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OT (sort of) - Cash App

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Does anyone have any experience with Cash App? LI’s “smile direct club” payments are overdue. She just paid $70 through “Cash App” but another payment is due in 4 days and she has a balance of over 1k. I have no idea where the money is coming from for this as she has no job. Does anyone know what Cash App is? Is it a credit line or something? 


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It’s like Venmo or PayPal, people use it to send money or pay other individuals. It can be linked to a card that I believe functions as a debit card connected to your cash app account, but to my knowledge it doesn’t offer a line of credit. 

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As bad as she is, I cant accuse her of that! Lol. Could it be she is pan handling  donations from friends/relatives? 

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i use it all the time with min BS.  He sends me money by cash all to pay his car payment and cell phone.