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Update: Little Idiot quit her job

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Little Idiot (SD t-minus 2 weeks to 19) quit her job over the weekend due to “bullying”. While numerous people at the store where she worked picked on her, there was one older gentleman (about 60, according to SD) who was particularly insulting. Of the many things that were said about her there the following points upset her the most:

- She was called “lazy” lol lol lol I have known this for a long time, everything she does (if she doesn’t manage to squeak out of it) is done begrudgingly and half-@**ed 

- They (being young immature kids) pointed out the redness in her hair strawberry blonde hair ad picked on her for it. This one I am sure really bothered her as she loves to pretend she is a beautiful blonde, whom all boys can’t resist

- They began to call her a “witch”, probably due to her “I am better than y’all small town, going-nowhere rednecks”

- The older gentleman told her to “put a bag over her head” and that she was going to fail boot camp.

DH was outraged that anyone could say such things about his princess and over the weekend was stomping around ready to go in there and defend her honor. He was trying to ban me from shopping there ( hell no, that is the cheapest place in town to buy groceries. There is only one other store and we would spend double on our grocery bill. That girl has already put egg on our face in this small town where everyone talks and we are the new people with her poor work ethic after only one year) 

Sadly, (because I was looking forward to the show) DH  thought better of storming down to the store and cursing everyone out. As one poster pointed out, it would have been good for him to have heard some unpleasant truths from someone else and I think THAT is exactly the reason why he did not go. A small seedling of fear began to grow in his heart that some things be said that he doesn’t want to hear and it’s easier to stick your head in the sand and go on believing you didn’t raise a lazy mooch. 

He was not too happy when I told him that I hope this will not develop into a pattern, like it did with her worthless mother but oh well, my filter is broken.


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Gosh! I'd flip out if SD18 actually got a job. LOL...although it'd probably last just as long!

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While I'm sure based on what you've said in the past that SD is lazy and has a poor work ethic, it is unfortunate that she was being picked on at work.  Pointing out that she's lazy I have no issue with (that's at least work related), but calling her names and picking on her for her hair color is just wrong.  Of course, she may have brought some of it on herself with her own behavior, and she might have been on the verge of being fired for her poor work ethic anyway, but it's still wrong.  Sadly, she probably didn't learn a single lesson from the experience.  This would be her father's opportunity to have a teaching moment, but I suspect that's not happening.

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From what I’ve heard regarding the personal appearance, it was a bantering back and forth that went too far eventually.

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she might have been on the verge of being fired for her poor work ethic anyway,

She said she quit? But, did she? Or is this the way she is spinning the firing?

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with her photo on it that is captioned not my kid then keep it in the car and wear it when you go shopping