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Little Idiot’s Stinking Lair

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 Little Idiot (SD almost 19) has been holed up in one of my bedrooms for almost a year now. Her beautiful bedroom (along with the rest of the house) is near a century and a half old. It has seen two world wars, the invention of the motor car, the telephone, and the radio. It has withstood hurricane force winds and some of the harshest NY winters. Countless families with children and pets have lived here. Decades of wear and tear, yet my beautiful old house made it through relatively unscathed. That is... until Little Idiot moves in. In one year she has managed to burn a hole in her carpet, lock a cat inside allowing it to pee, put a crack in the original door (from slamming it), ruin her antique bedspread with all her gaudy makeup products, and stuff her drawers so full with crap they are falling out of the nice antique table I put in there. That’s nothing to say of the nasty dirty underwear she leaves all over the carpet for her dad to see and clean up or the fact that she has sprayed so much cheap perfume around in there it has soaked into the very walls and seeps our from under her door like a noxious gas. It makes me sick. Years of being raised by the skunk ape means she has no respect for nice furniture... particularly antiques, which she describes as “old and ugly”. I’m not replacing anything until she’s gone (that is, if she ever freaking leaves). If she ever gets her own place I’ll buy her a nice cheaply made particle board table (which the moron will probably love because it is”new”).  


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I absolutely would not allow the continued destruction of my home. She is 19. If she can not appreciate the fact she is living for free in your home and show some simple respect, she should GTFO. 

This FOR SURE would be a hill to die on for me. 

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That’s THE BEST name for a BM on here lolololol 


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LOL thank you! It’s a fitting name for a savage  she-beast that stomps around the swamps of Florida carrying an odor that proceeds her.

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I loved it too! Gave me a good laugh all the way over here in the UK - thanks *yahoo*

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To get rid of smell of cheap perfume and hairspray in the bedroom SD occupied. Thank goodness hurricane Harvey flooded us so we could rip up the carpet. So glad my. Home no longer smells like a bordello/hair salon.

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When is this child moving out and why are you allowing her to destroy your home?
I can't imagine how your SD thinks it is ok to live in perfumed filth.

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Since SD cannot be trusted to care for such precious items, REMOVE THEM.

Get her a cardboard dresser and a cheap rug and comforter from Walmart. Your DH needs to pay to have that door repaired. If it were me, SD would lose that door and get a curtain of hippie beads.

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha, y'all are too funny! Good one! Well since its old and ugly furniture, then take it out her room. REMOVE all of it. Her 19 yr old self can get a job and furnish he own room. Or how about she furnish her own PLACE!!!! She is 19, I was out of my mom's at 17 by choice! Held a job and still was in high school...... Shit I was in my 20's holding down a career( not just  job) full time, full time college student (biology degree achieved) taking care physically and financially a disabled mother!!!  So it's doable! 

I would take all my furniture out that ungrateful SD room an leave just the mattress on the floor with her belongings where were She leaves it! 

Good luck

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Was the most disgusting female I have ever had to live with. And I lived with her for 2 1/2 years. After she turned 18 and graduated high school, she got a job, but no license. She gradually just stopped staying at our house altogether. I waited about 6 months. Her room has the second best light, and an actual view! One day in January, when SO was doing a dump run, I perked up and had him take the electric bed base. Then 2 dressers and a vanity came out to the sidewalk for sale signs on them. I conscripted Munchkin to help me get things in bags. 5 bags of clothes into the closet (because back then I was nice), 6 bags for donation. 5 more bags of trash - bloddy pads, plastic water bottles, old makup, papers, food packages, moldy clothing, an empty whiskey bottle, purses and more purses. And it SMELLED like her - cheap perfume and hair products. And her FUNK. We cleaned and vacummed and washed windows and walls. I now have a 50-plus gallon fish tank, bunches of plants, fun art objects, rock and shells. A nice chair, comfy blankets. It is an oasis! I call it my office, but it is really just MY ROOM. Everyone likes to come in and visit. I even took the door off!!! 

And just this past Frieday, Toxic Feral Eldest has the guts to ask daddy for her room back "can you please put your daughter ahead of an OFFICE?"

Um, NFW (no effing way, you left US, no communication, just left all your shit for us to clean up, and now you want to weasel your way back in because mommy dearest asked you to clean up your disgusting messes. Um no.

Time for you to get an exit plan in place - she needs to launch!!!! But Ima bitch like that.