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Little Idiot failing remedial math

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Little Idiot's college remedial math course is pretty much online. She has to show up to a classroom and go through online modules while the teacher walks around assisting and supervising. The modules consist of practice tests, lessons, homework, quizzes and tests.  Some of the work is done at him on your own time but most in class.

She was doing really well in her remedial math class up until this week. She started the spring semester with an A in the first two modules (adding/subtract/mult/divid whole numbers). When she got into fractions, her grades slipped a bit and she was hovering around a A-. I checked only a week ago and she was a A-. I look now and she has an F-!! Her grade is a 67. How do you go from A- to F- in one week. I can only think it's because she turned in a few assignments "late" it says in this past module and it says her module test is "past due" so maybe she isn't getting credit for it now? There are seven modules total plus a mid term and final exam grade. 

She is allowed 7 absences and it shows she has only missed one class, this past Friday (which we didn't know about but I saw where she emailed another professor saying she wouldn't be available for that class either. She said she had to drive back home because her father locked himself out of the house lol lol which didn't happen).


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SS20 dropped remedial English the first time around and then failed it the next semester, I think - not sure though, he wouldn't tell DH his grades. I'm sure he made next to no effort, though of course in his mind, it was the teacher's fault.

So, since you now know that BI doesn't want her there either, what's the plan if she fails?

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... in this past module and it says her module test is "past due" so maybe she isn't getting credit for it now? 

My guess is that she hadn't taken the module test by the expected due date so the software factored in a zero for the test. Most likely, if she takes the test, the actual grade will replace the zero and she will be passing. But, she has to actually take the test.

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Is there a Failing Remedial Math Class  to the Remedial Math Class that LI can take to make up her failing Remedial Math?

I'm sorry.


I just CAN'T TAKE LI's constant stream of slacker failure and excuses  anymore !! LOL

I so admire your tenacity ,AlmostGone83 , that you are still in the ring with her and BI.

You must keep a  well stocked liquor supply . That's the only way I could deal with the Psychological Chinese Water Torture that is LI's failure to launch life. 

THAT or leaving.



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Seriously. I'm watching my SS20 do it from a distance at BM's, and it still gives me heartburn.  And I only see him around once a month.  Can't imagine how I'd survive if he was living here and my DH was enabling it.

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And here I was just so sure LI was going to be the next CSI sensation of NY.  Ah well do they offer basic math to learn how to do remedial math?  

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I'd go into her room and start packing her things. When she freaks out and asks what you're doing, tell her you know she lied about why she skipped class and that she's failing math, so you're just preparing her stuff so she can move out when she fails this semester.

Perhaps being caught in her lie and realizing y'all are serious will motivate her to do better OR push her to move back to Florida.

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This has been going on for years. Every time she doesn't doesnt do what she said she would. SHOCK.  How many times are we shock she doesn't do something,   Thing to do is start packing her stuff.  Or else she will be going to school for twenty years.  Working part time 

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I haven't been here for the whole history of LI, but I've always chuckled a little when I've seen your posts because Killjoy's alternate nickname has always been El Stupido (or I guess that should be La Stupida in her case).

But here's the thing.  I think math is simple, and I'm good at explaining things.  Over the years I've tried tutoring people I know personally who just don't understand math, and they've tried really hard, but still not been able to get it.  Some people struggle to understand percentages and fractions and it baffles me, but they're just not smart enough.  And it's incredibly frustrating for them.

So sometimes I chastize myself for thinking of Killjoy as El Stupido, because really, she can't help being stupid.  And I do know some perfectly lovely people who are somewhat low IQ.  People can't help being low IQ and I shouldn't be such a snob about it.

To put this in perspective, the average IQ in America is around 100, and people around 75 and below are considered mentally retarded.  So if your IQ is in the 125ish range or above, you are as separated from normal people as normal people are separated from mentally retarded people.

I guess the real frustration here is perceived Lack Of Trying, which is probably what also frustrates me about Killjoy.  It's really hard to see what part of the problem is laziness and what part is lack of intelligence.  But I can say that if learning were as difficult for us as it seems to be for some people, trying hard would probably be exhausting and discouraging.

One of my former pupils found a career in social services, where she doesn't have to use math skills.

What I really can't stand is her attitude and lying.