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The Return of Little Idiot

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So Little Idiot (SD21) is coming to visit at the very end of August. Supposedly she is graduating with her 2 year degree in (I am assuming either Liberal Arts or Criminal Justice). She is supposedly going to be a medical examiner which means she would have to transfer next fall or this summer to another college. Well that doesn't seem to be happening as she is coming for a visit on the exact day that classes begin. She is driving back with her brother and then (I guess) flying back after a week or two. 

Now is she starting in the Spring semester?? I can't believe her stepfather is putting up with this...


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Also wanted to add... when I brought up the timing conflict DH got a little irritated and said "she will be fine! She is a hard worker and I make lots of money without a college degree anyways and she will too! ......... maybe she is going back in the military!!!" Lol kill me. It's never going to end

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I don't know how you don't just ask him why he thinks if he keeps doing the SAME thing he's going to get different results.

Ask him if he remembers how it all went down last year when you left. If he starts up his nonsense again, you can leave just as easily again.

As long as he knows she cannot come back to live with the two of you and any other parameters you set from last time, I would not worry one bit about her scheduling.


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Sadly, we add "supposedly" to everything SS21 says he's doing too.  We never know what's true. 

There is a clear visit time for her, right? She's not going to try to stay?

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It had better be a short stay. She is leaving her car down there and I assume her retail jobs would fire her and her FB is down there so...

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I would need that clarified LOL.

Your DH will never let go of the delusion so just let reality play out in front of him.  But doake sure he remembers LI can't live there, and an indefinite visit is the same as living there.

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Hah! Then it's time to let her know that it will be one week, i.e. 7 days MAX. No negotiation possible.

It's your home, she doesn't get to decide how long she's going to inconvenience you for.

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"She doesnt get to decide how long she's going to inconvenience you for"   Perfectly said Miss Winterglow.

Thats the most important part, why these skids think that life gets put on hold when they say so. Its giving power to the toxic. A deadly combination in the step world. 

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Face that    Just be happy LI can make great money with a two year degree.   Maybe she can support you two 

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Are you kidding?? She won't even spring for a card for her dad on Fathers Day or his birthday. Forget presents. I don't expect any financial help from her ever

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I was gonna say counting on LI is not the best retirement plan LOL

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Who makes "great money" with a two-year degree? And if she wants to be a medical examiner, she has to go to medical school.  She won't make peanuts with a 2-year degree in Liberal Arts or Criminal Justice.

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Is taking (and failing) Beginning English class.

But then she isnt asking DH to fund this.

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I just feel like if you're going to medical school and your 21 and haven't taken any core science or math classes .... no core college classes at all... you should probably get a jump on it

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Started her post bacc at 22.  And flunked it.  LOL.

She hasn't taken any math or science before that, or since high school at least (and she flunked pre-calc there).  Her major in college was gender studies.

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LI only has a 2 year degree as of this May in something unrelated to the medical field. She hasn't taken anything in science or math so far beyond the HS level and has no physics background and her math skills are so weak. When she was living with us last year the CC here placed her in remedial math... very remedial... we are talking 8th grade math. Not sure how she graduated down there from HS with such terrible math skills. I know her last required year of math (trigonometry?) she didn't do well at all but passed. 

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Do. Not. Let. LI. Stay. In. Your. Home.

As soon as she crosses the threshold with bags, she's not leaving. 

Reiterate to DH that one of you gets to live with him, and if she stays even a day longer than planned that you're out.

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In a Motel 6 if she needs to "visit" for a few DAYS (not weeks).  You'll be back to square one again if she sets her gaudy shoe over your threshold.   These guilty daddies have extremely short memories. 

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AG, I responded to your other blog before I saw this one and... 

Alarm bells are CLANGING in my head like a battalion of mechanical monkeys banging symbols. 

Do NOT - let LI stay in your home. BI can pay for an airbnb. BI and LI can stay in that damn airbnb TOGETHER

AG, it sounds like BI is reverting back to his old ways and I'm of the opinion you should have your stuff packed and ready to leave for the last time. 

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Well I am not too worried about her not leaving. She stayed for a week and a half at Christmas and she left as planned. She just doesn't have the exact dates nailed down yet. She also would not leave her car down there and I doubt she would ever move away from her first bf. However believe me I will leave if she doesn't. 

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I don't like how he is responding to you already. Reinforce those boundaries. Late August sounds like a wonderful time to take a self-retreat. Head off to a nice relaxing vacation whike she visits so that BI & LI can spent as much time as they want together. Remind him of what he has to lose.