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When Little Idiot (SD 22) was living with us, she worked at a local grocery store for a few months. This grocery store is one of the cheap ones, and I like to shop there for that reason. In fact, it is my favorite place to shop because of the low prices and I think they have decent food options. Well... ever since she worked there and all the drama went down... leading to her "quitting" (technically they had cut her hours down so much by that point she was basically fired)... DH has had a personal vendetta against the place.

Switching jobs every 6 months - Totally acceptable or not a good idea?

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The reason I ask is that Little Idiot (SD 22) is again looking for a new job. 

Dividing the number of years she's been working by the number of jobs she's had, it averages out to a job switch every six months. The longest she's ever held the same job was when she lived with us (because we live in a small town and there just aren't that many options here). 

Little Idiot really came through for DH this Father’s Day ****SHOCKED***

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Guys -

I was fully expecting another Fathers Day DH disappointment... but this time... she came through. DH is happy!

See, normally she never gives him a gift, a call or even a card... just the obligatory simple "Happy Father's Day" text...

Year after year... the same old text...

and guess what?


 "So how did she come through" you ask????

How did she make his day???

Well, according to DH... she sent the text at 9:30am ... she "got up early to text me" he said...

OT - That time off the month

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Sorry if this is TMI... Does anyone else experience super heavy cycles that come every 3 weeks (21-22 days)? My cycles used to be 28 days. You could set your watch by them. Now they have gotten super heavy (think crime scene heavy) and come much more often. My dr said it's just part of getting older. I'm turning 36.

She opened up another credit card… quick rant

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Little Idiot's (SD22)  shopping binges are out of control. She opened up a SECOND credit card today. She already increased her line of credit to 7k on the other ones now she's opened a second one other a variable 25% arp. Smdh. 

She can barely make the minimum payments on the one she has now.

Final thought on the circus

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I’m still tired from last week and they’ve been gone since Saturday.


Well no actually they stopped by today to grab her Invisalign that she forgot. Here I thought they were gone for good but of course they had to drop in again. It was only for a few minutes but still my patience meter is full. I just want them gone gone gone. 


I’ve tried explaining to DH that when you have “house guests” for several days it can be exhausting. I am very set in my ways and I really don’t tolerate my quiet life being intruded upon well. I’m exhausted from it all frankly. 

The Goofy mystery and drinking

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Sorry to be a blog hog

 Goofy disappeared into the house for about an hour and a half to two hours during the party. Everyone was wondering where he went. LI just said "IDK" but I know her well enough to say she did know what was up just didn't want to say anything.

 He's bipolar and on medication of some sort. Could this have anything to do with it? I think he was up in the bedroom. 

The circus leaves early

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Well after spending tons of time and money getting ready for the big party yesterday.... 

Little Idiot and Goofy left before the last guests left. They headed back to her half-brothers house. Packed up all their stuff said a quick adios to DH and sped off.

 Why? Well they claimed that her half-brother and his gf got into an accident and hit a deer and they needed LI and Goofy to follow them home to make sure they made it. (Of course, coincidentally Goofy just happened to make plans to go golfing today with the half-brother and LI loves going there anyway)

Short Update: Day 2 of the Circus and Goofy’s family drama… It gets so so much worse

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Sorry to be a blog hog today! 

We found out a bit more about about life at Goofy's:

- His mother's Mexican boyfriend is a truck driver who travels all over the southwest and is gone for a week at a time and comes back with $10k after 5-6 days (eye brow raising much??? DH suspects he's a drug dealer and goes over the border - they live in a half million dollar house)

Day 2 of the circus - Goofy’s family drama and … moving to Texas?

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Goofy, Little Idiot's (SD22) bf, was sharing some information about himself with us last night.

 His mother is in the military (medical nurse) and he lives with her bf and his sons while she is stationed overseas for a year. Little Idiot also pretty much lives there from what I can tell. 

His mom is deployed for another 6 months after which she will be returning back to the county but in the meantime it's just the rest of the clan fending for themselves.