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In May we decided to cancel out Netflix subscription. They started to crack down on password sharing by charging higher prices for accounts streaming in multiple households. We rarely ever watched it but I know Little Idiot did and she also shared our password with The Skunk Ape (BM)... and who knows who else down there. I'm not about to pay $20+ a month for something I don't use. 

Anyway, I signed into the account, hit the "cancel subscription" button, double-checked to see that it said our subscription was ending, and thought that would be the end of it. NOPE. Last night I look at our checking account and it's still coming out!! We've been paying for it all along. 

Now I KNOW I canceled it. So how did it resume? I go into the recent streaming activity section and wouldn't you know it... 20 different devices all streaming this summer from FLORIDA. I swear Little Idiot must have shared our account with half the state. I tell DH that I would bet my last dollar The Skunk Ape just went in and got the resume subscription button when her TV binges got cut off.

He started to defend her a bit, saying we don't know for sure it's her so I began to rattle off the shows recently watched .... Titanic.... Miss Congeniality... Clueless... 

He gets real quiet then finally says "Yeah, it's her. She loved all those movies"... 

You would think a normal person would just say "oh darn I guess the free ride is over" and let it go. Not her! The entitlement! Is not about the money so much as it is the principle. 

I went back in, canceled the subscription again, signed out of all the devices and changed the password. Hopefully this puts an end to it for good this time.


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I hope this is the end of things. Good grief, I swear, BI is soooo naive on sooo many levels. 

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Do not get this "give the BM the benefit of the doubt" crap spewing forth from these fathers!!!  So disgusting!  Chef used to do this all.the.time when the Girhippo was guilty as hell.

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I don't understand that either. I always here she is the mother of my children. Gag!!!

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Remove the payment method.  If LI does get the password again she'll need to put it in her own (probably maxed out) card.

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I tried. It says you have to enter in a new preferred payment method before deleting the old one. Currently in the only one who has the password and not planning on giving it to her for the last couple weeks we have

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Screen shot thy cancelation page; next charge, contest with the bank. That will fix NetFlix and the bumming moochers.

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Since you're  no longer using the account, is there a reason why it cannot be completely deleted?

If not - and you have to leave a payment method - can you change a couple of the numbers or the expiration date or the 3-digit security code so it fails if used?

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It's amazingly ballsy for someone to do that. Sounds exactly like something my formerSO's kids would do, and not even understand how wrong it was. 

Do you think she will text asking what happened or for the new password?

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Little Idiot might - BM never would. I would just tell her it got too expensive since they started charging more and we don't use it at all anyway.

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And your husband thought nothing about the fact that she resumed the subscription that you had cancelled?

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Well I don't think he was too surprised (he knows what she is like) but... neither of us are keen on starting any drama over $100. We haven't had anything to do with (or heard from) BM in years and I really would like to keep her out of our lives

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change your password and sign everyone out.  Once you sign everyone out, cancel the account.