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What exactly are we celebrating?

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Little Idiot’s “going away picnic” (hosted by DH’s side) is this weekend. Today he announces that we should get a cake for everyone ... decorated of course, in a coast guard theme. I’m here wondering what exactly we are celebrating? Her second “attempt” at boot camp where she is only marginally better prepared? 

In that spirit, can anyone suggest what should be written on the cake? Perhaps a sarcastic few words?



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"See you soon!"

Or maybe just a candy or icing boomerang.

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Lol I like the boomerang idea. “Boomerang?? I TOLD them buoy! Oh well, the cake tastes good anyway.”

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I'd tell him that he can make the cake arrangements this time, and that I'll make the cake arrangements for her graduation from boot camp party.

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"Little Idiot Go Away"

Lunch Party (since we know she isn't gonna launch)

Then claim the bakery got it wrong.

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Get a cake announcing you’ve finally had your StepHell epiphany:

”I’ve filed for divorce. Bye, Felicia.” Lots of piped flowers. Add a “F!ck off, y’all” if you want.

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I think he should save the cake for when she completes boot camp. It's gonna be pretty embarrassing when she returns after a week and he threw a big party about her leaving.

Although, I thought my SS19 would fail out of community college in a month, but he's completed the year and seemed to have done OK.  Maybe she will get a dose of that.

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Oh she won’t feel embarrassed. In order to be embarrassed, one must first be capable of feeling shame.

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No, I was thinking DH would be embarrassed! I know she won't - it won't be her fault, after all.

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"I pity your shipmates"on the cake with a plastic ship up ended like a sinking Titanic in a sea 

of icing.

AND a bus  ticket  home for a gift in case she wipes out of boot camp  again.

Seriously, the Coast Guard does not  suffer irresponsible lazy losers .


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"Get the F*** Out" ought to do. 

I seriously hope your DH means he when he says "We should get a cake"