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Started out good now is so down hill.

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First off.....My SS14 said in front of everyone that the HB side of the family is nothing but druggies and trash. Not true whatsoever. I was livid. I wanted to snap back and say are you sure your talking about the right side of your family or are you just trying to piss me off. I so wanted to punch him in the mouth. He got mad at me cause I took away his IPhone his BM bought him just for the ipod part of it.(it has no service) He is grounded for poor grades and It's not fair for him to have his electronics if no one else can either. BM got her income tax and gave the skids their Christmas/birthday gifts all in one. About $100 ea. Whoo hoo!! I spent that signing them up for baseball and softball. But skids don't think about those things. Plus he got mad cause my BS10 made basketball all-stars and SD12 didn't(at the time) SD12 did make all-stars(I got a call later from the coach) Arrrrggghhh!!! Next I have a personal issue.....I'm in my early 30's and just today my biofather tracked me down and called me. I am in total shock and have no idea what to do. I have a great daddy and would never take that from him or allow anyone else either. He wants to meet me and my family. What to do? HELP!!!!


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So the HB side of the family is your side and ss said they're trash because you took his iPhone away because he has bad grades? And is someone still mad about all-stars?

Were you adopted or did your bio dad leave when you were little?

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I would have had a serious conversation with the kid about his comments

On the biodad thing - if your adopted or not and he's just wanting to come into the picture now - it's totally up to you. I'm adopted and I located my birthmother. We've met and see each other maybe every other year and talk every few months but it's all up to me on how much contact I want. I firmly believe that it's the adoptee's choice if they want to have a relationship with their biological parents. Make sure that you are comfortable with sharing your life with your biofather. You may also want to just ask him exactly what it is he's looking for in terms of a relationship and make sure you're ok with that. Take it slow and it may grow into something or it may not but don't beat yourself up over it. Don't introduce him to your family yet - not until you're comfortable if ever. My biological mother has never met my family except for my DH & DS. Those 2 parts of my life - my family and my biological family will never mingle.