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The Dog Days of Debt

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Little Idiot (SD 22) was asking around on social media about the best places to get personal loans so I can only imagine what she is up to now. 

She pays almost $500 a month for her new car payment, $300+ for her insurance, she has $5k credit card debt (with a maximum limit of $7k) on one card and is working on running up a second one.  She takes out the maximum amount of allowed student loans each semester to pay off her credit cards but this is going to be a full year of college so she won't have as much loan availability and she runs them right back up as soon as she makes a big payment from her student loans.

This doesn't even count the money she binges on clothes, makeup, and most recently Door Dash food (she's never cooked a meal for herself). Her Door Dash orders alone must be $150/month. It also doesn't count her numerous trips to the salon for getting her hair dyed and her brows laminated.

Im so glad that she has attached herself to Goofy (he bf) and his family. I pray it continues and she stays away from me. Meanwhile DH is always going on about how responsible she is and hardworking. Ha if he only knew. Goofy says she only works about 8-10 hours a week as a server and all evidence points to that not being enough to cover her spending. 





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How does your husband not realize how irresponsible she is?

Thank God my DH has always been eyes wide open as far as his kids are concerned. I don't think I'd be able to keep my mouth shut.

I also hope LI stays far away from you! That's the easiest way to do deal with idiot steps like this.

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He keeps his head firmly buried in the sand, refusing to acknowledge there is anything wrong.... until he is forced to (ie. the day when she come knocking on our door for a bailout from her debt).

Until that day comes it's "oh she must be working more than that"... "I'm sure she knows what she's doing"... "Shes a smart girl, she will be ok" etc etc. Sticking his head in the sand. Refusing to acknowledge she has a problem. Getting on ME for sounding the alarm. Telling me I have no confidence in her. It's the same thing when I tried to tell him she should pick another major - he poo pooed me on that too. Now here we are, she failed Chem 100 - the easiest friggin college chemistry course and still has 4+ years of chemistry courses that need to be taken for her chemistry major. What does he say about that? "Whatever she does, she will be fine"

And Little Idiot will NEVER come knocking UNTIL the debt problem is so massive there's no other way out. Until what started out as a small lit match (a modest, fixable amount of debt) has turned into a raging wildfire. Why? She doesn't want to ever admit she made a mistake in her life.

Also, getting Daddy involved early in the game to help her out of debt would mean going forward he'd watch her spending more closely. Perhaps better to rack up $30k worth of fun first then go to dad with a shrug and your hand out. Just a guess...

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Toxic Troll apparently racked up over 30k in debt and declared the big B. Twice.

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Yep that is where she's going if she ever comes knocking! She is probably trying to avoid saying anything also because she thinks she will have to give up her car. Even with wiping out all her debts, $800+ on car payment and insurance is more than she makes in a month so she's have to work more just to cover that. 

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I know it well.  SpermGrandHag still has her head buried in the sand and her cantankerous ass in the air avoiding reality with her toxic dipshit of a son... the Spermidiot,and the two prison inmate youngest of his 4 out of wedlock spawn by three different baby mamas.

I always relished in kicking her in the ass when she buried her head in the sand with her idiot serial statutory rapist out of wedlock spawn breeding son.


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Pffft!  OP's husband thought it was great LI "had the guts"to admit the Coast Guard wasn't for her.  He wanted to go kick some ass when LI was essentially fired from a job at a grocery store because she wouldn't pull her weight.  

The man refuses to admit his kid a FU.  

LI needs to cut the credit cards because they are unsecured debt.  Live with having bad credit for a few years, and try to be an adult.  She won't, but that's the truth.

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Send her directly to a bankruptcy lawyer.  I probably make this my hill to die on. No way would I entertain retirement with a man who would bail her out.  Putting needed money  towards this ridiculous mess. Let her learn the lessons of real life.  It's 7 years to recovery, that's enough time for her to readjust.  

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Right! He definitely would send her directly to a bankruptcy lawyer. I know him too and this is the course he'd take. 

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Bankruptcy may not be the panacea they think it is. Wait for the cries of unfair when they figure out that federal student loans can be almost impossible to discharge with bankruptcy.

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Yeah she will have to repay them if Biden doesn't bail her out. Of course that means she will have to graduate with a worthwhile degree in something, which means she will have to switch her major to something she can actually pass... but she hasn't quite come to that desperate realization yet

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Oh yikes that's a lot of debt for being so early in her college career. Is she one of those kids who already thinks she's a chemist and the salary is a given even before she's done the work? 

Gotta love the dad's that think their daughters are doing great while somehow only working a couple hours or not at all. Most of the time this means they have a man paying for them or sex work. Maybe your SDs only fans has taken off!  

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An only fans account would conflict with Little Idiot's deeply held beliefs about religion (she doesn't attend church) and her previous statements about wanting to remain "pure" before marriage (long story short - that went out the window) and all the crosses she has tattooed on her body. Plus Goofy comes from a similar religious background so I think he'd be furious if she joined that site. Nope, no inlay fans for her... maybe someday... but not today

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Is to hit rock bottom.  If you keep bailing her out it will be the same old cycle.  Spending racking up debt then being bailed out.   Time for her to get a real 40 hr a week job and dig herself out. Maybe a second part time job to do it faster 

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Agreed. This is a direct result of no one ever holding her accountable for her actions. 

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Amonymously send her a grest little book by Jerald Mundis called "How to get out of debt, stay out of debt, and live debt free." Really helped me in my 20's.

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She would never read it haha. She told me several time that she "hates reading" and it's true. I've never seen her pick up a book. It's probably one of the reasons why she is struggling in chemistry... you reallyhave to read the textbook for comprehension.

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Have you ever asked him how much debt he'd be prepared to mop up for LI - yes, I know that it's an incendiary question but that may be what it takes for him to even stop and think.

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I'm honestly not sure why this is surprising to anyone. Just like it will not be surprising if her dad bails her out of this as well, like usual.

At this point, I'm not sure why you are not disengaged. You have gone through this for years, including a separation, with a ridiculous DH and SD. I don't know how you survive this without disengaging to be frank. 

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Is a great short little book.  By a religious author.  She can be devout and get out of debt... but I doubt she is capable of either. 

My XW was Miss abstinance during our dating and engagement period. But only intercourse was off of the table.   I honored that request. She was not virgin, neither was I. What was baffling to me was when she starte riding ever cy swinging Johnson she could find nearly the minute after we married. Of course she was the pure little Catholic school girl to her parens so when she got knocked up by her geriatric fortune 500 executive sugar/baby daddy while still married to me, there was no more hiding her adulterous skank whore realith from mommy and daddy. Which was devastating to my XFIL.  It broke my heart to see how much that destroyed him even 10 years after our divorce was final.  She never got out marriage annulled which still guts my XFIL I am sure.  She is now on not less than DH #3 with three all out of wedlock spawn including two cheat babies conceived when she was married to someone other than the baby daddy.