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Update to boot camp

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She’s not leaving now until June apparently her recruiter can’t get her in until then. Sigh.


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Joking right?  OMG what until then?  I'd tell dh he needs to find a spot for her for the next 1.5 months.  BS


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They can't get her in, like it's a busy doctor's office? That doesn't sound like the truth.

Is there any way to find out if that's true?

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Typically once slated things don't move around any later. only earlier when someone backs out or gets injured and can't leave on time...

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So do we guess that she never was signed up in the first place? Or was signed up but opted out months ago and just hasn't said?

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I'm getting more and more convinced she's not going to boot camp.  It's going to be one thing after another.  If she wants to play this game, though, I'd insist she she sign on with a temp agency and work as much as she can before she ships out.  There's no good reason why she can't do at least that much.  She would't be sitting around on the couch like she's taken root..

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I agree. 

She's probably playing it off so she can have summer "off". 

And then "won't know what happened". 

And when 'd'h finds out the truth he will feel sooooo bad because she was just trying to be like him and he pushed... or it's all your fault because you were mean. Or whatever excuse seems to work best. 

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I really think she's pulling your leg and pulled out.  I would put that bug in dh's ear to follow up on. 

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First... DJ needs to get a copy of her paperwork with her report date and I 2nd the temp agency suggestion... 

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Maybe DuH will take you seriously when you start calling a few local divorce lawyers for consultations.

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Just pick up a few business cards of divorce attorneys and one of those freebie housing booklets. “Accidentally” leave them on the table.