guarantee SS doesn't have $550 extra just laying around to dump in to the car, money has to be coming out of someone else's pockets. If I were that someone else, promised a car for cheap that "wouldn't take much to get it running" and then $550 later, it's still not running...oh I'd be pissed!

SS of course never thanked DH for giving him the car and now is not happy with dear old dad for minimizing the work that needed done on the car. I'm just sitting back laughing my ass off, that his little scam backfired on him!


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I'm not sure what year it is, I'd have to ask DH when I get home. I don't know much about it except that it was taking up space on the side of our house and I honestly never thought it would leave. So glad to see the eyesore gone!

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"H should know all this" LOL, DH is too trusting and only wants to think the best of poor widdle SS!

Yes on the bill of sale and DH did sign the title over to SS, in SS's name. Has SS filed that with the DMV? Probably not! DH hasn't mailed the release of liability form that was attached to the bill of sale either.

We didn't have insurance on it, I don't know if SS does or not. I suggested to DH that he take the plates off it...but he doesn't listen to me, and nope, didn't take the plates off before they took it.

He thinks because he signed the bill of sale, that removes all liability if anything happens after it left our property. SMH

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Guess what I wrote a $2 check for and mailed today? If you said "release of liability form", you are correct.

DH was pissy with me last night, saying SS already transferred title and registration, "why waste $2?". For my peace of mind DH. And because I'm a bitch, I put December 28 as the Date Delivered on the form, so if SS hasn't transferred it yet, he has 30 days from that date or has to pay a fine. *grin*