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Little Idiot saga continues ...

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I have a feeling I’m going to be a blog hog for the next two years...

The latest is that Little Idiot’s Ex stepdad is no longer driving her car up. His new gf is supposedly the problem as she doesn’t want him to do anything for Little Idiot. (Can’t say I blame her - not their responsibility) DH views it differently however. He says ex stepdad is with a controlling b****. The Skunk Ape may be driving the car to NY now. We will see I guess.


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Why can't she drive her own car back? Is she another one with a car and no license? And I can't believe your DH thinks her ex-stepdad is under any obligation to help her in any way - let alone his girlfriend. I guess he thinks everyone should continue to enable his daughter. There is no reason that she can't "road-trip" it home on her own.

Has there been any conversation about what exactly is going to happen if she doesn't meet all of the expectations you and DH have given her? Have you told DH what you are going to do if he doesn't follow through? I know you have decided to go along with this, but I think you need to start this whole process with as much of it spelled out, in writing, as you can. One way DH can prove it is going to be different this time is if he is willing to have SD sign a contact that covers all the things you have been talking with her about. If he won't do that - it will be a good sign he isn't willing to follow through on anything.

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We already bought tickets for her and her friend to come up by plane (we bought way back when we thought she was just going to visit for Christmas), so this friend is planning on coming up for a week then flying back home.

He would never make her sign a contract. The would be too uncomfortable for her is probably what he would say. It would just lead to another argument. 

ntm's picture "things will be different this time." If he won't create and have her sign one, well, you and all the rest of us all know things won't be different this time. You need to create a contract for HIM to sign listing the repercussions for when he backslides on all his empty promises. 

Have you found a good attorney yet? That's your first step. 

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THIS is an excellent idea!

We've all suggested a contract for LI to sign BUT it IS BI making all the promises, HE SHOULD be the one signing the contract!

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will go back on his word on day one.

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Why would an ex-stepfather be expected to do anything for her in the first place?  And your H is actually angry that he won't drive a car up from FL and then...what?  Fly back?  Have another person also driving up so that they can drive him back?  Just how far does he expect people with zero obligation to her to extend themselves for his Princess?  The more I hear about this, the more I think that nothing is going to change and you are going to be right back in your previous situation the second she sets foot over the threshold.  I am really sorry but I hope that you have a Plan B in place for the worst case scenario.

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 " a car up from FL and then...what?  Fly back?  Have another person also driving up so that they can drive him back?"

And don't forget, it's right at CHRISTMAS time that this ex-stepdad is expected to take however many days out of his schedule to go do this favor for LI and Skunk Ape. Probably at his own expense. Hey I know there are a lot of posters and their whipped spouses, here on ST, who would do that for a skid or an ex but I'm happy to read about someone with a backbone for once.

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Why doesn't DH fly down and drive her car up? If he's not willing to do that he has no right to flap his gums about the ex- stepdad, who should have laughed and hung up the minute LI and/or skunk ape asked him to do it.


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YIKES...not looking good.  I had a bad feeling about you 'agreeing' to this-this just solidifies all our opinions.  You're going to be screwed royally.  Find a good attorney. 

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"The Skunk Ape may be driving the car to NY now"


Skunk Ape WILL NOT be driving the car to NY.

BI will be buying LI a new vehicle, but it will undoubtedly "take time" to find just the "right one", during which time LI WILL NOT be "able" to get to CC or start looking for a job. 
She also won't be able to go back to Skunk Ape Land because they will be "fighting" because Skunk Ape has sold & "stolen" the proceeds from LIs car.

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Ever think of hanging a shingle out on the local Main Street, Murphy?  "Madam Murphy will look into your future now.  You will meet a tall stranger bearing news from far away..."

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After BI picks out a ferrari for LI, he will co-sign for it and demand that AG83 co-sign for it as well; holding their marriage as well as the business he (ahem AG83) created over her head like Damocles sword

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You know that Morgan Freeman narrated his own birth, right?

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A bunch of a$$ will be insane in 2 years time ,AG, having to deal with the chronic drama-a-rama  circus that is coming to your home.

I want to punch Li and Bi in the face..that is all.


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Wow, the fact that he thinks LI's Ex-Step dad should do anything for LI is astounding...this isn't even just a little favor.  I don't even expect my current DH to do things for my ODS unless he WANTS to and volunteers too.  

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I am loathe to help facilitate this.. but you can get vehicles shipped.  It might not be too much more expensive than driving it and the cost of fuel and hotel stays etc.. then the cost of a flight home for the driver.

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I am loathe to help facilitate this

Yeah I'm at the point where I don't want to give any suggestions to this OP other than "Just Say NO!" No suggestions for school, no helpful info on colleges or jobs or cars or anything! Because none of this should even be happening!

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only hope.  She is far too young to have to deal with this crap and could easily start her life over again with a nice Child free man who appreciates her and her hard work