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Little Idiot Lies Again - Short

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So I get the following text from Little Idiot tonight. First she tells me she has bought a car and got it insured. Ok. Then ...

“And my job is going well too. They want to give me a raise and make me someone higher up”

lol yeah right. You don’t have a job. You’ve been applying to other jobs as recently as this week so I doubt they are promoting you and, just like the Skunk Ape who lies constantly about promotions and how they are going to make her manager/supervisor/partner/sole owner, you’ve taken on yet another of her traits. I’m telling you ladies, we heard they were gonna make the Skunk ape a red lobster manager. Well she quit that job this week

Smdh all I said was “sounds like things are going good down there”


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Now now, AG. You have to put those positive intentions into the universe so that the universe knows what you want. Skunk Ape and LI are just projecting what they want and know the universe will deliver in a timely fashion.

It works for me! I've been asking to be a millionaire since I was a teenager, and the universe has responded by giving me free money every once in a while! Granted, it's a penny on the ground, but if I had kept it all, I'd have close to $5-10 by now. The universe is just a little slow in making things happen...

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When you say sounds like things are going good down there, I hear you say "who cares just stay down there".

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It's completely weird …but at least she's not lying about SOMEONE ELSE (fake rape accusations) so this is relatively harmless. Except for the headaches she induces for OP.

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She would be such a great match for my SS19. He also lies about things that are obviously not true. It's odd to me, but I've finally decided that because he's lying to himself and believes it, he assumes it's true and everyone else believes it too.

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to have an active fantasy life.



"LI, when will you be purchasing that Rolls Royce for your father?"