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Little idiot is working at red lobster

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 Just like her mama (the skunk ape), little idiot has applied to be a server at the red lobster. I heard this through the grapevine (a.k.a. social media). She has also requested that we send some of her clothes and beauty products (of which she has many) down to Florida in a box.She hasn’t requested everything, I would say about 50% of her clothes. And none of her shoes (surprisingly!). I am trying to decide what to send. Although she gave me a list of what she wants sent down there but I am tempted to send everything or almost everything just because I want it all GONE. DH however believes she is coming back in late September for boot camp and has made comments like “she’s only gonna be gone for three months”. 

My question is what is the best way to justify jumping in the room and sending it all down there to DH and Little Idiot?


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Working at a Red Lobster in Florida? Hahaahaha.

Who eats at Red Lobster if they are in Florida (or other locations where fresh seafood is readily available)?

I am land-locked and won't eat there...bleh! 

Excellent career choice.

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You would be shocked.  Here where I am in the mid-atlantic.. Red Lobster is pretty low class and not considered a decent restaurant.

In FL?  It's actually quite popular.  My SIL worked there before she married my BIL for many years and made really good money.  The ones on the gulf coast where we had a 2nd home also appeared to be pretty busy.

I'm guessing the large contingent of retirees.. and snowbirds on a budget.. and people that really don't know any better because they come from areas where seafood isn't "good".

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LOVED Red Lobster. So infurtiating, I'm in Florida too and in the shimp capitol of the world. And he always wanted to go to Red Lobster. Gross. 

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Send her a few shoes and only the right or left.

Better yet don't send a damn thing.Let her father deal with this.


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UPS is cheap. She’s not coming back to your home. She’s made her bed; let her lie in it. 

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I'd either send it all or send what she asked for and slowly get rid of the rest over time. DH probably has no clue what all she has there anyway. I really want to come up with a good justification for you because I cant wait for the day that it's my turn to get all of SDs stuff out, but I'm drawing a blank:(

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She’s not coming back, September will come and go and she will have some excuse.  Time to start celebrating she launched and you didn’t have to say anything. 

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Send it all. I'm with you, I would want it all gone too. After all, you are a loving and concerned SM and want her to have all of her clothes and makeup so she doesn't have to do without!

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"I wasn't clear on exactly what she wanted sent, so I erred on the side of sending everything to make sure I didn't miss anything important."

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IMO, honestly is the best policy - "DH, I do not agree with LI living with us ever again, so I will be sending all of her belongings down to Florida".

She can leave for boot camp from there.

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Let DH pack the things she asked for, then when he's not around, disappear things bit by bit. When SD asks for something and DH can't find it, you can claim ignorance.

Do not touch her stuff with witnesses - let DH do it. Plausible deniability.

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Don't get rid of her stuff-horrible advice that will come back to haunt you. Seriously- we hate it when our skids take our sh*t and claim they didn't do it and dh believes them right?  It's WRONG to do.  That said....being that you do want her out permanently (and I totally agree with you)...I would inform your DH (not ask) that you are sending most everything and IF she is serious about boot camp she can ship off from there.  Tell him as it stands she's postponed several times and you have NO hope that she will be going out in Sept and you don't want her back, she can stay in FL if that's the case.

Then have him help pack and HE pays to have shipped-or you can do a UPS pickup at your home.  Bon voyage beeeoch

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“Don't get rid of her stuff-horrible advice that will come back to haunt you.”


 I would pack up EVERYTHING. 

Clean clothes, dirty clothes, shoes, make up, old toothbrush, dust bunnies & gum wrappers. LOCK, STOCK & BARREL.

Would not give one single shite if it cost DH $1000 to ship (Cause I ain’t paying for it) and I would be DONE.


Thank goodness she HAS a job, who gives a hoot if she’s working at Red Lobster, The Hanky Panky Gentleman’s Club or selling seashells by the seashore …she’s OUT! DROP TO YOUR KNEES WOMAN AND THANK THE STEPGODS!!!

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Yo, Murph!

You sure do make me laugh, girl! You've been making yourself a bit too scarce these days; let's step it up, yeah?

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Telling her when and where to report?  This saga seems strange to me

AND --nothing wrong with working at Red Lobster.   It will be good for her. 

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It will not be long before she will ask for something else.  When she ask again, throw in a few extra things. Eventually, it will all be gone or pack up everything and send to her.  She will need her clothes and shoes with her.  

I am almost willing to bet that she isn't going to bootcamp and that she hasn't signed up yet.  "If" she has, her recruiter is  godsend because most will not tolerate changing the date even once (unless a REAL emergency.)

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At least I know now to steer clear of all Red Lobsters in case Little Idiot and the Skunk Ape are working at the one in my area.

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You know... you could snap a picture of "skunk ape" for us? Cuz, i really need to know exactly how that looks. *shok*

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where the women wear this hairstyle where they bleach the top of their hair and then the rest of their is dark, dark brown.  IT's called the Bradford County Skunk do.  I just always imagine the Skunk Ape as having this hairstyle. 

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I wouldn't personally touch a thing.  DH should be looking at her list, boxing it up, mailing and paying for 100% of it. Not one iota of YOUR time should be spent doing anything at all.

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YOU send nothing. Your asshole husband has to deal with it!

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Ok, that came out a little frisky.

When Feral Forger graduated and was 18, she got her a job at (gasp) Dennys! Yay. It was a few towns over and she didnt have a license and therefore no car. So, she started staying closer to town, and well...about 8 months later I decided that we were not a storage facility for hr crap. I conscripte munchkin and DH and we got every piece of furniture out and sold or carted away.

Then I went through EVERYTHING all at once, saving what looked like personal items, for later, clothes were bagged and boxed or given away. Gradually over time, I have thrown or given away more stuff.

So do it in waves. Send the stuff she asked for plus shoes, plus plus. Then wait a month and send more! Then more. In just a few months you should be rid of everything, and you are not blamed for getting rid of stuff.

In my case, munchkin confirmed ahead of time that she could have what she wanted, and I had her ask, out of respect. Feral Forger decided to crap on me and my respectfulness and now I only have her baby stuff for DH to gaze fondly at if he feels the need.

So - I would do it piece-meal. Its her stuff, and I guess you want to be respectful as you would want to be respected.

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The only thing you need to do is this: Tell DH she is no longer welcome to live at the home and can "ship out" (lol) from Florida and tell him he is responsible for everything to do with getting her stuff out of the home. 

That's it. This is over.