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Part TWO Little Idiot and the Coast Guard Saga: The End... or IS it?

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After hearing from Little Idiot (SD19), I didn’t say anything to DH about it. I knew he’d bring up the subject on his own eventually (which he did a little later). Please enjoy this trip down the rabbit hole...

DH’s thoughts were that:

1. Little Idiot thought that CG boot camp would be easy and when she got there last summer she found herself in over her head (Yes!) 

2. DH’s one SIL didn’t help things because she made a comment during LI’s high school grad party (that I threw for her btw). SIL told LI that DH called his parents when he was in begging to come home because it was too difficult. (Apparently, not true according to DH and all the rest of the family. SIL does have this weird habit of making up things that happened in the past) Still DH feels she did major damage to LI’s Coast Guard resolve by telling her this.

3. This “I don’t want to give up on the Coast Guard. I think I’ll join after a year of college” is a stupid idea and she is only saying this because she is ashamed to admit she’s giving up. (Yes!) 

4. It really is SIL’s fault, you know, SHE caused this

5. There’s no shame in going to college, am-I-right??? I mean not everyone is cut out for the military. But she could have easily done it if she really wanted to!

6. At least LI had the GUTS to admit she didn’t want to go back! It takes guts and GRIT to admit that. 

7. SIL should have never said that to her. It put doubt in her mind and gave her a excuse to quit.

8. LI will be fine going to college for law enforcement. They practically hand females jobs in that field! (I didn’t tell him she told me maybe she’ll go for law enforcement but maybe culinary arts instead) 

Now my concerns...

1. She has no job. She has no car or money for gas. She is paying for her Invisalign through “Cash App” and is late on her payments. BM is no help. She hasn’t contributed a penny to SD’s upbringing in 19 years.

2. Even if she applied for financial aid and it went through at the last minute, was she able to get into a dorm this late? If not that means commuting.

3. She hasn’t been down there long enough to establish residency. She hasn’t even changed her address. She will be charged out of state tuition.

4. She was only accepted a couple weeks ago. Everything was done last minute and there have been no calls to the college. When you go to college you typically make a ton of phone calls to straighten things out.

5. She “thinks” classes start next week “but the spring semester starts in January”. This is what she told me yesterday. If you are planning on going this fall you’d KNOW when classes start. Putting it off to January now?

So it appears (at least for now) that she’s not coming back BUT I have a feeling this is just  the beginning of a new book: Little Idiot and the College Saga!



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I can see it now, the reviews from the New York Times:

"The Little Idiot Saga book series is a modern-day 'Nancy Drew' for the disenfranchised youth. We can't wait for the enthralling series to continue with the publications of 'Little Idiot Finds Her (Sugar) Father' and it's sequel 'Little Idiot Finds Out the Father'. This saga is as timeless as it is listless."

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community college with remedial grade school courses just long enough to collect all the school aid, then drop out possibly getting knocked up in the process to go on welfare similar to the SkunkApe.

Dadddeeeeee will be so proud...

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He will find a way to make allllll of that look a-ok! I think I have some time before grand baby comes along (hopefully) she seems to have no interest in anything except her best friend (who is also a girl) right now. In fact it’s rather creepy how she spends all day hanging on this girl. Also her personality is off putting to other sane people. Guys her age generally don’t show any interest that I can see because she is very very immature and really plain. Of course a creep could always come along but oddly she has very high standards of her future bf that just don’t match up for what she could get. Justin Bieber or someone from One Direction would need to come along and show an interest in her. Her mother has this strange thought process as well (always needing a very “hot” SO - nothing else matters) DH has told me and I see it in LI as well. 

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the Animal Torturer.  She has already caused several BFs to run packing.  I think she actually prefers girls (so be it)  Then no grandbaby for Chef (thank the LORD).  And yes NO one is "good enough" for the SKIDS!

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Hope Little Idiot realizes that student loans have to be repaid. Student loans almost never get dismissed in bankruptcy and can be garnished from your social security check. And she's way past the application date for a fall Pell Grant.

But, if her name is any indication, she'll believe the rules won't apply to her.

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No, not large amounts of money. We do well financially but we also have a lot of bills and are saving for retirement. Plus we own our own business that we built together from the ground up and are very careful about throwing money around as it’s always risky being in business for yourself. There just isn’t a lot of extra $ to throw around. He’s told her a few times that if she doesn’t go to the CG, she’ll either have to get financial aid or save up and also work while going to college. She shouldn’t have any issues getting financial aid while living with her mom, it’s just she has no motivation to do any of these things. Paperwork and phone calls are just too exhausting apparently.

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I can relax for now, but as we all know, life as a stepparent is an ongoing s-show. There will always be some sort of drama. Some days I get angry but other things I find hilarious. It is cathartic to be able to come here and share the Little Idiot stories and I’m sure there will be more to come.

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I found a lot of peace by just not giving a rat's a$$ what happens to SS19 and not even paying any attention. If DH talks about it, I listen, but otherwise, meh - whatever.  Who cares what he does with his life, not my problem.

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LI has GUTS,  for not going Inyo CG, for it to be too late for college welcome mat being put out for her wanting to go into law inforcement.  She will just fight from BM home the good fight. For spring classes.  The welcome mat waiting for her. 

Cant she get a job in TAS at the airport ?  That law inforcement. 

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Yup my husband missed his calling. He could have been the greatest public relations representative in history. Maybe instead of DH I should call him The Spin Doctor?

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He really has to spin his reality to make it comfortable.

Number 4 and 7 are just stupid. It's SIL's fault? Nope.

Number 6 is just stupid. It's gutless not to come out directly and say you do not want to go and actively try to find a different path.

Number 8 is just stupid. This girl has had too many things handed to her or explained away for her. To set up the expectation that she can continue to do nothing but still get something is just bad parenting/bad human-ing.

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DH is the king of reality spinning. Sometimes I call him out on it, other times I just let him believe what he needs to to be able to sleep at night. And yes I agree with your assessment of points 4,6,7 and 8. He has to find a way to make himself proud of her. I swear if she murdered a baby he’d find a way to make it look like she was a hero. 

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For LI and the Animal Torturer.

They get to boss and man handle people around

Resting Bitchy Face is encouraged

Have to have an IQ of a stunted slug

Have to have no real pride in workmanship