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Little Idiots Flight Fiasco Update

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Last Saturday I went on a shopping spree and left DH to the task of chauffeuring SD to the airport. Bought myself some nice Easter decorations and a full set of antique dishes. DH was not too happy but steadfast in his belief that he was doing the right thing for his daughter and she WAS NOT TO BLAME. He got over it however and we have been having a nice peaceful week. We haven’t fought once (with Little Idiot gone, there’s nothing to fight about) so it’s been wonderful. 


Unfortunately for DH the worm has turned. While he didn’t mind wasting his Saturday going to the airport, SD texted today saying she changed her flight (so that she could “spwend mwore time with her sweet whittle siestas” - the ones she previously has said annoy the f out of her) and her flight is now coming in at MIDNIGHT on Sunday, and we have to work the next day. Have fun. Now that its inconvenient for HIM, it’s a problem. He like to relax on Sunday nights and won’t be able to. Oh well. I didn’t say a word while he was going off the handle about it. He even said she “wasn’t thinking of other people” which is as close to a put down as I’ll ever get from him. She had all week to see them but apparently she spent the whole time with her friend and wanted to squeeze in a short visit and extend her vacation last minute. Fun times.


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Reap what you have sown DH REAP IT! LOL

Enough about daddees problems

Do Tell about those Antique Dishes!!!! 

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She's 18. She can get a cab. Hope she has money for it, too! 

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Pain, pain, more pain, and big inconveniences are the only way any of these cr@ppy parents ever learn.

You might want to have your H sleep on the couch so he doesn't disturb your sweet dreams Sunday night. *diablo*

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Well, I can't say he doesn't deserve this! Fail to teach your kid consideration for others? Don't bitch to me when they are inconsiderate to you!!

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My DH complains every time he has to pick up and drop off demonspawn. I say absolutely nothing.

He chose to breed with a lazy, irresponsible, user, chain-smoking, fast food gobbling beast.