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Little Idiot applies for a job at Hooters

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I have nothing more to say. I don’t even know what to say. I’m just flabbergasted. THIS is Big Idiot’s wonderful daughter?? His brilliant, never does anything wrong perfect little princess?? What next??? 


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Believe me when I say I would luuuuuuuuuuurrrrvvvv the opportunity to hose down your SD. *diablo*

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Yes because when you are traumatically forced into being a sexual object for the pleasure of a man, the next thing you want to do is make that your job!

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Lol well honestly I dont think her working there is a big deal, they're really just waitresses. But at the same time I'd feel a little awkward as a dad telling people that's where she worked. And clearly all the background stuff with her kind of makes you go hmm that she chose there of all places.

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No they aren’t your ordinary waitresses. They are there as sex objects for creepy lewd men. They have to wear slutty clothes, have to go through invasive uniform inspections and have to put up with gross horny men, objectification, and conforming to strict body standards. 

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She must be a looker.

 I helped open the Cleveland Hooters in the late 80’s (early 90s…?) 

It’s pretty harmless (or at least it was), but very picky about the girls (again, they were back then).

but, yeah your SD is really a rock…violently raped, and bam! Right back in the mix, joining tinder & applying at Hooters.

She really is the lowest of creatures.

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She’s only applied, hasn’t gotten the job. And I highly doubt she will unless they are very desperate down there. It’s just the fact that she would even want to work there after all this bs.

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At least she is "applying herself".

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I have been to Hooters a few times. Yes the clothes are snug and the shorts are short, but their butts and cleavage were covered; I wouldn't call the girls slutty at all. They are sweet girls and the service has always been great.

Those girls are in great shape, very pretty and I applaud them. They are capitalizing on an asset they have of their own free will. I hope all those pretty, smart girls cash in big time while putting themselves through college!

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I second this.  The outfits are sexier than the local Applebees but it is hardly a stripclub.  It is just a restaurant with some extra eyecandy and the girls make good money..  If they have the assets, they have every right to use them in what ever way they see fit.

That said, Little Idiot and her "rape" has got to be wearing thin by now.

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LI is 50 shades of ugly; sort of a female version of the Houseshitter.  And besides the "eye candy" factor, don't you actually have to (GULP) WORK aka wait tables?

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I've only been in Hooters once, years ago, in Florida, and my memory is that the girls were on roller skates.

If she didn't get hired at Hooters she could try Tilted Kilt. Also in Florida, we once went to a Tilted Kilt. I thought their outfits were a tad slutty.

I can understand posting when you get a job, but why post if you haven't been hired? Who are you trying to impress. Not Dad if he doesn't do social media.


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I agree that Tilted Kilt’s uniforms are sluttier than Hooters. For those that don’t know, think Catholic school girl or Britney Spears in her first music video. 

There’s a restaurant near me called Twin Peaks. I didn’t go when it was my (step)nephew’s birthday but let me just say that it was lingerie day. The waitresses were basically wearing their underwear! It didn’t look sanitary. Bad

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Hey could be worse...she could be a webcam gal.


**edit to add....I am sorry I know your upset.. Sometimes this stuff is just too much**

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That’s true. Still tesearchers from the University of Tennessee just did a study a couple years ago about the negative psychological  impacts associated with working in a “breastaurant”. Sounds like the perfect place for a rape victim.

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When at Key West for a work conference the "crowd" wanted to go in every.single.door down Duval St.  Ended up walking into a strip joint.  Nothing to see here except that I would have died of embarrassement had DD ever gone down THAT path!!

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No need to worry. She's not actually going to get the job. And if she does, she won't actually keep it because 1) it's WORK!! and 2) someone, at some point shortly after her hiring (if we ever see the day) will say something that "victimizes" her and she will have to quit immediately (day 1?) from the stress of said victimization. 

Honestly, I think the first one of our idiot adult skids* to get an actual, full time job that actually fully supports them should get a prize! 

*I know some of the adult skids we discuss aren't idiots. No insult to your skid if you got lucky and have a functioning one. 

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for a job at Hooters since the beginning of summer. She hasn’t been hired but she won’t apply anywhere else because they are going to call one she and when they do she will be ready. So no jobby job and no college . I too was appalled 

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Her hold life.  Finally got the job she wanted,  hope she can do it ?   I do think this Job entails showing up every day on time.  She knows about time and clocks ?