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The recruiter contacts DuH AGAIN

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So Little Idiot’s recruiter contacted DuH AGAIN. She is STILL trying to get ahold of Little Idiot. Apparently Little Idiot never bothered to tell her she is going to college even after we told her to last week before the big rape fiasco. So Duh texted Little Idiot again saying that he apologized to the recruiter and told her that Little Idiot has decided on going to college. Little Idiot never responded back.


Such a waste of time. I swear they need to black list this girl so she will stop wasting everyone’s money. I’m sick of her. And I’m sick of hearing about this rape lie. Why did she bother even telling us if she didn’t want to do anything about it? I’d love to tell the rest of DuH’s family. They should share in the misery of having to pretend to feel sorry for her. I feel stuck in a private hell. But DuH has forbidden me to tell anyone. Ugh.


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Well he cleaned up that mess for her didn't he. I'm surprised he's willing to clean up that mess, but not go full throttle on some alleged rapist....hmmmm.

I would accidentally text a relative making it sound like you are talking to DH "Hey DH now that SD has dropped out of the Coast Guard for good, do you think we should paint her room since she's not coming back from FL.".....oopps!

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Oh the relatives already know about the CG, not the alleged rape. They have known for about a month now.

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Be nice if she was pregnant by her 17 yo “rapist”.

ALL kinds of government assistance with that.

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She’s not in school yet but claims to have a job which o doubt. I’d love to blow her in to DuHs family they would see through the bs even if they are too polite to say anything. I would love to see her squirm under the pressure

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Update: LI texted to say she did try to contact the recruiter yesterday via phone call and she’s been really busy and “hasn’t been on her phone much” LOL YEAH RIGHT.  so I proved via call logs that she did not try to contact her recruiter and DuH was like “oh well she was raped so I'm sure she is not thinking properly.” wE ALL SAW THIS COMING. Now A perfect excuse for all time on why she will never make good decisions and why it is not her fault... because she has been traumatized 

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He then got on ME saying that everyone lies and why do I always pick on her? Because I’m damn tired of her little games that’s why and pretending she is a saint

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OMG, "Everyone lies", so she should just be allowed to lie this big lie and not be held accountable, right, because it's his daughter?? Unreal. I would lose my mind if I were you. I would not be able to sit silently in this situation. He needs to be demanding she call this recruiter back like a f*cking ADULT! HE is the one that is supposed to be teaching her how to act, and instead he is just doing it for her!

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Oh good lord. All I can say is at least she is in FL. 

He probably won't ever see the issues with her lies but she is BM's problem right now.

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There are lies that don't hurt anyone such as "I didn't take that pen from the bank on purpose" and then there are lies that can ruin people such as "He raped me!"

AG, you must REALLY love your DH to stay with him considering how delusional he is about LI.  Me?  I'd be shoving it in his face every day what a liar she is.

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Whoomp there it is, "she was raped" DuH now has the crutch he needs to use anytime LI doesn't perform to the minimum standard of being a human.

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isn't lying about the rape thing?  After all, everyone lies.... -BI