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Tips on living your best life, courtesy of LI

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1. When you're broke and stressed about money, wondering how you'll  pay the rent now that your bf has left you, the best thing to do is BUY A PLANE TICKET AND GO ON VACATION. 

2. When college becomes too challenging and you're on the verge of flunking out of your major, the best thing to do is TAKE A WEEK OFF FROM ATTENDING CLASSES 

3. When you have cc debt, personal loan debt, student debt, a massive car loan, rent and utilities due, the best thing to do is TAKE OFF WORK

4. When your boyfriend dumps you, the best thing to do is TAKE A BUNCH OF VACATION SELFIES TO MAKE HIM JEALOUS 

..... aaaand she's not alone, there's a new man on the scene. The sugar daddy lifestyle must not have worked out because this kid looks only a few years older than her and just as broke. (Guess you can't make Goofy jealous with an 80 year old man, no matter how much money he has.) Let's call the latest victim "Lay-Z" because he's just like Jay-Z (without the fame, fortune, talent, looks, or common sense to stay away from Little Idiot). 



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Her episodes - the gift that never stops giving.

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I'm sure it's only going to get worse in the coming year. Already the money struggles have hit. They would have eventually but Goofy leaving sped up the process. There's no way she can juggle school, working enough to pay rent in her own apartment, and all of her debts. And she just keeps digging herself into a deeper hole. I really do think she has a addiction. Any sane person would be freaking out and putting their spending on lockdown. She's also reached the end of reasonable credit. All that's left is high-interest payday loans.

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She's purposfully making a bad situation worse. Then what? A call to Daddy to help? That's what I would be fearing right about now. YIKES. I don't know how she sleeps, I'd be up at night worrying about how to pay everything. 

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Who knows? A call to Daddy would be very embarrassing for her (she hates looking less than perfect to her dad) so I'm thinking that would be the very last resort. The Skunk Ape (BM) doesn't have any money so there's no help there. If she did make a call to Daddy, I know DH would have no problem directing her to the nearest bankruptcy lawyer (of course student loans can't be discharged, but with the income-driven repayment plans, she's probably end up paying practically nothing anyway). 

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My SD61 also makes stupid, costly decisions and Daddy is her fallback.  I would be dreading the call.  I hope your DH stays strong.

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At 61 it is so shameful that she's still relying on her elderly father to bail her out. Some kids help their parents out... others just bleed them dry. 

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Let's state the facts, ICanMakeIt, we would never have put ourselves in that position in the first place! Most of us were more sensibly reared.

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The family court system has created the monster of never-say-no baby mamas and guilty daddies.  Result? Horrific non-parenting causing a permanent parasite class.

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Yes she's learned well from The Skunk Ape.

Actually I would have to say Little Idiot is WORSE than BM. BM is lazy like LI, but she at least makes an attempt to live within her means. BM will happily live in a crummy motel room, eat cheap food, and drive an old vehicle if it means she doesn't have to work much.

LI wants a nice car, her own apartment with no roommates, seafood takeout, nice clothes/shoes/beauty treatments, vacations and fun times etc without having to work for it. 

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The fact that she has a boyfriend doesn't make it fact that she's not also sugaring. I sort of went down a rabbit hole a few weeks ago by reading a Reddit site where sugar babies commiserate and exchange tips, and a lot of these girls have boyfriends. To me, the freeloading boyfriends are worse than the girls. Even though their "work" is illegal, they are still exchanging a service for pay. And based on their descriptions, some of their "work" is pretty grim. Lay-Z may be fine with this lifestyle. LI is making some bad life choices. 

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True! I know some guys are fine with their gfs OnlyFans and sugaring because they just want the $$ being brought in. I can only imagine the grim realities of sugaring. Like I said, there no Prince Charming out there that has to pay for sex, just a lot of dirty old men. 

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How old is LI?

Laz-Z.... Haha I laughed at that name too!!