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Now that we’ve mastered addition and subtraction... the grades are starting to go down

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Mini Update: Little Idiot was put into remedial college courses at the local community college. She has to take two remedial math courses and a remedial reading course. She started her first math course this semester. A week ago she was all high and mighty saying they put her in the wrong class because they are studying addition, subtract, multiplication, division, of whole numbers and she's been acting every test. Good for you. You're smarter than the average elementary kid. Now looking at her grades (as they've moved on to addition and multiplication of fractions) her test scores are in the 80s. We are three weeks into the semester. How low will they be by the end of the spring when we reach 9th grade math?

And to think I had to suffer through years of hearing how the elite little child prodigy was going into the prestigious Coast Guard Academy.


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Tell her that's okay animal killers (I know she didn't actually kill any yet!) don't need higher education!

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My SS20 never did pass that remedial English at Community college, and so he stopped going to college entirely. Now he just spends all his time playing video games and stuffing his piehole (at BM's house, thank god).