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Lock up your sons, Little Idiot is on tinder.

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Little Idiot is on the prowl for men apparently. Less than two months after her alleged “rape”. One would think after such a traumatic experience, dating would be the last thing on her mind... 

How do we know? Somehow her IPhone is linked to Big Idis, so whenever she downloads an app it shows up on his. Lol. And guess which app showed up tonight? Tinder! So he comes up to me and asks me about it. Yup that’s your daughter that downloaded it. 

Also a Rosetta Stone app and a learn to speak Spanish App was downloaded. Why? Because Little Idiot, despite being the gringiest of all the gringas has an infatuation with Hispanic culture including men. Her friends are all Hispanics and so was her rapist. No DuH, she is not taking a college Spanish class. You should know. You paid for them.

Big Idiot started that her focus should be on college. (Hahahahaha yeah right) And he couldn’t believe she was thinking about dating so soon after the rape (Because it never happened) and maybe this was her trying to see how a normal relationship/sex is supposed to feel (Try again)  asked me if I would nonchalantly mention to her that college is most important right now (nope). 

Just gonna sit back and watch the child prodigy. She will eventually dig her own grave. 


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Every day I read steptalk stories, shake my head and say WTF. She is a little idiot and DH, big idiot. That rape so never happened and Im glad she didnt follow through on charges against that poor kid. Any poor fool who has sex with her is at risk of being accused.

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Yeah she would never press charges because her story wouldn’t hold up. She knows she’s lying and doesn’t want this to turn into a big thing where people might find inconsistencies in what she says once everyone gets involved. All she wanted out of it is attention. I wonder if the boy or even her friend knows she is spreading rumors.

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Maybe little idiot should change her name to little ho. Is BM a ho?

It's one thing to be a ho but the rape thing really bothers me because I have boys. My boys were in their college apartment years ago and a half dressed drunk girl showed up at their door in the cold and rain and lost her phone. She had on a bra and a jacket and she was lost, poor child. My kids called her a cab. I asked my son why didnt he just drive her home. He said he didnt want to be accused of anything so he just wanted to get rid of her. They couldnt leave her out in the cold but they wanted nothing to do with her for fear of rape charges. What a world we live in that we are afraid to help people. They never saw her again and I hope she learned from that experience and grew up but she was probably drunk the next weekend. 

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Smart boys.  They helped her but did not put themselves in danger.  You clearly raised them with critical thinking skills and common sense.

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Honestly my first instinct was to help her, it didnt occur to me they'd be endangered themselves. They wanted to be helpful but distant. Both of my kids were there. They lived together during college

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I am just here chuckling and shaking my head. 

Of all the dating sites, Tinder. The hook up site. Nice. That's the exact site that most women who have been traumatized would flock to.

Dash 1

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Yeah it was such a traumatic experience that she’s out there right now looking for more boys. I think slowly over time Big Idiot will eventually put all the pieces together about what types of person she is, even if he never admits it to me.

My mother said to me the other day that deep down, he knows.

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Welfare Queendom!   Chef goes to a supply house where one of the workers there (who is inept) has the same situation with his daughter.  Completely feral due to lack of parenting and guilty daaddeeee syndrome not unlike BI.

She's on every social services program known to mankind and keeps banging out kids that she can ill afford.  In fact she has state funding to get a new top of the line furnace

(eye roll)

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Big Idiot ties himself in knots trying to justify every effed up thing Little Idiot does.  He should audition for Cirque du Soleil.

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SD was doing the same thing on tinder just a few days after being "raped" twice by this guy.   Everyone keep your sons off of Tinder.  It is a popular site for girls to find the "next victim".

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I’ve never been raped but I assume the last thing you want to do afterwards is go meet a bunch of strangers off a dating website and risk it happening again. One would think you’d actually AVOID dating for quite a while, given the extreme trauma.

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I have never been raped either.  I had a friend in high school that was date raped and a close family member that was raped.  They didn't want to be around another male for A VERY LONG time.  

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I was raped at gunpoint. Not only did I not want to date, I did not want to be touched. By ANYONE. Even my parents hugging me had me showering for an hour and scrubbing my skin to get "touch" off of me. 

