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Little Idiot dyes her hair

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Sorry for being a blog hog lately.... come home to find Little Idiot has been bleaching her hair. She normally has strawberry blonde hair. Welp it’s a yellowish platinum now with super dark long roots. Last time she was in boot camp, they made her dye her hair back to its original color (and it was even a more natural shade of blonde than this time)! I asked her about it and she snapped at me saying “ As long as it’s a natural color I AM FINE. I looked it up” Soooo why were you yelled at last time then? Is it because these colors don’t look natural on you and they also stipulate that they have to flatter you skin complexion? I didn’t say anything. She will find out again when they yell at her. I’m sure they will remember her too so hopefully whoever got on her last time will do so again. Glad to see she’s focused on her military career.


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You sure do have a crazy one on your hands.  Has she been screened for mental disorders yet?  Is this just her way of prolonging the inevitable:  growing up??  

What's the plan when she runs this con thru to the end?  Is she out on her butt?  

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Lol no she’s not crazy, she just thinks she is above any and all rules and that she will somehow get away with her schemes. If Disney Daddy DH was running the Coast Guard she might be right. However, the people there have already got her number and she’s too dumb to pull one over on them. I get the feeling the reason she keeps running into so many “mean” people there and at her part-time job has a lot to do with her entitled, selfish and lazy attitude. She definitely doesn’t want to grow up (her mother, The Skunk Ape, even admitted that SHE herself hated being a grownup to DH many years ago when they were married) Like mother, like daughter, they both want a life of being cared for by someone else. No work. No stress. No responsibilities. Little Idiot will probably get it too, so long as Daddy believes every lie that comes out of her mouth. At least for several more years. 

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“no she’s not crazy, she just thinks she is above any and all rules and that she will somehow get away with her schemes”

Um…that IS crazy.

Just sayin ‘

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You know, I was thinking about your situation, and the problem here is that your DH was so excited that she wanted to follow in his footsteps, that he has never let her develop her own sense of self.  I get that parents like when their kids choose their profession, but he should have seen long ago that she wasn't suited to it, and encouraged her to find what SHE is good at.


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I think he's hopedul that the CG will "grow her up" so he doesn't have to be the meanie and parent her.

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Perhaps, but it seems misguided to assume she can make it in the military at all.

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a reprieve from MEPS again, eh?

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I did the same thing - went into BCT with my dark brown hair dyed platinum blonde. The drill sergeants got to calling me “the private with the skunk hair” by the end of the 9 weeks. I quickly dyed it back before I got to my next duty station. Had to listen to a girl read me a letter to her DS that outlined all her mental illnesses and called him the daddy she never had while I was hostage in the bathroom. She called her drill sergeant DADDY.