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It's TAX SEASON: Who are you claiming?

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So I don't know if anyone remembers this, but I posted last summer about my SD17 (now 18) moving out. I delete my blogs after a few weeks so unfortunately there is no going back to that entry. Anyway, she left our home the first week of August 2014. If you do remember, we had a falling out because of her flat out disrespectful behavior towards me (calling me Piggy and so on). We had a HUGE falling out and instead of trying to work on a resolving issues, her solution was to move with her grandmother in another state (of her own choice, not ours). But I also wasn't going to beg her to stay after all the shit I've been through with her.

Fast forward to tax season: My H brought up the subject of our taxes a few weeks ago. He says, "I wonder if we should claim SDnow18". I said "why would you wonder that? Of course we are claiming, she lived here for over half the year". DH explained to me that he knew that WE COULD claim her but had a strong suspicion that SD18 and her GM would try and claim her (even though they shouldn't). DH then said that he would text her and find out what they were going to do. DH has always dealt with BS from BM and her mother (GM) during tax time. It has ALWAYS been an issue. BM has always been very sneaky when it came to getting money in return, even when she is not entitled to claim. Also, her and her mother have always worked together to try and screw DH out of any kind of money they thought they were entitled too.

Here is what that conversation looked like:

DH: has your GM said she would claim you?
SD: yes, she's claiming me
DH: she cannot legally claim you, you were here with us for over 6 months out of the year. We can prove it.
SD: I left in June. That's 6 months and plus, I need that money.
DH: What do you need that money for?
SD: For my bills, graduation and stuff. And I left in like July, that's the other 6 months.
No response from DH after that.

After he told me about her response, I told him "That is a lie. She left in August". He says "Well I know it's her GM and probably BM putting this in her ear that she can get money back. You know she doesn't know anything about taxes". In my head, of course she knows about taxes. When I was 18 I knew about taxes, it's not that difficult to understand: you file, and then you might get something back.

Obviously this is the long story short. I won't even begin to explain the argument we had over it. But anyway, has anyone ever experienced something similar? Do you know how the IRS handles submissions with identical SSN's? My return will probably be delayed once it is submitted.

This won't stay up long. But ugh, frustrating.


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By court order, i claim bd and exh claims bs. We share custody 50/50.
In August bs moved in with me and i filed papers with lawyer. At that time bd decided to be mad at me an bs and stopped coming over.
We are still going to court over bs, but im claiming bd. One, because the court order is still effective and two because she didnt move out until august.

I wouldnt put it past my exh to try to claim both. So i explain everything to my tax person. She said i have to pretty much beat him to the punch that the irs doesnt care what the court order says. If he beats me to the rax claim of bd, i have to prove i supported her for over half the year.

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Wow, so how would you prove your support? Sounds like exH might do it just to get under your skin. Edit to add: have you already filed and possibly beat him to it?

For me, I can show school enrollment all the way until June and I always have discharge paperwork from her last Dr. appointment at the end of July. I think I can use that. I am just really hoping that she doesn't try to do something she knows that she shouldn't do, because if our relationship was ruined then- it'll be even worse after this. To be honest, I think GM and BM are rubbing off on SD. She is her mother.

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2 yrs ago the computer kept kicking MSDs SSN out. The accountant said that meant someone had already claimed her. DH still hasn't found out who. He thinks he knows for sure, I told him instead of just being mad about it,ap all it takes is a phone call to do something.

We had a situation similar to your a couple of years ago with SD when she was 17. She wanted to live with paternal gma so DH finally let her. Tax time rolled around, SD had been there about 2 months. She told her gma her dad was claiming her, of course gma was pissed but she wanted SD there so badly in the beginning. SD moved back home shortly after that because the grass was not greener on the other side.