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I am sorry to hear that.  I can only imagine the pain.  It really bothers me so much when these SD's yell "rape",  

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Thank you, Daisy.

Rape is horrific. It's not a joke. It's not deserved or provoked. I find it utterly despicable for someone to falsely cry "rape". In fact, I also find anyone who makes light of a rape victim - saying it was provoked or deserved - to be just as despicable. It is also quite annoying to me when someone claims they "know what it's like" when they do NOT or believe they can discuss it with me as "equals". Nope. 

It's a phsyical AND mental violation of the worst kind. I've had several women claim to "get it" and "know how you feel". Until I described that rape. They don't "get it". And they certainly do not "know" how I feel.  They went from treating me like a kindred spirit (kinda sick) to treating me like shattered glass. I'm not broken. I have plenty of patchwork, but I'm not broken. 

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I think only one is needed for now. She has her story to trot out as an excuse/attention grab/pity party as needed. Now she is looking for a boyfriend. She has always been boy crazy and the one to pursue them instead of the other way around. She is plain and frankly very immature and annoying, which puts guys off soon after they meet her. I knew any guy would have to be very desperate to rape her, especially since we are talking about a young kid not some old pervert. Despite her claims that tons of boys like her, I’ve always known that if there was even ONE interested she would be all over it like lint on a cheap suit.

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I remember you posting about her claims guys were always hitting on her, but she would turn them down.  I got a headache from rolling my eyes so hard.

This girl should come with a warning label that read TRAINWRECK in neon letters.

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That would be a most excellent Tramp-Stamp Tattoo for her …Could have a cute little kitty Engineer, with flames & lighting bolts! Sweet!

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We do not have the same SD.  SD is exactly the same.

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Is Big Idiot will never see it.  I know she is his DD, but keep on playing her game is so sickening.  Little Idiot will never change.  The real guestion is,,  how long is she going to go to classes.?  You know she is going to fail, but you will never know.  

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I WAS. There is no way in Hell this low-level POS girl would be trolling on Tinder if she had been. FFS. I'm ready to kick Big Idiot in the arse to try and disloge his head. Bloody Non-Pop. How can you stand to listen to BI spew this garbage? I'd have to stop him from talking about his POS daughter every single time. 

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I didnt end up following this whole story but from the first post my bet was she made up the rape. I see that was correct. Disgusting. I find that unforgivable to attempt to ruin someone's life that way for attention.

Haha Haha shes trying to see what normal relationships are like on Tinder. Face it DH, you're kid is a personality disordered ho and shes basically looking for prey on Tinder. 

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The way this trainwreck of a girl is barreling downhill, she WILL be raped some day, but no one will believe her. SMH

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"If she doesn't speak the language, how can she have a regular relationship?"

"Hmmm. Tinder is a hook up site. You do know that don't you?"

"I am not so sure she will get rid of any past bad exeriences by meeting lots of random men."

"BI, think about it. She was violated and wants to meet other men to see if she can not get violated? What do YOU think young men think about? Keeoing your daughter virtuous? What did YOU want from a date at 21?"

"BI, please do not speak to me about LI for a day. I am getting indigestion."

"BI, I am sure she will make you proud, one day."


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PLEASE for all that is holy...follow this advice.  At any point do you not just say somethign to BI?  To call him on his insanity? WTH?   There is NO WAY I'm keeping my mouth closed.

Recently DH told me that my MIL's account bounced...THIS TIME it seems it's not my BIL....he was telling me what they saw as unauthorized on charges...I said you know that is SD then right?  He said, oh yeah, I'm sure of it....So he's certainly not in any denial of how SD turned out...she's also homie hopping....she's cheated on her long time boyfriend once before and was shacking up w/him at my MIL's house- well they also had boyfriends best guy friend staying with them all the time ...what did they THINK would happen?  She dumped the bf and is now w/the best friend...idiots all of them. 

She's moved out of my MIL's or at least hasn't been there in weeks...probably because she knew the charges would show up.  DH said his mom is glad she is gone and that with 'this' about the unauthorized fees she's likely not welcome back. I laughed...I said your brother who's stolen close to 50k from life insurance and your future inheritanc and is mid 40's is welcome back and a teen who spent under 500 isn't?  Your mom is a damn peach lol.  They are ALL dysfunctional.