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What can you buy on OnlyFans?

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Sorry to be a blog hog today but I was thinking of how when Little Idiot (SDalmost23) and Goofy visited over Christmas I saw a notification pop up on her phone that said her purchase on OnlyFans was denied. It was for $17.something (didn't catch the change amount). What could she possibly be purchasing on that site?

I mean obviously "content" but she doesn't seem the type to be buying that....


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I truly don't know anything about how that platform works, but on IG and Facebook you can pay to promote your own business or posts. So it's possible that if she's making content, she's paying to boost it?

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From what I'm reading (unless I'm wrong) OF does not promote content, only 3rd parties do that. This was a purchase directly from OF. 

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Fees to promote yourself does make sense... I know we do that for my company on Facebook and $10-20 is a typical price point for us.

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She's either buying promotions or following another creators content. 

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I thought maybe it was a gift for Goofy since it was billed from OnlyFans and I'm pretty sure only 3rd parties can promote? Could be wrong though. 

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She is subscribed to other creators on OF and her card declined during an automated transaction


These ppl dont just produce content but also follow others and pay subscriptions either to see and replicate what is on the market/trending or simply for viewing pleasure (sorry if TMI)