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The latest disgusting thing

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Just found out that Little Idiot (SD22.5) is looking for full-time employment and claiming she has a bachelors degree (she does NOT!) on her resume. First of all she is supposed to be taking in-person classes this semester, so how is that going to work?

And, more importantly, lying on her resume? Please tell me I'm not the only person who thinks this is absolutely reprehensible! What bothers me th most is that she is taking away job opportunities from people who actually got a degree. It reeks of entitlement. Just like she has to get a brand new car she could never afford, when she wants something she has no qualms about lying and cheating to get it. Just like when she uses that website to cheat on her homework and copy the answers. 

Periodically I start to think "oh she's not so bad" and then I am reminded of why I absolutely can't stand her. 

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. She already lied about what her associates degree was in so this is just the next logical step. It's this point I wouldn't put it past her to forge a degree and transcripts. We will see if she shows up at Christmas claiming she "graduated early" and found a career already with her new bachelors degree, knowing full well DH will fall for it.


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Isn't  she trying to be a medical examiner? I would think they would check her degree - I hope! 

If she lies...she will likely never make it into that field - given most are government positions. 

Do you know what kind of jobs she is applying for? did you find out?

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Social media and a few close sources in the family where she likes to "over-share" and very little dumb mistake she makes in a daily basis. I sometimes wonder if she doesn't actually think there's anything wrong with the things she does! She has an attitude of entitlement and "everybody lies on their resume" so it's no big deal I hear. 

I doubt she is applying to medical examiner jobs because they require more than a bachelors degree typically and there aren't very many of them. 

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One of my older son's friends just got a job as a medical examiner (in Florida, none the less) and she has a Bachelors. She will be going back to school for higher degree after she works a few years (so her earning potential is better). 

If it was me and I found out someone got a job like that because they lied about qualifications, I 100% would tip off the employer. 

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She could become an assistant medical examiner with a bachelors degree but for a medical examiner, you need to go to medical school. 

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Yup. You need to be MD or DO. No way no how anyone is a medical examiner with bachelor degree. They could only be assistants 

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Probably is an assistant, but STILL - if LI is applying for and getting a job like that with her zero qualifications - someone SHOULD tip off the employer. 

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I was going to write to you privatelyabout my SD. Guess what she said at dinner Wed night? That supposedly it is going to take her 4 years to get her associates. The whole story made no sense to me. I get that the program she wants to go for (sonography now) has a sign up by date (next March) and that she has to have X amount of courses done before she can apply but I cant see how starting school just less than 2 months after every one means she has to wait until the following March to apply then wait till that Fall to start this program. And even if thats true that comes to 3 years to get her associates not 4. 

Of course I was questioning her for details becuase it made no sense and DH was glaring at me the whole time like how dare I question her! Oh and God forbid I suggested she talk to the man that is in charge of this progran and see if she can at least apply in March "in good faith" and then be assured she can start the program next Fall if she does take and pass the required classes.Of course that would involve going the extra mile....

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There are a few health related programs at our community college where that's how it works.  You have to apply by a date in the spring for admission starting in the fall, and you need to have completed prerequisite courses before you can even apply.  So if you're taking the prerequisite courses in the spring term, even though you'll have passed them a few months before the fall program starts, that's not good enough - they have to be finished before you apply.  Because some of these prerequisites can't be taken concurrently, students who don't plan ahead and start in the summer term end up taking a while to finish. These programs tend to be impacted programs where there's competitive admissions, and sonography is definitely one of them here.  My younger sister just went through this (and then changed her mind about the program!), which is how I even know.

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I get all that but she is starting classes only   A month and a 1/2 after the regular start of the school year began. So now it's going to take her 4 years to get an associates??? The math doesn't add up

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A quick Google search tell me that some colleges offer associate degrees in sonography that are about 60 credit hours/2 years of classes. 

Now Gateway Community College for example offers a degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Associate in Applied Science) but is apparently 90-103 credit hours (3+ years). According to their website:

"Students must complete the following general education and introductory courses with a 3.0 GPA to be added to the queue of those waiting for an available cohort space to begin the core curriculum."

I am not sure why this associates degree is so involved compared to others that I found, which say they can be completed in about 2 years BUT it seems to me that it's an awful long time to get an associates degree. If the field is as competitive as they say though, it might give her a advantage over other graduates if she completes the program. 



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I would hope that they would actually check, since it should be easy to do in this technological age.

Pretty stupid thing for her to do.

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And considering she still hasn't passed general chemistry 1 - She literally has zero experience in anything above high school science.

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Most places request transcripts so I highly doubt she's going to just lie and get away with it.  

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Yeah you wouldn't believe how many people pad their resume these days. Still, lying about a degree is huge. It's not like she fudged some dates or embellished her job skills. 
I am pretty sure a job like an assistant medical examiner would require transcripts and proof of a degree but then there are websites that can fake those for you as well. They would have to actually call the college and get confirmation from them that she obtained a degree. I certainly hope they would do their due diligence because letting little idiot examine anyones remains would be terrifying. She can't even pass her first college chemistry course 

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She racked up nearly $100K in school loan debt, never finished her degree, the university would not even let her register for any more courses nor would the financial aid office process any more school loans for her.  She failed more classes than she passed and never re-took one failed class.  She has no degree.

