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Little Idiot takes another vacation and lies to DH and me

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IdiotSorry to be such a blog hog today.

So BM tax DH earlier today saying that Little Idiot wants to come back to Florida for a few weeks before boot camp ship out now in June. DH is all upset thinking she has finally discovered I am a wicked old SM and now will hate us forever. Immediately I text SD about this because last time she was down there she said she had a horrible time with BM. So why would she want to go back? The reason according to SD is that we work all the time and don’t let her drive anywhere and she’s sooooo bored but not to worry BM is paying for the plane ticket. Except.... Little Idiot left her email signed in on our laptop and only I know about it. Sure enough when I take a look, Little Idiot’s card is used to purchase the plane ticket, not BM. Should I say anything to DH? Part of me says no because he will just turn everything around on me and I will get blamed again. 


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I would have a hard time taking my own advice, but don't say anything. Nothing good will come of it. Just be happy she'll be gone for a few weeks and not sitting around "waiting to ship out" and she'll be BM's slug on the couch for awhile. As long as you or DH don't have to fund this, let it go and enjoy her absence. Maybe she'll stay with BM if she ends up bailing on boot camp again. Fingers crossed!

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Her card? As is in debit card or credit card? Hopefully the former...because if not, you already know who will end up paying the bill. 

And, I say don't say anything... you already know it will do no good. Might as well live in relative peace until she gets back and delivers the next lame excuse m why she isn't shipping out. 

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Debit card thankfully. I’ve already screenshot it it for future reference. Although right now I don’t plan on saying anything but if he ever gets into one of his holier than thou arguments about how wonderful she is I just may bring it up in the future. 

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How do you put up with him? I’d have it out with him about blaming me for everything. Even if she is miraculously successful in boot camp, you will be the scapegoat for everything forever.  She didn’t want to visit for Christmas at age 29 - your fault!  It’s one thing to think your kid farts rainbows but the blaming you has to stop. 

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I'm betting 20 bucks she gets down there and something comes up so she can't make it to basic.

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enjoy peace and serenity (for now). Those chicken slugs always come back to dadee to roost.