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OT- Meth Addiction

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I was wondering if anyone else had noticed this recent trend or if my small circle just had bad luck...

This summer, two people on my husband’s side of the family have had run-ins with people who, I can only assume, are under the influence of some sort of drug. My husband and my  BIL both had incidents occur where, while our in public, a random stranger approached them and began screaming in their face over things that never happened. For my BIL it was that he supposedly “punched” this woman who was screaming at him (and his wife) in a grocery store. My BIL is in his 60s and is the most mild-mannered man you’d ever meet. A similar incident in a store happened to my husband in which a woman came up and accused him of stealing money out of her purse. We had just arrived in the store a few minutes before this happened and had never met this woman before as we live over two hours away from where this occurred. Also, in both cases, a unknown male also jumped into the conversation agreeing with the lady who is making these accusations and threatening violence.

Anyway, this topic came up over Labor Day when we were visiting DH’s family.

I was curious as to see if anyone else has had something similarly strange happen to them. Is it perhaps creating a distraction to get money? 


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Sounds ot me, depending on age, like some kind of dare, or publicity stunt, either to cause drama or possibly post online?

But could be drugs. idk.

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My guess is either people are suffering from some form of psychosis OR they think doxxing works IRL and they'll get something (money from you, free stuff from the store, attention from those around them) for doing it.

Was it the same people who attacked both your DH and BIL?

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Sounds like another scam that we will start hearing about in the news. Lol they figured out people aren't answering their phones anymore, so now they have to go out in public.

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Like you say, sounds like a distraction technique to me.   Someone starts screaming at you, you get mighty distracted, whilst another person steals your purse.  I don't know about anyone else, but if anyone started yelling at me, it would make me clutch my belongings very hard to my body!  

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Next time this happens you must call 911

Sounds like a hoax to careful and report right away.