One of the last conversations that DW and I had with my FIL before he passed was about how he did not understand how my SIL still had not graduated from college.  The disappointment on his face as we outlined the truth for him was heartbreaking. Even SIL's husband asked us that same question. Both FIL and SIL's DH had a decided tone of it being our fault.  Clarity played on their faces like an IMAX movie as they gained contact with reality regarding SIL's lies, loan fraud, and the bullshit on how special SIL claimed to be.

The only reason she got into college at all was because my DW pulled some strings at her alma matter.  SIL lived with us for her first year and we paid for her school. The deal was that she lived with us, was part of  our family, provided after school oversight for SS, kept the house picked up, kept the yard watered, mowed, and trimmed.  We provided her a car. 

She graduated from HS at 17 (barely) after her Jr. year when SpermLand schools invoked a reduced credit requirement to get kids out early to save money on education costs.  She was the transition year graduating class which required my ILs to sign approval for SIL to graduate early.  My DW begged her parents not to let SIL graduate early. If there ever was a 17yo that needed an extra year of maturity that actually doing 4yrs of HS would give it is my SIL. As she was 17 my DW had her parents sign over guardianship to DW and I.  We also took the tax write off. Though my ILs got pissed about that the next tax year.

 SIL was miserable. SInce it was our dime paying for her university studies DW did not allow her to skip class, did not allow her not to do her homework, did not allow her  to turn in shit work, etc, etc, etc......  My DW and her accounting program mentor are very close and we knew exactly what SIL was and was not doing regarding her university studies.  She had a decent GPA after her firs year of university because my DW rode her hard and did not let SIL waste our money.

A year later SIL ran home to her BF, used her decent Freshman university year CPA to get into a local university, popped out two oowl spawn the costs of which she pawned off on the tax payers, and supported the whole family on supplemental school loans during her nearly decade of bullshit university lies and failures.   It is the school loan money they used to buy their house... that has been on the verge of foreclosure at least 4 times in 16+ years.  She now lists a BA in General Studies on her resume, she got kicked out of the school of education due to not having the GPA neededa few years before she got kicked out of the university entirely.

I let one of the companies that she was working for on a pre-full time conversion basis that was on the verge of hiring her know she is full of shit on her degree.  I had a few engineering school class mates who worked at that facility.  Surprise!  She got shit canned rather than hired into an RFT position.  The declined to convert her from temp to RFT due to her lying on her resume.

It looks like the school district in her home town is about to hire her as a teacher's aid.  If I lived there, that would not happen. I would not tolerate that POS being anywhere near kids in a town where the taxes I pay support the schools or would pay even one cent of her income.

She and her DH are scared shitless that his employee owned company buy out is going to be confiscated due to their hon payment of her school loans.  IMHO, it should be confiscated.  No one forced them to borrow,  and for damned sure they have not earned loan forgiveness. Particularly when responsible people are the ones who will pay the guaranteed loans while these  two POS morons bask in the entitled bail out for money they willingly pursued.


Just my thoughts of course.


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You know Rags, the worst part about it is that these people keep getting away with it. As someone who actually did get a bachelors degree (and spent many a long night studying, getting up before the sun rose to travel an hour to make my 8am classes, taking 3 hour labs, stressing and hitting the books to complete homework on time and then struggling to finally pay off my debt) it cheapens all my hard work. That someone can just lie and say they did all that and get hired for a job over someone who actually worked incredibly hard for it. The entitlement makes my blood boil. When Little Idiot wants something it seems she will not be denied even if she has to cheat all the way. 

It is funny, Little Idiot has a Associates of General Studies but she told everyone it is an associates degree in criminal justice. She never even completed a program. 

Out of curiosity, how did you let them know she was lying on her resume? Were you able to report it anonymously?

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We married a few months after I finshed my BSEEt.  We paid off my $10K in school loans in less than a year. I was working 70hr wks to make that happen.  

6 years later DW finished her BS Mgt/Acctg (Dual Major). No debt for that one. We paid as she went.  We then both finished an MBA over the next 5 years.  It took us nearly 10yrs to get the $40K in school loans from our MBAs paid off.   That my lying POS SIL pawns herself off as having a Bitchelor's (pun intended) degree, cries about her school loans and the evil IRS taking their tax returns every year, then cries about the evil bank trying to "take" the home they stop making mortgage payments on every few years for months on end, while they invest constantly in tattoos, toys that they are convinced they are entitled to, etc.....

Sure, there are some people who legitimately made bad choices, are overcome by events, and end up under incessent school related debt that they cannot get out from under.  Helping those who made a mistake is one thing.  Then there are lying POS people like my SIL who should have zero chance of ever getting out from under their chosen debt until they actually pay it off.  Period. Dot!  I pesonally believe that claiming a degree that someone actually never completed should be a crime and it should be prosecuted agressively. Fraud fits the bill IMHO.   With a minimum sentence of 10 years.  THis would make it perfectly clear that stolen benefit that cheapens the actual accomplishments of those who accomplish will not be tolerated.  These toxic assholes are stealing from every gainfully employed tax payer in the country. Degreed or not.

I let them know by talking directely to them.  I went to engineering school with a couple of the Sr. leaders at that facility and worked in in the same industry for several years. My SIL dropped my name when she applied for the Temp position then again when she applied for the RFT position.  I also applied for a role at that facility and was in discussion on the role I applied for.  My SIL came up in conversation during my discussion with that company.  I advised them to look carefully at her claim to have completed her Bachelor's degree. She was dropped from consideration for the RFT role after her background check uncovered her lies.

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Is not to let things like this get to you.  If she gets hired with a phony bachelors degree .  If her employer finds out at any time they will fire her.  lying to get a job gets you fired