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Little Idiot and College

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Little Idiot did get “associates of arts degree”. It wasn’t a degree in criminal justice. She of course took the easiest possible classes to get it (nothing whatsoever that will count towards her Forensic Science Degree - Chemistry Tract). 


She is still working on getting up to college level math (calculus 1). She just completed algebra (10th grade math) with a B, and now has to take trigonometry (11th grade math). 


The hap-hap-happiest New Years this side of the nuthouse

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Ok …. Goofy is a full-blown Looney Toons. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt because anyone who will keep Little Idiot away from me is always welcome in my house but…he’s annoying af. 

First of all, he BRAGS nonstop. He weighs all of 90lbs soaking wet but has the biggest, baddest MOUTH on him. It was very uncomfortable watching him try to flex for DH and impress him. 

It gets worse...

A few more tidbits of info from Little Idiot

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- Goofy takes medication for bi polar disorder.

- He is currently living with his mom's bf and his kids. His mom is in the military and is in S Korea

- He sleeps. A LOT. He's slept most of the day today. Little Idiot says it's because of his medication. 

- I have a feeling they get on each other's nerves. He seems to get annoyed with her. This does not bode well for them living together.

- They want to get an apartment together

- They want to get a dog. A BIG dog. A Doberman. Poor thing... with LI as the owner I can only imagine.

Taking bets - Is Christmas over for DH?

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All the money we have hemorrhaged on Little Idiot's visit and gifts this Christmas is approaching 1k and it's only day 2. We presented her with her Christmas tribute last night and received.... nothing. Not a card, not a word, not a handrawn cartoon on an airplane napkin.

So taking bets... will DH get a Christmas present, a card or is it over for him?

Little Idiot and Goofy Have arrived… Day 1

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Day 1…


Today started off with a grumpy DH (who, to be honest, is about to become BI - Big Idiot - again). I don’t understand it AT ALL because … The Princess is coming home!!! You would think it would be a time for celebration. A merry time. I time of great joy. The prodigal daughter has returned!


DH skipping Christmas

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Sorry I'm being a blog hog lately...

DH told me last night that he wants to stay home this Christmas. We usually go to my parents for dinner on Christmas. He says he has nothing against my parents or my brother but he doesn't see eye to eye with the rest of my family (politically they are at opposite ends of the spectrum and he will sit and stew on every single comment that gets made at gatherings).

Little Idiot is waiting for her financial aid to go through

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DH asked her if she was all set to start in the spring. Apparently "yes but (she) is waiting for the financial aid to go through" ... probably because she just completed the FAFSA at the beginning of December. The college recommends you complete it ASAP because aid is awarded on a first come first serve basis. Of course I didn't say any of this to DH but I doubt very much she will be going in the spring. She has an appointment set up on the 4th with a financial aid advisor, that is only 6 days before classes start. Did her procrastination come back yet again to bite her?

1 Week until Little Idiot arrives for her visit

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And 2.5 weeks until the new college semester starts. Still no registering for orientation and it looks like no movement on moving plans or plans to get a new job near the college so I have no idea what she is doing. She told DH last week she got her immunization records but I think that is as far as she has taken things. Oh but she does have time to go to the spa and salons right now and  pay for henna brows and who knows what else.

I hate this time of year - because she always drops in for her $

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My anxiety is higher than Little Idiot (SD21.5)'s credit card debt (which has been creeping slowly upwards and currently sits at around 3k). She started at a 1k limit back when DH signed her up for it while she lived with us. He told her to pay it off within the 1st six months to avoid interest. Now her limit is at 5k after she requested various increases. DH thinks she pays it off every month and still has the original limit.